Choti Sardarni 7th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 7th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 7th July 2021Karan calls Kulwant and tells her Param broke his tooth. She sends him a coin too and tells him the plan.Meher keeps an eye on kids location. Meher tells when Gita was fired, meher said I don’t want to give you anything but we don’t leave people empty handed. She gave her a watch. Sarab says you have Seher’s watch to Gita? Meher says she must go to the person who asked her to do all this. Sarab says get cctv footage of servant rooms.

Kulwant tells the plan to Param. Gita comes to meet Kulwant. Meher says this is gita’s room’s cctv. She wore a dress like tai ji z everyone is shocked. Meher says this proves she’s taking Tai ji. A woman like her was sent here. They recall how tai ji said it was a lie. Meher says Tai ji didn’t do all this. Please call her back. Please.

Scene 2
Kulwant says let me get your prize, she sees the watch in her hand. Kulwant says did you steal it? She laughs. Kulwant says well done. Yuvi comes and says dadi run. There’s police. Two constables come in to arrest Gita. Gita says i didn’t do anything. Kulwant says how can you arrest her? Meher says onn speaker we have all proofs against you. Now you decide if you want to go to jail or say the truth. Whatever you did Kulwant was behind it. Kulwant says does gita work there? What have you done there? Kulwant says you’re accusing your mom. Meher says I know everything. You were behind this.

Sarab says gita take her name or the will be an attempt to murder case on you. Did Kulwant ask you to do it? Don’t be scared. Gita is about to say yes. Kulwant looks at her and says I have to stop her. She says 1 lac? Gita says whatever happened at your place.. all that.. meher says say it. Kulwant says 2 lacs. 3 lacs. 5 lacs. Meher says say it gita. Gita says I did all that. Everyone is shocked. Kulwant says don’t secure your mom now. Why would I do all this? The police arrest gita. Kulwant took off the ring and says she was acting smart with me?

Scene 3
Meher says to Sarab mummy sent here gita. She has a bigger plan. She’s manipulating our kids. They look for Karan but he is nowhere. Meher says his location is away.

Seher calls Meher from school crying. She says Param isn’t in the school. He left his watch in the class. Meher is worried. She speaks to the teachers. Param’s friend says he was studying a map and said he had to reach malang cliff. Meher says it’s a suicidr point. She’s scared.

Scene 4
Kulwant asked Param to do to the cliff. He says I’ll make the wish. Meher and Sarab are on their way. Param says I’ll get all of mama’s love. Param is scared.

Sarab stops a tempe as per location. He checks is Karan is in there. Sarab finds finds his watch. Karan is also at the same cliff. Kulwant asked him to get in tempo and leave watch there. Seher also comes there alone to find Param. Param says I’ve too far there. Karan runs. Seher seed both of them. She runs after them but falls. Seher cries. Param and Karan try to outrun each other.

Sarab asks the driver where is my son? Meher calls Sarab and says come to malang cliff. All kids are here. Seher falls in a ditch.


Choti Sardarni 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Meher tries to find seher. Karan and Param fight and shove each other off the cliff. Meher screams.


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