Choti Sardarni 7th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 7th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 7th September 2021 Seher hits herself. she cries and sobs. Rajveer says what are you doing? Where are you going? Everything will be fine. I am there for you. Seher takes off the locket and gives it to him. Seher says everything is over. My love, my find, my love. My brothers’ lives. Everything is over. It’s our wedding tomorrow. Everything is over. She sobs and cries. Rajveer says I will talk to dida. She will understand. We won’t get married. He hugs her. Seher cries.

Kunal cries in the car. Seher sobs in Rajveer’s arms. The song meri sachi mohabbat plays.

Scene 2
Seher says to Prama and Karan after knowing the truth today everything feels like a lie. I have stopped trusting in myself. I am hating myself that I loved Kunal. She cries and sobs. Seher says I have been fooled. Seher tells them everything. Seher cries. Badi bi hugs her. Seher says everything is over. I loved Kunal more than my life. Badi bi says stop crying, please. Seher says

Seher says I have decided no matter what happened, I won’t be dragging Rajveer into all of this anymore. He’s my best friend. I can’t let him ruin his life. Seher cries.

Scene 3
Rajveer says to Harshdeep I can’t marry Seher. She says what’s the reason? He says there’s no reason. She says then I can’t cancel it. Param says what about Seher? What does she want? Rajver says Seher.. Seher comes in and says I don’t mind this wedding. I will marry you. Rajveer says what are you saying Seher? Why are you silent? Seher recalls she said she won’t marry Rajveer. Param and Karan were shocked. Harshdeep came there. She heard everything. Seher says said sorry dida.

Harshdeep said it’s your life. You can decide for your life. I feel bad for you. She coughed. Seher gave her water. Dida said if I drink water from your hands, I would get more emotional. You know what you mean to me. Rajveer is my life and my heart is broken today as well. Seher said but how can I marry Rajveer? This would be unfair to him. Dida said it’d be unfair if you don’t marry him. I am his everything. My career would be over. But don’t worry. I won’t be able to handle your brother’s case. I can do anything for the family but you won’t be my family. Rajveer did everything for you and gave you all the money. If you need anything let me know. I will ruin my career for Rajveer. Seher cried.

Param asks Rajveer what are you hiding? She says I can marry you. Rajveer says come with me. Rajveer gives Seher water and says please drink water. Seher says I thought about this decision. I know it will surprise you but I won’t force it on you. I will respect whatever you decide. Rajveer says what are you hiding? She says everything is at stake. Many things are related. How can I let my brother’s life be ruined and dida’s career be ruined and your life? I can’t punish everyone. He says but it’s your life. How can you do this? Seher says I can’t be selfish. I was only thinking about love. Now I want to think about everyone. My brothers, dida, you and our families. I thought about this decision, I can’t let both families be defamed. I can’t forget what you have done for me. All the favors. He says you are paying back for those favors by marrying me? Seher says no I respect you a lot. You are a friend and support who would never let me shatter.

Scene 3
Dida says once this task is done. My son sonu would be here. rajveer says but you don’t love me. Seher says I love you as a friend. I was fighting with myself. Friendship stays forever. Rajveer says love is an important aspect of a marriage. Seher says so is friendship. This was God’s decision. It’s up to you if you don’t want to marry me.

Scene 4
Dida calls Nikhil and says I won. Kunal became a villain in Seher’s eyes. Nikhil says you got Rajveer his love. Now they will be together forever. Kunal hears it all. He says Nikhil.. Rajveer’s friend. Rajveer is behind all this. Dida says keep Kunal alive today then kill him tomorrow after their wedding.


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