Choti Sardarni 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 8th July 2021 Meher sees Seher’s shoe. She sees her in the ditch. Meher picks Seher. She hugs her and cries.
Karan stops Param. Param says why are you following me? Karan says I came here for some work. Param says what wrong? Karan says why should I tell you? Karan has the coin. Param says you stole mama’s coin. He says no this is mine. Param says give this coin to me. He tries to snatch it. Karan says you have the coin too? So mama loves you the most? Param says she’s my mom. Param shoves Karan and runs. Karan says I have to reach there before him. Meher hugs Seher. She picks her.

Scene 2
Daar ji says Sarab see I brought you tai ji back. Harleen says Meher and Sarab have gone to malang cliff. All kids have gone there. Daarji says that’s a dangerous place.

Scene 3
Meher and Seher run after them. Param comes to the cliff and says I wish mama loves me the most. Karan shoves him. Karan says mama will only love me. Karan throws the coin. They are both near the cliff. Meher asks Seher not to shout.. They both fall down. Meher screams.

Meher comes to the cliff. She ties a rope. Seher cries. Both kids are hung with a trunk. Meher says nothing will happen. They both cry please save me mama. Meher says give me your hand. Karan says go back mama. Param says you too. You will fall too. Meher says just give me your hand. She holds both their hands.

Sarab reaches outside the jungle. Meher teaches them how to pull up. Karan’s coin is about to fall. Karan says please fulfill my wish. His coin falls. Meher tries to pull them up. Karan’s branch is about to break. Meher says Param’s branch is strong. Meher says Param you have to leave my hand. Hold the branch. I have to save Karan. Param says I won’t leave your hand. Meher says nothing will happen to you. Your branch is strong. Leave my hand. I have to save Karan. The branch is breaking. Meher says please Param. Karan cries and says mama save me. Meher leaves Param’s hand. She pulls Karan up. His branch breaks. Param is angry. Meher says Param, I am coming. Give me your hand. Param doesn’t give the hand. Meher says give me the hand. Meher pulls Param up. Karan says I love you mama. All kids hug her and cry.

Sarab comes there and asks thank God everyone is fine. How did this happen? Seher says param and Karan were about to fall from there. They were hung with the trees. Sarab hugs them and cries. Sarab says what if anything happened to you? Meher says thank God our kids are okay. Sarab says mummy ji must have planned this. He asks them what Kulwant said to them. Meher says thank God they are fine. Let’s go home. Param doesn’t hold Meher’s hand. Karan picks his phone and says mama like you didn’t leave my hand there, never leave my hand. Param is upset.

Scene 4
Daar ji is worried for the kids. The kids come and hug them. Daar ji says thank God you’re all fine. Everyone hugs them. Seher says don’t cry. Harleen says what did they go to do there? Sarab says they are fine now. Tai ji comes in front of Meher. Meher is shocked. Sarab takes the kids to the room. tai ji says I know you did behind me. Don’t say anything. Meher is scared. Tai ji holds her hands and says Meher forgive me. I made a hugs mistake. Meher hugs her adn cries. Tai ji says only you trusted me when everyone was against me. I did so wrong to you and Sarab. Still you.. Please forgive me. Meher says mothers don’t ask for pardon. I am just glad you’re back. Please don’t ask any questions from the kids. They are in shock. Tai ji hugs her.


Choti Sardarni 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Param says she didn’t save both of us. She saved her son only Karan. She left my hand. Meher says it wasn’t like that. Karan says yes she saved me because she loves me the most.


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