Choti Sardarni 8th June 2022 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 8th June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 8th June 2022 Episode starts with Rane and Ginny hitting some Britisher’s car. The britisher shouts at them. Ginny asks the lady to make her husband understand. Rane says they came to bark in our country.

The britisher asks if he called them dog. Rane asks if someone heard. Ginny puts pistol in the lady’s purse. She then calls Police and says they are caught by goons. They turn out to be Scarlet’s parents.

Scarlet gets a call and says they need to go to PS. Dolly gets angry and thinks this is done by Kulwant. Ginny and Rane come back home. Ginny says they should have come by now. Kulwant calls Nirvair’s family, but they don’t pick the call. Mannat thinks thank god, it seems my engagement will not happen.

Kulwant says this can’t happen. She hears the band sound and says guy family have come. They see Dolly coming there with band. Dolly says you have stopped zoravar’s engagement, and asks how did you think that Mannat’s engagement can happen.

She says she had threatened Palanpur guy that he ran away afraid. Mannat thinks Zoravar’s engagement is not happening, and thinks he doesn’t feel for her.

Zoravar and Scarlet ask the Inspector to leave them. The Inspector refuses. Zoravar gets angry on Inspector. Inspector says he will get him jailed. Kiara asks him to talk to commissioner. Dolly tells Kulwant that now even a beggar will not come to marry Mannat. Just then Nirvair comes there and says sorry for coming late.

He says he and his family was threatened not to do this engagement, but they can’t back off after whatever she has done for them. He assures that this marriage will happen. Kulwant says Nirvair is a real tiger and is not afraid of fake threat.

Inspector leaves Scarlet’s parents. Kiara calls Dolly and says everything is in place. Dolly tells Kulwant that she will get Zoravar marry tomorrow itself. Kulwant says wonderful and says even she will do the same. She compliments Mannat and Nirvair and asks them to exchange the rings.

Bittu recalls Kulwant asking the same thing to Meher. Everything flashes infront of his eyes, seeing Mannat sad. Mannat imagines Zoravar there. Zoravar also imagines Mannat. Mannat makes Nirvair wear the ring. Teri deewani plays…..Zoravar also makes Scarlet wear the ring and sits down on the floor. Mannat also sits down shocked. The saint tells poetry.

Mannat gains consciousness. Nirvair asks if she is fine. Kulwant says she is fine and tells that she is tired. Nirvair says I am here and my father is handling everyone at home, we don’t question elders. He asks if Mannat is not happy with this marriage.

Kulwant says Mannat is very happy and asks him to go home and rest. She threatens Mannat that she shall be happy, whatever happened now, shall not happen. She says the marriage will happen as I wanted. Bittu recalls Kulwant killing Manav.

Dolly asks Scarlet’s parents to forget whatever happened. She says I want to make scarlet as my bahu. They go to Gurudwara. Mannat comes to the Gurudwara and meets the saint. She says this is my destiny.

The saint says whoever is yours, will make way to reach you. Kulwant comes inside the Gurudwara with Mannat and others. Dolly comes there with Scarlet and her parents. Kulwant and Dolly taunt each other.

Dolly says I don’t want to see your face. Kulwant says tomorrow is my Mannat’s marriage, and I want your eyes to burst seeing the decorations. Dolly gets angry. Zoravar gets upset seeing Nirvair with Mannat.

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