Choti Sardarni 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 8th September 2021 Rajveer thinks about what Seher said. Seher cries at home looking at Kunal’s photo. Seher says why did you do this? Why did you fool me? She tries to tear his photo and recalls her moments with Kunal. Kunal cries recalling everything. Kunal recalls what he heard Nikhil saying. Kunal says even if I die, I have to expose Rajveer to Seher. I will show what a devil he is. That’s my promise to you and myself.

Param and Karan are praying. Seher looks at them. Param says Seher you will leave the house. Karan said to her in childhood I will have the complete bed. seher said I won’t leave this house. Sarab and Meher told her she would have to go to her husband’s house. Like Meher did. Karan and Param said we won’t miss you. Seher said see they won’t miss me. Sarab said they will cry the most when you leave. They will cry and tell you you would leave. Please keep meeting us.

Seher wrote a few promises for them. Sarab said you both have to make some promises to her before getting married. We promise.. They repeat nothing would be bigger than you happiness. Sarab said now repeat.. We will give our lives to protect you. Meher said Seher now you make some promises to your brothers. Seher said I will always keep my brothers safe. Sarab said not three of you say we promise, we will always be together. Like one fist. They hug each other. Seher cries. Seher says in heart I am doing this wedding for the same promises.

Param and Karan make her sit and sing around her. They sing around her. Seher gets emotional. They hug her and give her water. Param sings there will never be tears in your eyes. Karan sings without you there is no color in our lives. They pick her sofa, Seher laughs. She recalls how they would sing the same for her in the childhood.

Scene 2
The wedding day starts. Seher comes with Karan, Param and Badi bi. They do her haldi. Badi bi hugs her. Seher gets emotional. Param and Karan apply haldi on her hands. Anurita says bangles turn. A girl says girl’s uncles do this ritual. Where are they? Bitu and Rana come in. They say we are here. Our blessings are always with our Seher. They do her ritual.

Scene 3
The watchman says to Kunal what’s your last wish? You are lucky you are getting a last wish. He says I have an uncle in Canada. I want to talk to him one last time.

Rajveer’s mayan ritual is going on. Ramila says Rajveer why are you crying? He says happy tears. Getting married for the first time. Everyone laughs.

Kunal says his number is saved by the name of Balji. He looks in the phone. Kunal takes his gun and shoots his leg. He runs out. He shoots the goons who try to stop him.

Bitu and Rana try to make Seher wear the bangles. Everyone dances in Rajveer and Seher’s house. Kunal keeps shooting people. Dida gets Rajveer ready and puts tilak on his face. Rajveer’s baraat gets ready. Nikhil gets a call. He is shocked. He says what? They tell him Kunal ran away. Rajveer leaves.

Scene 4
Seher gets ready. The song din shaghna plays. Param and Karan hug her. They take blessings from Meher and Sarab. Rajveer’s baraat arrives outside. Kunal runs. He finds signals. Kunal sends Seher a voice note. Seher I love you. I can never betray you. This was all Rajveer’s plan. His men forced me to say all that because you were on gun point. Even if I die, please don’t marry Rajveer. I love you. Even if I die. I love you. Nikhil snatches his phone.

Seher looks at Rajveer. They both enter the temple. Kunal tries to fight with Nikhil. Nikhil shoves him. The message is sent. Nikhil is shocked. Kunal smiles. Seher and Rajveer do the rituals together. Seher looks at her phone. She sees messages.


Choti Sardarni 9th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Dida sees Seher’s phone. Tricky says this is my Seher’s phone. He takes it and says Seher your phone. It was ringing. See who it us. Seher looks at her phone.


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