Choti Sardarni 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 9th July 2021 The doctor checks the kids and says they are fine but just shocked. take care of them. He leaves. Meher caresses Param’s face and says don’t think about it. Let’s get fresh. It’s your dada’s anniversary.

Sarab gives langar to everyone. Tai ji makes Karan eat the prasad. Meher and Sarab are shocked to see her. They serve people. Meher sees Param is sitting upset. Meher says Param don’t sit on Daar ji’s knees. He’s not well. He says you want to distance me from everyone? Meher is shocked. He says if Daar ji was getting hurt he would say it himself. Daar ji says but.. Param says she didn’t save the life of both of us. She only saved her son Karan. I was hanging there and she left my hand. Sarab says what are you saying? Meher says what are you saying Param. He says did you leave my hand or not? You proved that you’re not my mom. You are only Karan’s mom. Sarab says you’re Meher mama’s life. She loves you both equally. He says I thought the same if I were her life would she leave my hand and let me hang there? I thought I would fall and die but she left my hand, held Karan’s hand. I came up on my own. Her entire focus was on her son Karan. Meher says it wasn’t like that. The stem Karan was hanging on was breaking.. Param says I was also hanging with a stem. You held Karan with both hands. Meher says it’s not like that.

Param says karan am I lying? Did she leave my hand? Karan says yes Meher mama saved me. Everyone is shocked. Because she loves me the most. Not you. Param leaves. Param says did you hear? She saved Karan. Meher says it’s not like that. For mama, all kids are equal. He says that’s why you left my hand and saved him. Meher says his stem was.. Param says I don’t want to hear anything. I held there alone for 20 seconds when you were saving your Karan. You pulled him up and left me there. Meher cries. Param says because Karan is her own son and I step. Meher is shocked. Meher says enough Param. Sarab says you are doubting your Meher mama who has loved you the most? Step mother? You are in this world because of her. This is your second life. She gave you her liver to save you.

Param says it’s all a lie. She never gave me her liver. I know everything. Nani told me everything. Everyone is shocked. Meher asks when did you meet nani? Param shoves her. Param says whenever she has to choose between me and Karan, she would choose me. She isn’t my mom. Sarab says Param.. He says no one loves me and leaves. Paraam locks himself. Meher knocks. Harleen says to Meher how could you leave Param? Meher says he was more stable and Karan’s branch was breaking. I have to explain the same. Harleen says give him some space. He doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Meher keeps knocking.

Scene 2
Sarab says something happened that one knows. I have to find out. He asks Karan what’s in your pocket? Karan ignores him. Meher says papa asked you something. What’s in your pocket? Whose phone is that? Sarab says Karan who gave you this phone? Karan says I don’t know whose phone is that. It’s not mine. Sarab says how was it in your pocket then? Meher says don’t lie. There are many video calls with nani and I heard your voice messages. What coin were you thanking her for? And why did you go to the cliff? Who asked you to go there. I am asking you something.

Param calls Kulwant and says what should I do? I lost my mom. Karan’s coin fell and he got mama. Kulwant says I am with you. Make a video and put it on the internet and social media. the world should know how unfair Meher is to you and how sad are you. Tell them you need another mom. Tell them she tried to kill you and threw you in the cliff. Param says I will tell everyone how I went to the malang cliff.

Meher shouts where is that coin? Karan says I made the wish and threw it in the cliff. Param’s coin is with him. Meher says everything is very clear. Param sees his coin. Meher comes there. She sees I hate Meher mama written on the board. Meher gets teary. Meher says you hate me right? Come with me. Param says leave me alone. I don’t want to go anywhere with you. Bua.. Harleen bua. Harleen comes and says what are you doing? Leave his hand. Meher drags both Karan and Param to the car. Sarab gets in the car too.

Scene 3
Meher is on her way with the kids and Sarab. Sarab says where are we going? Meher looks at the kids.

Kulwant laughs. She says no matter what you do, it’s all useless. I have cracked the bond of both of your sons. Param will hate you forever. Meher comes to the cliff and says the son I loved the most, questioned my motherhood. And if he has questioned, I have to answer him. She takes his coin and says this is his magical coin right? You can ask love from anyone through this? Meher says Param is my first child, my whole world, the first kid to call me mama. He is equally important as Karan and Seher. they are all equal to me. Meher throws the coin down the cliff. Meher says is my wish done? Do you love your mom now? Do you want to hug mama now? Like she wants to? The coin went there. Param says no. Meher says really? You don’t love your mom? You don’t want to hug her? This means this coin, wish everything was bogus. It was a lie. Your nani fooled both of you. And you did. So you all fight and hate your parents. Karan says it’s magical. I made a wish that mama saves me not Param. Meher says shut up. I saved Param. When I was satisfied he was hodling on to the branch, then I pulled you up. No more coin rubbish. I love all my kids.

Meher says I am going to atari. You take the kids home. Sarab says I will go with you. Meher says no I will go there alone. They drop off at the house. Meher goes to Atari. Kulwant comes in front of her.


Choti Sardarni 10th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kulwant says first nail hit the right place. Won’t you ask where the second nail would hit? Meher is angry. Sarab says to Seher what did you see? Seher says mama pulled Karan and Param came up on his own. Sarab is shocked.


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