Choti Sardarni 9th November 2020 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 9th November 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 9th November 2020 Manav says I told you everything in Serbia. Why didn’t you tell me back then that I have a child? Tell me? Why didn’t you say that? Did you forget? I begged you to come with me. To live with me. You could tell me I have a child Karan. Do you have an answer? Why did you do this? Meher says because I am a mother. Param and Karan’s. I can’t live without them. I didn’t hide anything. I could tell you everything that day for you and Aditi and for your parents. I knew one truth will ruin all lives. Manav says my life and happiness is already ruined. My only happiness is Karan. Meher hugs Karan. She says you know Sarab’s health. You said I have time till Diwali. I need time to decide. If God wants, Sarab would be back home by Diwali. I will talk to him. Meher picks Karan. SHe says let’s go. Manav says you can keep your decision but on Diwali my son with be with me. I will take him forever. Meher leaves.

Scene 2
Meher calls Sarab and says I got home. I will call you. Ajay says madam where was he? Meher says he was at his nani’s place. Where is Param? Ajay says he kept crying and slept in his room. He said he won’t eat until Karan comes back home. Meher gives her phone to charge.

Meher comes to Param’s room. He has felt asleep. Meher recalls Param crying.

Meher keeps Karan next to Param. Karan smiles. He makes noises. Param wakes up. He sees Karan. Param hugs Karan and says where did you go. He kisses Karan. Param says I cried so much. Thank you baba ji for sending my brother back to me. Param says I won’t talk to you if you talk like this. Param picks Karan. Meher says don’t worry. Your brother won’t ever go anywhere. He will always live with you.

Scene 3
Bitu and Rana tell Kulwant Meher got Karan back from Manav. Kulwant says I knew, she’s my sherni (lioness). Rana says are problems not over yet? Kulwant says that snake Karan is the problem. We can’t get rid of him. Vikram Dewan must take her until then there will be dramas in my daughter’s house.

Scene 4
Param comes to meet Sarab. Sarab hugs him. Param says are you okay now? Sarab says I have a lion-like you. Param says Baba ji promised me you will be fine and he sent Karan back as well. See you there. Meher comes in with Karan. Sarab hugs Karan. Sarab says thank God. He hugs Param and Karan. H hugs Meher as well.

Manav looks at Karan’s photo and says papa made so many plans. I don’t know your favorite places but I will take you to my favorite place, Manali. And then Goa. Papa will take you to Goa. We will have so much fun. Aditi comes in the room. She says can you pass on my file? Vikram picks it. She says yes this. Vikram says will Sarab be better by Diwali? Aditi says he’s doing very well. We have two crucial reports pending. After that, we will know if he would be discharged on Diwali or now. Seema comes in and says why did you order a cot? Is there good news? Vikram says one day or another. Seema says I will wait for that day. Manav says in the heart in two weeks your grandson will play in your lap.

Param says papa mama told us you will be home by Diwali. We will have candles all over the house. Param says I will also do that.. I rangeli. Sarab laughs and says rangoli. Param says I will write welcome home papa in it. Sarab says papa has two small tests, after that, I will come home. Param hugs Sarab. Param says Karan, this is your first Diwali. Right mama? Yayyy. Meher says to Sarab I told Vikram I will ask Sarab and let him know but what will we do? How will we handle this? Sarab says we will. Because Karan will never go away from us.

Manav says papa can’t wait to have you. Aditi hugs him from behind and ways waiting so eagerly for the baby? She gets close to him and says don’t you think we will also have to prepare for it? Manav is irritated. Aditi gets a call from the hospital. She leaves. Manav says all preps are done. Karan will be with me.

Scene 5
Meher is asleep. She recalls what Manav said. Meher looks at Karan. She can’t sleep. Meher says no one can touch Karan. No one can take you from me. I am up all night for you.


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