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Dhadkan 11th January 2022 Episode starts with Vinayak getting shocked seeing Abhay with Girija. Abhay sees Vinayak. He says its good that Kaki got mum here. He asks Girija to come. Girija says my husband will examine me, he works here, he is a big doctor, Vinayak. Abhay says sure, come with me. He takes Girija.

Deepika gets a bowl of noodles for Vikrant. He says thanks, you remember, this was the easiest way to make my mood better, won’t you have it, I won’t share my bowl. She says I don’t like it. He says it was your fav that time, it means you didn’t like it and lied for my happiness. She says I did a lot for you.

He asks was I a bad BF that you used to lie for my happiness. She says no, I was insecure, I thought if I don’t behave good, then you would leave me, I didn’t want that. He says you loved me, right, or was that also a lie. She says noodles will cool down, have it. He says you should have lied, your silence hurts me, I hate it.

Abhay says let me do ECG. Girija says no, Vinayak will check me, call him. He asks why are you adamant. Vinayak comes to them. Abhay says she has vascular dementia, she was alone when she got a stroke, her condition is getting worse. Vinayak says show me her old reports. Abhay asks why, do you think I m not getting her treated well. Vinayak says Girija, I m here. Vikrant vomits. Deepika says relax, its a part of detox.

He looks at himself and asks how can I be so weak. He hits the mirror. He says I m punishing myself. She scolds him. He says you are doing the same with me, you are punishing me since we met again. She says no. She does the aid to his hand. He asks are you lying to me or yourself. She says I hate lies. He says then look in my eyes and say. He gets Aditi’s call.

She says tell your wife to come here and take care of you. Girija hugs Vinayak and cries. She says you have come. He says yes, calm down. Abhay says we have no relation with him now. She asks what, he is my husband, I knew he will come back one day. Vinayak asks her to calm down. Abhay asks her to come with him. Vinayak says I had come back, try to recall, you didn’t want me to interfere in your or Abhay’s life.

Vikrant doesn’t answer Aditi’s call. Deepika asks him to answer. He asks what’s right for me. He answers the call and talks to Aditi. He asks who took the call in my cabin, how would I know who was she, I m going for a surgery, don’t call me. Vinayak says ECG is normal, we should get 2D echo done, you can’t treat your mum.

Abhay takes Girija. He asks nurse to take Girija to cardio lab. Girija says I made a big mistake. Vinayak says there is no use to talk about this, go for the tests. She says promise, you won’t go anywhere. He says promise. She goes. Abhay says you told her that you came back to meet me, really. Vinayak says of course, I wanted to meet you, but Girija… FB shows Girija packing her bags to leave the house.

He asks her to stay in the house. She says I don’t want to stay here. He asks how will I meet Abhay. She says you won’t meet him. He says our marriage broke but Abhay will always be my son, I will take care of her needs, I will meet him. She says no. He asks how can you decide it. She says I have decided it, you can’t be a part of his life if you can’t be a part of my life. He asks how will you get money.

She says I was a teacher before, I will teach again and raise him, you did wrong to leave me for that other woman, I m ending this, you and your lover keep this house. FB ends. Vinayak says I ended my marriage with Girija, but she separated me from you. Abhay says it means she lied to me till now.

Deepika says you can’t lie to your wife like this. Vikrant says I know her well, she can’t deal with the truth. She says how can you say. He says she didn’t know how to care for me, she isn’t mature and sensible like you. She says don’t backbite about your wife, its your story, she will have her side of story. He asks am I lying to you.

She says you are lying to your wife. He asks what shall I say that I m a drug addict, I m at my ex house and I still love my ex, is this right to tell her. She says you are lying to your wife, why are you making me stuck, you figure out what to do, I don’t want your wife to get mistaken about me. She goes. He calls her out.

Abhay says mum said she should have not done this. Vinayak says she was telling about my wife, my current wife Naina, that day when I told Girija about Naina… FB shows Girija scolding Naina for having a relation with Vinayak. Vinayak asks Girija not to misbehave with Naina, he loves Naina.

Girija says no, you married me, you love me. He asks her to stop it, sorry, he doesn’t love her. She says she has trapped you, you will understand that you just love your wife, that’s me. Vinayak says then Naina and I left the job at FMS hospital, it was about self respect, I had no option. Abhay says I didn’t know about this. Vinayak says Girija has a right to scold me, but she should have not done that with Naina, it wasn’t Naina’s mistake that she fell for me, it was my mistake that I fell for her, Girija just blamed Naina.

Deepika asks Vikrant to have a bath and go to sleep. He takes his medicines. She lies to sleep. She says go, I want to sleep. He smiles. She asks what, why are you looking at me. He says when you have a bath and come, your wet hair, no make up look, you look really beautiful, so I m seeing you.

She says I don’t want to know what you are thinking. He says I always think of you, I want to tell you. She says you have to detox and go from this house soon. He asks why did you get me here, you could have taken me to my flat or left me at rehab. She says goodnight. He says goodnight and goes.

Vinayak says reports are fine, continue aspirin, no need to admit, you can go home. Girija says drop me home, we will go together. He says you have some confusion, we don’t stay together now. She asks what do you mean. He says we are not together since the last 18 years, you live with your son Abhay.

Abhay says I m here with you. Girija asks my son, he has grown up. Vinayak says yes, you have to go home with him. She asks where will you go. He says I will go my home. She asks to Naina, to your wife. He nods. He says I m sorry Abhay, I couldn’t do anything for you, I wasn’t there when you needed me, trust me, I didn’t do anything to hurt you and Girija. He leaves. Abhay hugs Girija and cries.

Its morning, Deepika answers a call on Vikrant’s phone. Aditi asks who are you. Deepika says he is busy, he isn’t here, I m the nurse of ER. Aditi says ask him to call me. Vikrant comes. Deepika says I had taken your wife’s call on your phone by mistake, I was sleeping, I had to lie to her, its enough, your wife should know the truth, decide, you will tell her or shall I say. She goes.

Vinayak is leaving. Abhay asks are you looking for this. Vinayak says yes, my stethoscope. Abhay says sorry, I can’t return this, its my dad’s gift. Vinayak cries. Abhay says he achieved a lot, he said I have earned this, I will become a big surgeon like him one day, he will be proud of me one day. Vinayak holds him. They cry. Vinayak leaves.

Its morning, Deepika gets ready. Vikrant asks are you leaving me alone and going for work. She says yes, did you think I will sit at home. He says we will have breakfast together. She says I will have it at canteen. He says what about me, I don’t know cooking. She says call your wife to Mumbai, she will take care of you. He says I will order food. She says I don’t want to be a part of your lies, tell her the truth by evening, else I will tell her. She leaves.

The car tyre gets punctured. She sees the time. She takes her bag and goes to take an auto. The dirty mud falls over her. Abhay sees Sia in the lift. He asks won’t you talk to me. Sia says never. He says I m really sorry, I know I hurt you, I did wrong. She says a lot. He says forgive me. She says keep your sorry with yourself, you will need it often. Ansari sees them in the lift. He also enters the lift. Sia says really, I swear, its the best ride of my life. She leaves. Abhay sees Deepika and asks are you okay.

She asks him to handle his work. Abhay says everyone’s mood is off. Ansari says I don’t know why Deepika is angry on you, Sia is angry since the day she knew about your cheating. Abhay asks him not to interfere in his life. Deepika goes to Jamshed. He says our situation is bad, Chakravorty and Vikrant can’t come, you all have to contribute extra, Dr. Ali will head ER.

Deepika says its my dept, I will handle it. Jamshed says we didn’t come to debate, it will happen as I want, you can assist Dr. Ali if he needs you there, Ashwin will handle cardio surgeries, you three will come to me if there is any problem, I will take all the decisions. They agree and leave.

Dr. Ali stops Deepika. He says really sorry, I had no idea that Jamshed will do this, I didn’t want to take your position. She says its okay, Jamshed wants to play us all. He says it happens, sometimes slave fails a king, you are fighting an imp battle, don’t lose hope, all the best. Deepika sees Abhay and Peroz arguing. Peroz says Sia asked me to choose between you and her. Abhay says so you chose Sia. Peroz says you did wrong with her. Abhay says not with you, why should I lose you.

Deepika recalls Sia’s words. She says there are consequences of lies, and punishment when caught, don’t know why men don’t understand this, men like Abhay. Abhay says you know about Sia and me, so you are behaving rude with me. She says no, I have more reasons, you left my team, Ashwin would be waiting for you. She goes with Peroz. Peroz checks Riddhima. He asks her details. Vikrant calls Deepika.

She asks who is it. He asks isn’t your landline number saved on your mobile. She says no, I don’t call myself. He says no one stayed with you here, lucky me. She asks what do you want. He says you, I need my medicines. She says I have kept it on the table, I m a doctor, a surgeon like you, its not a 9 to 5 job, you know that. She turns and sees Abhay.


Dhadkan 12th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Abhay sees Deepika with Vikrant. He says you wanted to know why I left your team, because I had feelings for you. Deepika gets shocked. She says I don’t feel the same way for you. Abhay asks why, because you have an affair with Vikrant.


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