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Dhadkan 5th January 2022  Episode starts with Abhay and Sia going for the fifth round. He says I want you to win this round, don’t go easy on you. She says its not you, why are you acting sweet, play to win this round. Dr. Ali shows the dummy patient. Ansari argues with her. She says I can also give the same diagnosis as yours,

its too bad for you, am I right. Dr. Ali says 30 seconds wasted. Abhay says its Leukaemia. Dr. Ali says so, who wins this round. He gives the point to Abhay. He says congrats junior, we will take a short break here. Suman is with Vikrant. Deepika comes back.

He says you left, what are you doing here. She says you have to get admitted in a rehab, I will monitor you to make sure you are clean, if you are okay, then I won’t tell Chakravorty, I m compromising my ethics, you have to show some intend, you have time till morning, you tell me your reply.

Sia, Abhay and Peroz have a talk in the cafe. Abhay says I know, I was a bad BF before, but I want to become a good fiance, this is a new me, I will be attentive, loving and supportive, get habitual to this. Ansari looks on.

Prince says you and Sia will have a battle in the last round. Ansari stops Sia. He says you think I m lying, I talk straight, all the men are same. She asks from where did you get this human psychology. He says you had asked Abhay about his cheating, what did he answer, no, you are thinking wrong, you have to think well. He goes.

Suman asks why are you doing this for Vikrant, you are saving his job, why. Deepika says I didn’t understand, what do you want to ask. Suman says I m asking, are you feeling bad that he is in this state because of you, or you still love him. Dr. Ali gets everyone back for the round. Abhay sees Sia sad.

Sia and Ansari go for diagnosis. Abhay asks why is she lost. Peroz says don’t know. Abhay and Peroz cheer for Sia. She looks at them. Abhay asks what did I do now. Ansari checks the diagnosis. Sia stands silent. Abhay asks her to say. Dr. Ali asks her answer. Ansari smiles. She looks at Abhay. She says same as Ansari said. Dr. Ali says congrats Ansari, you have reached the finals with Abhay, the one who wins will be team leader. Abhay says I will go and see Sia. Suman gives food to Vikrant.

She says answer me straight, is there anything between Deepika and you. Vikrant says we are not helpless to answer you. She says you left Delhi, you did this for Deepika, she isn’t auspicious for you. He says I did bad with her. She says I have no interest in these talks, you will go back to Delhi, you have a job, family and life there, Deepika is an illusion, Aditi is your truth, go to her, else I will tell her about Deepika and you, think well.

Abhay goes to Sia. She asks what happened, its bad if your change is fake. Suman comes to Deepika. She tells about Vikrant. Vikrant checks the patients in the ER. Deepika keeps an eye on him. Vikrant says thanks for the help. She says I want to talk to you in private. She scolds Vikrant for coming to the hospital in this state.

She says this is not right, I have to report to Chakravorty right now. Vikrant asks Suman to go out. She asks why. He says please go. She goes. He asks Deepika to listen to him. He says I came to talk to you, I saw the patient and went to help. She asks what talk. He says I want to know, do you really want me to go from here, that we get separated again.

She says we aren’t together that we get separated, you don’t know what the other person wants. He asks what do you want. She says I want you to go to rehab, save your career and life. Peroz comes to call him. She stops Vikrant. She says he is on leave, I will handle this case. She goes.

Abhay asks Sia to talk to him. She doesn’t listen. Deepika says we have to do a cardiac surgery. She checks the other patients in the ER. Vikrant sees a little girl. He talks to her. He says your parents are resting inside, Deepika will save them, she is an angel. Deepika hears him. Juhi asks will she make my parents fine. He says yes. Deepika smiles. He says we will go and have icecream. He goes with Juhi.

Ansari and Abhay argue. Ansari updates him about the patient. Abhay suggests the tough procedure. Ansari says I didn’t do this procedure before. Abhay says even I didn’t. They try to stabilize the patient. They ask nurse to call Vikrant. Deepika comes to cafe and sees Vikrant. He asks Juhi to sit and eat.

She says you are handling Juhi well. He says we used to fight so much, I wanted a son, you used to think he will be naughty like me, you wanted a girl like you, maybe I was wrong, I would have enjoyed more with a daughter. She says Juhi’s Maasi has come to handle to her, go and talk to Chakravorty about leave. He goes. Nurse says Vikrant isn’t on duty today, Deepika and Dr. Ali are seeing the patients.

Abhay and Ansari try to manage the complications themselves. Abhay says we have to perform CMRI. They go to Chakravorty. Chakravorty says is 90% blockage, assist me in the surgery, all pre op tests need to be done, and yes, high risk consent, go. Abhay and Ansari go. Ansari says its good, Vikrant had to choose team leader, chief won’t wait for long, one of us will be the team leader, chief will know I m the best and you are useless, you should practice to call me boss. Abhay laughs. He says I have to become the best cardiac surgeon, you can’t compete with me, call me your boss, have a great day. He goes.

Sia gets shocked on losing a patient. Peroz comes. Juhi asks when will my mum come. Sia cries hearing her. Vikrant says your mum needs a long rest now, she needs special care, it can be found in heaven. Juhi asks will dad also need to go to heaven with her. He says no, he will rest here in hospital, Deepika will try her best to send your dad with you. Juhi hugs her aunt.

Deepika says Vikrant, recover well, stay with your wife, plan a baby, stay with your family. She goes. Chakravorty, Abhay and Ansari prepare for the surgery. Chakravorty questions them. He says very good, Abhay, your knowledge is good, if you execution is good, you can become a good team leader, the one who performs well today will become the team leader, Ansari you have to work hard. Ansari says I will not lose soon. Chakravorty says bring you the best in you, patient is priority, you have to work with team, not compete.

Deepika asks Sia and Peroz about Hitesh and Meenal’s case. Sia says Meenal succumbed to multiple organ failure. She cries. Deepika asks what happened. Sia says she choked. Deepika asks to death. Sia nods. Deepika says a girl lost her mum because of your miscalculation, you were not thinking of anything that time. Sia goes. She says I m not a doctor, but a murderer, its my mistake.

Peroz calms her. Sia says you know what Deepika said. Peroz says everyone makes mistakes, you should not make the same mistake again. She says I m quitting, I don’t deserve to become a doctor, its my mistake that Meenal died. Peroz comes to Abhay and says go to Sia right now. Abhay says its competition’s final round, she is going to quit. Peroz says she is going to quit.

Abhay asks what, replace me in this surgery. Peroz says okay. Vikrant drives rashly. Suman asks him to drive slow. He says I m an addict, I took drugs. She says we both will die, stop it. He says I want to know if she cares for my life and death. He hits the car. She shouts. Deepika gets his call. She doesn’t answer. Abhay says Sia, listen to me, don’t quit, this is not you, stop this nonsense.

She says yes, I wasn’t such before, I love someone who doesn’t love me. He asks when did I say that I don’t love you. She says you didn’t say that you love someone else, say the truth. He says sorry, I lied to you, I should have not lied. She asks what’s the truth. He says truth us, there is someone else, I don’t have any relation, but I have feelings, I didn’t feel this for anyone, I don’t understand my feelings, I wanted to ignore these feelings for your sake, I didn’t want to hurt you. She cries. He says trust me on this, Sia.

She asks trust you for what, I m feeling bad, I thought we are best friends, genuinely, but it was also one sided, you could have told me, you couldn’t even become a good friend, you have really hurt me Abhay. Deepika sees Suman getting injured Vikrant to the hospital.


Dhadkan 6th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Deepika says Vikrant said he will go to rehab. Suman says he had put our lives in risk. Deepika says Vikrant, anyone would know you are on drugs by the blood reports. Abhay comes and hears this.


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