Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 26th November 2019 Episode Start With Kajal gets ready for play and says she wore dress, makeup, jewelry, etc., and only sandals are left. Sonia gets tensed thinking if Kajal wears sandals now, they will break now itself and her plan will fail, so she asks Kajal to wear sandals before going on stage as she is not habituated to wear high heeled sandals. Kajal agrees. Annual function starts. Anshuman’s father/doctor and sister walk into auditorium. Principal greets doctor and gives him front seat. Host announces that annual function will start with a Mahabarath play. Kajal drops her earring and searches it. Anshuman walks in and helps her silently and leaves. Rochak walks in and asks what is she doing still her as play is about to stop.

Play starts while Subhash eagerly looks at Naani’s bag as he hid bomb remote in it and picks it silently. Anshuman/Rochak starts dialogue and asks Draupadi/Sonia to take badi maa Gandhari’s blessings. Kajal realizes her sandal heel is broken and realizes its Sonia’s evil plan to spoil her act. She changes dialogues and asks her to remove her sandals and keep them as her blessings. Sonia gets tensed seeing different dialogues. Teacher signals Arjun/Anshuman to continue his dialogues. Arjun asks Draupadi to obey badi maa Gandhari. Sonia helpless obeys. Subhash activates bomb and thinks it will explode in 25 minutes and he will leave far away before that. Naani stops her. He escapes somehow and informs his superior that bomb will explode soon.

After play finishes, everyone clap. Teacher praises Kajal’s act. Kajal asks Sonia to get her sandal repaired and walks away with her friend. Anshuman walks behind her and calls her. Friend leaves while Kajal rejoices but acts. Anshuman says he needs to speak. She closes her eyes and says she will not until he apologizes. He bends down and apologizes her. She rejoices more, but controls and saying its okay and walks to her family. Naani clicks selfie. Anshuman meets his father who asks about Gandhari/Kajal. Anshuman says he told she is too good. Father says he wants to meet her family also. Anshuman walks to Kajal and says her father wants to meet her and takes her along when people panic seeing bomb and rush out. Rochak asks Anshuman about Kajal. Anshuman says she is still in auditorium and runs in with Rochak.

Kajal searches her family in auditorium. Rochak and Ashuman inform her that her family is safe outside. Bomb suad try to diffuse bomb with password. Kajal reminisces hearing dial tone and remembers its numbers. She tells squad that she can decode bomb, but they don’t let her go. She forcefully escapes and rushing to bomb closes eyes and tries number. Bomb deactivates just before 2 seconds. Squad leader says this girl did a miracle. They all come out, and leader informs principal that Kajal diffused bomb. Anshuman’s father walks towards her when Anshuman stops him and says not now. Officer seeks Kajal’s help in catching terrorist.

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