Divya Drishti 10th November 2019 Written Episode Update


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Divya Drishti 10th November 2019 Episode Start With Pisachini cries and says Patali.. I miss you, not at all. Kaal comes and says why didn’t you take my help? Pisachini says I took the help of someone. Kaal says whose? She says in heart, I can’t tell him about 401. Kaal says whose help? Piaschini says no one. Kaal says after so much time we have one of those sisters, we can’t let her go. I will send someone for your help. Pisachini says no, I will handle it on my own. Kaal says to keep her dead body hidden.

Drishti and Rakshit plan everything. Drishti says if Pisachini attacks any of you, let her. We will save you.
Pisachini comes to Murli, I didn’t tell Kaal about you. Should I? He says please don’t tell him. Pisachini says I want Divya.

Drishti asks Divya events of the day. She tells her one by one. Drishti says I need to talk to Shekhar. Pisachini leaves. Drishti says to Shekhar, I need your help. Would you be our witness in the court? Murli says I? Drishti says please, we need help. Murli says in heart, if I go to court, Kaal will see me.

Scene 2
Mahima says Divya please eat something. Ash says have coffee at least. Ash says where is Shekhar? Simran says I looked everywhere. Shekhar is nowhere. Everyone is worried. Rakshit says don’t worry. Drishti says I asked him to give a statement against Pisachini. I will see his room if stuff is there or not. Rakshit says what are you trying to say? Are you accusing my brother again? Murli comes in and says I went to the temple, to pray for you Divya. Nothing is more important than family. He ties a thread on her wrist and says nothing would happen to you. Don’t be scared.

The crow of Kaal says the court will start in 10 minutes. Murli says I will come to give my statement as well. Murli recalls hell and Kaal. He is scared. Murli says if I go there, I will be caught. Drishti holds Divya’s hand and says don’t worry. I won’t your hand. Rakshit takes them to the court. Divya is scared. Divya says, Shekhar? Drishti says we will call him when we need his statement.

Murli says what should I do? Yes, there’s one way. Divya says where is Pisachini? And Kaal? Murli says I wish, someone shoves me from the stairs. Pisachini says are you planning to go to court? Don’t even dare. Ash says Shekhar, how did this happen? Mahima please come here.

Scene 3
Drishti says Divya, you don’t have to be scared. You didn’t do anything wrong. Pisachini comes there. Kaal comes too. All his peers cheer for him. The hearing starts. Pisachini says this Divya killed my daughter with a dagger. Drishti says shut up. She is lying. Kaal says this in court. Pisachini you talk first. Pisachini shows them dagger. She shows them a scene where Divya stabbed Patali. Divya says she is lying. Nothing like that happened. Kaal asks Divya to be brought in the box. Divya and Rakshti try to stop her but kaal’s men pull her. There’s fire everywhere around Divya. Drishti throws water on it. Drishti says this is all a lie. Rakshit says she can’t be blamed until her crime is proved. Drishti says now see this. Drishti shows them the scene of Pisachini stabbing Patali. Pisachini says this is a lie.

Pisachini says here is the dagger from which Divya killed Patali. It has Divya’s fingerprints on it. They check the fingerprints. Divya’s fingerprints match. Divya says she is lying. She gave the dagger to me. Pisachini says dagger, go and point at the murderer. The dagger points at Divya. Drishti says she is lying. I have a witness who can prove she is lying.

Rakshit comes to take Shekhar. Shekhar is screaming in pain. Rakshit says let me try healing your pain. He uses his ring. Pisachini says your witness won’t come. Murli says in heart how will I go.. Rakshit says how did this happen? Murli says Pisachini shoved me.
Drishti says that dagger and her scene, everything was a lie. Drishti shoves the dagger towards her and says you even lied about Patali’s father. Kaal says where is your witness? Ash says Shekhar you’re fine. Murli says it’s still hurting. Rakshit says we have to go.

Pisachini says their witness isn’t coming. Throw her to hell. Kaal says this court gives Divya 5 hours to bring her witness. After that, she would be sent to hell. Pisachini says why are you giving them time. You’ve 5 hours only.
Rakshit takes Murli with him. Divya and Drishti come out. Rakshit says what happened?
Divya says we have only 5 minutes left. Drishti says Pisachini shoved Shekhar too. Divya says I am sorry. Shekhar says I am sorry. She says you’re injured because of me. Divya is crying. Rakshit says I promise you nothing would happen to you. Drishti says we’re all with you.

Pisachini scares two people ina street. They run. Pisachini sees Murli. He says what should I do? They want me to go to court. Pisachini says solve your problem yourself.
Drishti says Shekhar’s statement won’t make a difference. We need to show them Patali’s dead body. We will steal her body. Divya says is that right? Drishti says they called you a murderer. They only did wrong to us so we killed Patali too. Divya says I didn’t kill her. Drishti says I know you didn’t. Pisachini killed her. But even if you did, it would be great. We will take Patali’s body. We can do the same. Divya says it feels wrong. Drishti says I would do anything to save you. Murli comes in and says I will help you and steal her body? Drishti says yes, let’s do that. Murli says I will do it for you Divya. Rakshit says this is the first time I am seeing you breaking rules. She says feels wrong? He says no, feels s*xy. Drishti says how will we steal it?

Pisachini comes to the dead body. Kaal makes a cage around it and says now it’s safe. No one can reach to her body except for that murderer 401.
Divya says we can’t do this. Romi says we can do something else. Drishti says we have to steal it like a human not with magic. Murli says I will steal it. Divya says I don’t want him in trouble. Divya leaves. Rakshit says don’t worry. Drishti says we can’t risk his life. Rakshit say you and Divya have risked your life too. Shekhar can do this. Rakshit hugs her. Drishti says I am really scared.

Divya Drishti 16th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Mahima and Divya play antakshari with Pisachini. Shekhar goes to steal the dead body.


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