Divya Drishti 24th November 2019 Written Episode Update


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Divya Drishti 24th November 2019 Episode Start With Rakshit says Patali was wearing sandals once and then again she wasn’t. Mahima says that means she is pretending. She isn’t dead. This was all a drama. Romi says where is Shekhar?
Drishti says I can’t see the hell door. They disguise as hell’s guard. Murali says I saw it. We should look for it in another room. Drishti says no one knows there are two doors of hell in our house. How do you know? He says I keep going in the wrong rooms.
Rakshit says let me go and check Drishti. Murali and Drishti come to his room. they see light from the closet. Drishti says I think this is the second door. Rakshit comes to the room. Drishti isn’t there. They go inside.

Rakshit says where did Drishti go? Mahima says I will look for her. You both go and try to find a way to expose Patali. Rakshit says it was my mistake. I locked Drishti but forgot that she can come out.

Divya is in hell. Drishti comes there with Murali. Drishti comes next to her. She is disguised as a guard. Murali says you have to not look at Divya. Murali sees his posters. He says if Drishti sees me, she will know who I am. Everyone chants Divya is a thief. Murali says your powers won’t work here bhabhi. Drishti says how do you know? He says I read in a book. Drishti sees the cage and recalls that’s what she saw in a vision. Kaal says you are sentenced to death. Divya says why do I feel like Drishti is around.

Rakshit and Romi see Patali’s heart. Romi says it’s beating. That means she is alive. Romi says let’s take this heart. There are guard bets. Rakshit says it won’t be that easy.
Drishti says I feel weak. Why are you not feeling the same? Murali says in the heart because I am used to this. He says you had a tranquilizer. He says let’s go there. Divya must be there. Drishti says how do you know? He says I heard two people talking.

The bat bites Romi. Rakshit hits it. He kills all of them. Romi says their number keeps increasing. Murali says let’s go to that room. Drishti goes in. Murali recalls Pisachini asked him to lock Drishti in that room. Drishti steps on a place, Murali pulls the trigger and she falls down. Drishti screams. Murali runs from there.

Romi distracts the bat. Rakshit tries to take the heart.
Drishti sees Divya. Divya cries and says you came. Why did you come here? Drishti says I had to. I can’t leave you alone. Why did you leave my hand. You shouldn’t have. Divya says you have go. Drishti says we will fight and win. We will accomplish our mission. Drishti hugs him. Murali says I have to go out.

Rakshit says to Pisachini where are you going? She says to hell. Rakshit says you will bring Divya back from hell. Pisachini says why would I? He says hear this heartbeat. He shows her Patali’s heart.
Hell’s guards see Drishti. They say who is she? She isn’t our guard. They say lock her too. We will do her investigation. Divya cries. He says okay, she is your sister? They lock her. Pisachini says Divya Drishti both are in hell and they will die today. Rakshit says then Patali will die too.

Drishti is locked in another cage. Divya’s cage is hanging over the fire. The guards laugh at her. Divya cries and says please save me di. Drishti says Divya, I am coming. Divya says they are going to burn me. Please save me. Murali says how will I go out? where is Pisachini. She asked me to wait here. Where is she?
Drishti says I will get you out of there. Kaal asks who are you? Murali says Pisacini because of you, I am stuck here.

Pisachini says I will kill you. Rakshit says I don’t care, but Patali would die today. Patali gets up and says please don’t. Kaal says to Murali let’s go, we have to kill Divya.
Patali says please don’t kill me. Rakshit says then do what I ask.

Divya says they are going to burn me di. Please save me. Drishti tries to use her powers but they don’t work. Kaal says to kill her. They are about to cut the chain. Rakshit says go and tell Kaal that Patali is alive and release Divya Drishti. Pisachini says we won’t do that. Rakshit says then let’s kill Patali too. Patali says no. Rakshit cuts her heart. The man is cutting the chain. Drishti’s powers stat working. She comes out of the cage. Patali says please save me. I don’t want to die. Drishti comes there. Kaal says how did she come here? How are her powers working? She shoves the man and says don’t dare to touch Divya. She stops Divya’s cage from falling. Drishti says I won’t let anything happen to you. Divya is falling down. Rakshit comes there and saves her cage. Divya and Rakshit fight the guards of hell. Kaal says how dare you to come here. Rkashit says how dare you covict Divya of killing Patali when she is alive. Here’s is Patali.

Kaal his soldiers to attack them. Drishti and Rakshit fight tem. Divya says you, you were behind this mask. Rakshit says we have to get out of here. They rush out.

Scene 2
Everyone comes home. Mahima says thank God you came back Divya. We were all so worried. Drishti this is so brave of you to go there. Drishti says Shekhar did all that. Everyone asks Murali why did you break Divya’s chain? She could fall?
Kaal comes to Pisacini. He puts Patali’s heart back in her. He says she will be fine. You couldn’t do anything Pisacini. You failed every time. I am ashamed in front of my army. Can you win from them? He hits her.

Drishti says Shekhar did that to fool them that he is cutting the chain. He gave me time to save Divya. Ojaswani says Shekhar I am so proud of you. You’re our hero. Ojaswani says you should all go and rest.
Rakshit says you fooled me and risked your life. Drishti says you fainted me. And risked your life? He says you are precious to me. I can’t tell you what you mean to me. I can’t come to save you every time. She says then don’t come. He says okay I forgive you. Drishti says you should apologize. You fainted me. She goes to her room. Shekhar’s wanted papa is there.

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