Dr Shashank suffers paralysis – Juhi faces new challenge takes charge of Sanjivani


Dr Shashank (Mohnish Bahl) suffers paralysis, Juhi (Gurdeep Kohli) takes over Sanjivani 

Star Plus newbie show Sanjivani is up for new twist in the story.Juhi panics over Shashank’s operation and here Ishani motivates her to try her best.Ishani asks Juhi to give guru dakshina to Shashank and do what best she can for him.Juhi returns to operate on Shashank and thus removes the tumor.

Shashank suffers paralysis which is too common in his case and Juhi is expecting his recovery soon.Juhi has operated on Shashank and everything went well and Dr Shashank is now out of danger.Dr Shashank is out of danger although he suffers paralysis and will recover out of it soon.

Vardhan is celebrating his victory as he has got the golden chance to handle the Sanjivani.Vardhan is unaware that Shashank has already made up his decision as he asks Juhi to take charge of Sanjivani till he gets fine.Vardhan is stunned knowing this and bursts in anger as how Shashank can do this with him.

All are sad until and unless Shashank gets out of danger but Vardhan is celebrating it as now he will be head of Sanjivani.Juhi very well knows Vardhan’s intentions and Sanjivani is like a kid to her as she and Shashank has together raised it to this level.

Juhi thus takes charge of the head position and warns Vardhan for keeping evil eye over Sanjivani.

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