Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 19th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 19th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 19th October 2020 Episode starts with the broker bringing the client. Shravan says we just did the deal, you could have informed and come. The man says we informed Jhumri. The client takes his family with him. Bassi says we didn’t know this, we thought you called the band artists as you won the case. Shravan thinks Suman would also think this. Suman gets angry on Shravan. Vikram comes to meet Suman. He says you wanted to stay alone for some time. Kanchan says you understand her well. Vikram says sorry we lost the case. Suman says we shall not talk about it now. He says I got jalebis for you, don’t you like it. Suman recalls Shravan. She asks how do you know. Vikram says that’s my fav tea stall, I thought to get it for you.

Kanchan says Vikram, you understand Suman’s choice well. Vikram asks really. He thinks Shravan’s advice was right. Ramesh thanks him for jalebis. Beena asks what about your birthday celebrations. Vikram says we didn’t plan it. Beena says we wanted to have Veer’s birthday with yours. Veer says please lets celebrate. Suman says we can celebrate it, you love balloons, we will decorate the lawn with balloons, right Vikram. Veer smiles. Vikram says yes. Ramesh says we will have a small celebration. Suman says no, we will celebrate it well, problems comes and goes, it was Veer’s first birthday here and we forgot. Ramesh says but… Suman says everyone will know Veer’s birthday. Veer hugs her.

Vikram says I thought not to celebrate birthday as you are sad. Suman says Veer is a kid, we should celebrate, such memories work in tough time. Vikram says you always say something deep and surprise me, fine, we will celebrate with friends, I will invite Shravan, I already told him. She says no, I m not comfortable. He says fine, we won’t invite, I will go. She hugs him and says thanks for everything. He smiles.

Colonel asks Shravan is his wounds healing. He says I don’t think you are taking it seriously, what shall I tell my seniors, return to your command soon, everyone is waiting for you. Shravan and Suman agree. Suman stops Shravan and says we will do more tests to know about your wound. Shravan says I know, everyone is missing me there. Suman says yes, people miss in the start and then forget. He says I know you are upset. She says we both do our duties well, we don’t get ego and personal matters before, just focus on work, my work is to ensure that you are ready to work, I m given the orders that you get fine, we will try to do our work well. He smiles. She says we are doing this for our country. He says yes, I will be careful. She goes.

Bassi says your application for officers quarters didn’t get accepted. Shravan says I will manage somehow. Bunty asks how. Beena comes home with Veer. She says you saved Veer’s life, I wanted to thank. Shravan says it was my duty. She says when I heard you are in army, I was happy, we didn’t celebrate Veer’s birthday, we kept a party at home, we want you and your friends to home, we will be happy. Veer says if you all come, I will have four new friends. Shravan thinks to apologize to Suman. He agrees to come. Vikram and Suman make arrangements. Kanchan gets the cake. She says its special, right Suman. Suman sees Shravan’s house. Kanchan shows the cute cake for Veer and another one for Vikram. She says it was Suman’s idea. Vikram thanks Suman. Vikram says I have to see how much Veer gets excited. Suman asks where is Veer, even Beena isn’t here. Kanchan calls Beena. Ramesh gets ready and comes. Shravan comes. Suman and Vikram see him. Ek duje ke vaaste….play….. Shravan and his friends come with Beena and Veer.


Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 20th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Kanchan asks Vikram his birthday wish. Vikram says dance with Suman. Vikram praises Suman. Suman sees Shravan. Bunty says Suman is Shravan’s doctor. Vikram looks at Suman.


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