Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 22nd September 2020 Written Episode Update


Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 22nd September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 22nd September 2020 Kancha tells Sumo to give some time to everyone. No one expected this. Sumo wants to call Shravan but Kancha tells her against it. Anjali tells Sumo her father has never made a wrong decision for her. He will do what’s right for her. Sumo insists that she will be happy with Shravan. Why can he not understand this? Anjali tells her to rest tonight. We will discuss this tomorrow.

Shravan is crying in his room. Both the men were taking out their anger on us. It is pure love. Bunty hugs him. Everything will be fine in 2 days. Please don’t cry. Shravan insists upon talking to Sumo right away.

Anjali comes downstairs. Her FIL heads to his room. Vijay holds his head.

Sumo receives Shravan’s call but Dadu disconnects it. Shravan calls again. Sumo requests her Dadu to hear him once. He says you aren’t what I thought you to be. You have embarrassed me and hurt me. She shakes her head. Shravan calls again. Dadu takes the phone with him. Sumo cries.

Sumo’s phone is unreachable. Shravan cries feeling helpless.

Next morning, Sumo comes to the lobby. Everyone is already there. Vijay asks her if she has anything to say about what happened yesterday. Sumo apologizes to him. you shouldn’t have found out about it like that. Please trust me. I am the same Suman. I wont sway my mind from studies ever. I will always be focused. Shravan was here yet we became best cadets. Dadu says it has been going on since then. Vijay tells him to let her complete. Sumo says Shravan has taught me that love and dreams can be together. I am very happy with him. I don’t like seeing you disappointed like this. You and Mumma have always been my role models. He says I thought you can figure out the difference between right and wrong but I was wrong. She says you are saying this because of your differences with Devraj uncle. Vijay tells him to be quiet if she does not know the truth. As your guardian, I can be stern with you. He does not let her speak. You will now stay with my friend’s family in Pune. His daughter is also preparing for army. Sumo says you gave me a chance to speak not to understand. You have made your mind already. He tells her to think whatever she wants to. Pack your bags. Let Damru know if you need anything. She requests him to hear her out but he walks out of the room followed by everyone else.

Devraj apologizes to Shravan. Why do you think your father is your enemy? I did everything for your happiness. I had nothing when you weren’t born. Everything changed when you came into my life. Since then, I wanted to give you everything that I couldn’t have. I only wanted to make sure you don’t lose your focus. He gives him his flight tickets. Everything has been arranged. Just pack your bags and get ready to go to USA. Shravan refuses. I wont be able to stay away from Suman. You only told me to let you know when I fall in love. Devraj calls it childishness. Shravan hints at his relationship with Vijay. Devraj advises him to move on. You will never be happy with his. Don’t mistake this to be love. I have seen life more than you. I know the difference between love and infatuation. Shravan stands up. I am sorry. If you think this is just infatuation which we will stop feeling if we are pushed away from each other then you are wrong. His father stays put. You are leaving for US tomorrow. He leaves. Shravan asks Bunty why his father is not ready to understand. I wont be able to live without Suman.

Kancha tells Suman she is sure Bade Papa will call you back soon. Damru tells Suman to check the clothes. Suman throws the clothes angrily. Kancha catches the hint and makes Suman look at the note kept hidden amidst the clothes. Suman reads Shravan’s note. Anjali asks them about the clothes lying on the floor. Damru makes an excuse. Suman runs downstairs to meet Shravan. Dadu stops her way. She tells him she will not be able to live without Shravan. I must meet him. Don’t stop me if you want to see me happy. She walks out of the house. She finds Vijay waiting at the door. You are wrong. He says let it be. You will step out of this house tomorrow and will go to Pune directly. You will come back here only after joining army. He does not let her say anything. Anjali and Kancha take her inside. She murmurs that she cannot go back without meeting Shravan. I have to meet him and tell him everything.

Suman sends a written note to Shravan. Please meet me today. I don’t know if we will be able to meet ever again. He notices a teardrop in the bottom and is about to run to meet her but Bunty stop him. Situation is same at her place. Shravan is reluctant but Bunty tells him to have some patience. I will do something.

At night, Kancha tries to help Suman step out of the house stealthily and Bunty helps Shravan. Damru and Jhumri help the kids. Shravan is already waiting in the car by the time Suman comes out. He thanks Kanchan. She smiles. Anything for her! Bunty tells them to talk to each other now. We will stand guard. Shravan and Suman hug. Suman says I couldn’t catch a glimpse of you for the entire day. How will I stay in Pune? He says my Papa thinks this is infatuation. Is it true? She tells him his father is mistaken and so is her father. Fate wanted to unite us. Don’t doubt our love ever. He hugs her and cries. Shravan says I don’t understand anything. What should we do? She says I tried to talk to Papa but he isn’t willing to listen to me. You cannot cancel going to US but you can delay it a little. He says my Papa is a businessman. He hears me out like a friend but he wont budge from his decision. We wont be able to meet ever again if we leave now. She says we will be unhappy our entire life and so will be our parents. They wont be happy to see us sad. He says we can do this together but they aren’t willing to give us this chance. They are closing our chance of coming back. She says I wont let that happen. We must do something. He says we need time to make them understand. She says that’s what we don’t have. He gets thinking. Our families want us to go our way tomorrow. That is what will happen tomorrow. She hugs him.


Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 23rd September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Suman and Shravan nod at each other as they leave in their respective cars. They make a pit stop at the grocery store. Suman and Shravan go inside on the pretext of buying some stuff. They meet inside. Dadu and Devraj go back inside to check on the kids.


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