Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 11th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 11th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 11th January 2022 episode starts with Bhim Rao refusing to have the man being punished in front of everyone. The woman knew about Bhim Rao and his righteous personality.

Meera, Phuliya, Daliya amma asked Rama to slap him. Rama recalled what the man did. As tears rolled down her eyes, she slapped the man. She leaned backwards, crying. Bhim Rao grabbed Rama. Ramji asked everyone to leave as it has been proved that Rama was innocent. Bhim Rao calmed Rama. The woman took Rama to work. Bhim Rao left as well. Ramji and Puranjan followed. Meera sent everyone back to work.

At night, Bhim Rao came aside to study when he noticed a boy crying. Went to the boy and questioned, asked him not to cry, wipe his tears. Asked the boy what happened. The boy informed that he worked in the factory, then told him his story.

Bhim Rao gave him a solution, asked him to study it would help him succeed. Bhim Rao gave him the book Guruji wrote. The boy was asked to give it a read with his friends. The boy asked his name, said that he would tell all his friends about him.

Next morning, Bhim Rao was sweeping the streets. Two me came to him, grabbed, and tied him for lecturing kids. The took Bhim Rao to an unknown place. Bhim Rao noticed a man bathing himself with rose water. A man told him that Bhim Rao lectured a kid to have education, and now none of the children in his neighborhood are interested in working. They asked Varchand Devji for a solution.

The man rose up, he threw a bucket of water at Bhim Rao. He ordered to tie Bhim Rao and call the kid here. Bhim Rao will himself ask him to work. Bhim Rao refused. The man pledged to his capabilities to making an elephant sound like a cat, Bhim Rao was nothing in front of him. Varchand went inside, he got dressed.

Bhim Rao was tied to a pillar. Varchand sat for his meal, served with 4 different he began his course by offering a prayer. His wife served him, asked why he cared if the neighbor’s kids were working or not.

Varchand asked her to sit down, he than grabbed her face and asked how she dared to question him. Varchand had all the concerns with this society, being born in the upper caste he cannot tolerate a lower caste manipulating their kids. He than hovered her wife over. Asked if she eats his leftovers, the woman agreed since it was holy for him.

Rama noticed a pile of leaves, saw Bhim Rao’s broom, and wondered where he went. She asked a man. He said that the sweeper was abducted by two men, they tied Bhim Rao and took him. Joshi came and laughed. The man was clueless who the men were. Joshi didn’t know either but urged to know who the new enemies were.

Bhim Rao was being asked to change his stance. Varchand Devji was considered a God in this society, he must not be disobeyed. Bhim Rao refused, for him education could never be wrong for everyone.

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