Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 11th June 2021 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 11th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 11th June 2021 Anand was mad at Bala’s fluctuating behavior, one day he supports while the next he is against all of is. Ramji left without answering Anand. He asked Bhim Rao not to believe Bala anymore, Bhim Rao asked him not to judge Bala, at the end he is their brother.
Resting by a tree, Mangesh ridiculed himself for being a friend of Sethji and Maharaj whom he supported, he said that God wasn’t by his side this time. Guruji listening to this came and said that God has chosen the wise, that’s the reason he emphasizes the need of education so one can recognize a fake Maharaj and a toxic friend like Sethji. An educated man takes wise decision in his life. Mangesh agreed, he wouldn’t have been tuck in this situation otherwise, he was very upset for being an acquaintance to such people. He asked Guruji to inform his family about his situation, he will return home after a few days and ask them not to worry about the land he will arrange something else for his daughter’s marriage. Guruji asked him not to worry, he said that one should not aggravated the wrong as he can a victim to it as well just like Magesh. Guruji left, Mangesh sat on the floor realizing his mistake he asked for forgiveness.

Meer wanted Bhim Rao not indulge himself in Mangesh’s problem. Bhim Rao was eager to help someone in need, he must do something to get the land back. Bala asked Meera not to lecture him, Bhim Rao will do what he pleases. Anand replied that the elder brother has never understood as well. Ramji asked Anand to respect his brother. Anand left saying that he can’t as Bala is a liar. Bala picked a stick to hit him. Ramji called Bala in anger, he threw the stick. Threaten to slap him for beating his younger brother, Bala must sort his behavior because it defines the family and their culture in the society, respect is given to the well-mannered person irrespective of age. Bala argued back, asking if h was the most ill-mannered member of the family, he is the one shaming this family the most. Meera questioned Bala for misbehaving with his father. Bala asked about the best behavior, Bala and Anand are never questioned but his single lie has become a problem. Ramji asked Bala not to exceed his limits. Bala said that he was the first one to earn in this family, being the elder brother, he supported everyone the most yet never gained their respect. He said that being irritated by Bhim Rao’s birthday Jijabai left the house, people taunt them for it, but Ramji never went to bring her back. Everyone as right Meera, Anand, Bhim Rao except him. Bhim Rao questioned on indulging Jijabai in the matter. Bala replied that just like a widow, Sethjis brother and Mangesh were important Jijabai would be too, but he has never seen him caring for her. He questioned Bhim Rao to help those who praise him, he questioned his stance of justice. Meera angrily asked Bala to leave the house. Bala left, Bhim Rao followed.

Anand was throwing stones in the river, Bala came. Anand heard about Bala trying to beat him with a stick, he asked him not to be aggressive because unlike Bhim Rao he will retaliate. Sticks for sticks. Bhim Rao asked Anand not to talk to Bala like that. Bala left. Anand replied that he was only warning him, he asked Bhim Rao to be carefree for as long as he is alive, he will not be a disappointment for him or Ramji. They hugged each other.

Meera said that whatever Bala said was right though his manner was not. Ramji said that she has imparted nothing else but tension to this family. Meera replied that whatever she has done as her husband he has some responsibilities towards her. Ramji didn’t know where she was. Anand said that she must be in Bombay, with her father. Bhim Rao asked his father to being Jijabai, Bala was right Bhim Rao has ever been just to her, he accepted his mistake.

Mangesh was watching as Maharaj and his companions were performing pooja on his land. He said that God will never forgive them. Bhim Rao came, he was clueless on how to get his land back. Mangesh sad that he has understood, this was punishment for his mistakes for all the wrongs he did. Pandit said that the land has finally become God’s, Maharaj asked people to perfume prayers on this land. Sethji announced building a temple here. Everyone hailed Maharaj. Mangesh went over, he announced that from now on he is also a member of the lower caste. Everyone stood up. Magesh asked him to hate him as much as they hate Bhim Rao. Maharaj said that the was punished to tie his hand just so that God could mercy on him but even he didn’t know that Mangesh would bend this low. He said that Mangesh can not go home after this, it is to see of his family would support his decision and if they did, they would have to live with Bhim Rao. Mangesh has already lost his land, he will lose his house as well. Mangesh replied to him for being a fake Maharaj but not a God. Maharaj said that he knows who he is, the society knows who he is. He left. Bhim Rao asked him not to worry, he will not lose his house nor his land. Mangesh didn’t care for it all he wanted was Maharaj to leave Satara. Bhim Rao untied Mangesh, he hugged Bhim Rao.

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