Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 11th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 11th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 11th October 2021 episode Bhim Rao inquired how Rama got injured, she didn’t want to answer but Bhim Rao insisted. Daliya amma came and informed.

Lakshmi and Jijabai were waiting for Bhim Rao to come and question them about Bhim Rao. Jijabai wanted to insult him. Bhim Rao came, Rama followed her. Jijabai asked Lakshmi not to accept her mistake at all.

Rama stopped Bhim Rao. He knew Lakshmi did it deliberately. Rama knew, she forbids Bhim Rao not to question her. Bhim Rao won’t understand what women go through, Rama forgave Lakshmi just like Bhim Rao had forgiven Joshi. She asked him to return home. Bhim Rao lightened his mood, said that anger doesn’t suits him. Bhim Rao turned back to glance at Ramji sitting outside.

In the morning, Bhim Rao stood in his balcony staring at Ramji sleeping. Ramji woke up, he took paper out of his pocket, looked at Bhim Rao and then tore it into pieces. Puranjan came, he noticed but remained silent. Jijabai sweeping the floor , collected those pieces and threw them outside. Bhim Rao went inside.

Puranjan said that Ramji should have read it once, it was from Bhim Rao. Ramji said that he read it last night, he realized that his son touched his body. Bhim Rao wrote that he has been forbidden to visit him, he requested Ramji to take care of himself. Ramji loved that his son was worried about him yet disappointed that he wasn’t takin care of himself. Ramji was set off for work, he wasn’t feverish anymore.

Joshi came to the neighbor asking Bhim Rao to come outside. Hitesh questioned. Joshi informed him that he was in a tug with Bhim Rao regarding his quest for a job. Hitesh said that no one can win from the Boss. Rama came asked Hitesh and everyone to worship Joshi meanwhile Bhim Rao came down all prepared for challenges. Ramji came out, Joshi asked Jijabai to be careful with the shawl as it was very expensive. Joshi can Bhim Rao left.

Jijabai was questioned about the expensive shawl Ramji bought, according to Joshi. Jijabai said that it was waste of money. Rama pondered; she was curious to know the reason behind the expensive shawl.

Ramji said that he wanted to sell more blood, he would gather more money and free Manjula’s chain. Puranjan stopped him, he wasn’t healthy enough. Ramji said that previous day doctor won’t be on duty today, he would be able to sell come blood. Puranjan pleaded for Ramji to not make such mistake. Ramji made a mistake by asking Manjula for the chain, he didn’t want to repeat it. Asked Puranjan to go to work.

Bhim Rao went to manager, told him about his lower caste and Joshi’s intention. But above all he was educated and capable for a job. The manger asked him to recall his first lines, asked Bhim Rao to repeat these sentences by standing here all day, then he would get a job. Bhim Rao refused. The manager went inside. Bhim Rao was determined to find a job, said that he won’t let his caste become his weakness. Bhim Rao left.

Joshi followed Bhim Rao. Guruji met Bhim Rao, he told him about a form he brought for Bhim Rao since he wasn’t coming to college. Joshi asked about the price. Guruji said that it was for 1 ana. Joshi mocked Bhim Rao saying that he doesn’t have enough money to fill the form. Guruji wanted to fill the form for Bhim Rao. Joshi made Bhim Rao feel like a beggar. Bhim Rao refused, said that h would fill it himself once he finds a job. He had three days. Bhim Rao left. Joshi asked Guruji to focus on himself instead of Bhim Rao. Guruji insulted Joshi, said that he was going to fail in life. As Joshi’s teacher he advised him to return home.

Ramji went to the doctor to sell him blood, Puranjan came to sell his as well. Ramji questioned him. Puranjan could not live with his friend selling blood. Rama came in, wanted to sell her blood as well since his father and uncle were selling as well. Ramji questioned her. Rama replied that selling blood was as wrong as Bhim Rao working. Doctor asked them to solve their issue first.

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