Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 11th September 2020 Dhansukhlal and other villagers are at Kamna’s house. Let’s think of what we should do now. Kamna’s father says we have no option. I think we should tell Kamna’s in-laws about Kamna’s death. We gave ample money during the wedding. Pundit ji sends Madhvi inside and then suggests getting Madhvi married to Kamna’s husband. It will save the relations. How does it matter if we just replace the girl? Kamna’s father agrees with them but Madhvi opposes this idea. Her mother tells her that they are the ones who will make this decision. Her father tells her not to argue but Madhvi decides to seek Bhima’s help. He will help me just like he helped his sister. Her father is furious but villagers tell him that this is the best way out to keep her away from Bhima too.

Ram ji advises Bhima to stay away from Madhvi and Kamna’s family / matters for some time. The villagers are anyways after our life right now. It is a different matter. Bhima says I cannot sit quietly seeing my sisters bearing all the injustices. Bhimbai asks him if he will fight every day for every single cause. You might be fine with getting hurt daily but think about your parents too. Bhima insists but his mother tells him to do as they say.

Dhansukhlal says this is the influence of Bhima only. Madhvi’s mother tells her to go inside and express her grief. You have to get married in 2 days. Madhvi refuses to go inside. I will go to the Bhai who can stop this injustice from happening. She runs off. Dhansukhlal stops her father from going after Madhvi. Let her get rid of the pain she is in right now. Make her take bath before she comes inside. Make up your mind that you will get Madhvi married in 2 days. This defeat will break Bhima’s confidence and strength. Everyone seconds him. Kamna’s parents decide to make preps for the wedding.

Kamna’s mother tells her husband that she does not think it is right. Seth ji lost to Bhima today. He is using Madhvi as a pawn to seek revenge from Bhima. Why should we make it a religious / communal fight? Her husband does not mind. This will only increase our community’s strength. Seth might have done it to teach a lesson to Bhima but Madhvi is my daughter. Villagers will begin to respect me more. Our good days are coming. Don’t think of anything else. He walks away. His wife rues that Kamna died and became a Devi but I still lost her. how can I be happy when people here aren’t thinking about using Madhvi’s marriage to gain fame.

Madhvi requests Bhima to help her. I don’t want to get married right now. Bhima stands there quietly. His silence puzzles her. Ram ji shares that they paid a heavy price for stopping Manjula’s wedding. Someone lost their life and few people went to jail. Even my daughter’s married life became worse. How can we come to your home and break your wedding? She asks him if she isn’t his daughter. He is touched by her words. There is a big wall of caste between our homes. No one can dare to cross it. Bhima runs inside and cries. Madhvi says I came here thinking that my brother stays here. he says big things and fights with people but he can only fight for his own sister. At other times, wall pop up between us due to caste. Bhima apologizes to her mentally. Madhvi says it is good that I dint go to school. Now I will definitely get married. Bhimbai tells her she misunderstood her brother. Madhvi says now it will happen and leaves. Bhima is in tears. I am feeling so helpless and I am angry with you two. You call me a warrior but you forced me to hide behind a wall today! He goes inside. Ram ji stops Bhimbai from going after Bhima. He has a right to be angry. He wont understand that giving power to a warrior to fight and teaching him how to fight is important. It is very difficult for parents to make such a warrior. Come what may, it still hurts a lot when my son gets hurt. It isn’t a sin to save him from getting hurt. Dhruv goes to check on Bhima.

Madhvi returns home. Her parents are waiting for her at the door. Her father says we will see how your brother will stop this wedding now. All the preps have been made. We will kill Bhima if he tries to interfere. The rituals start tomorrow morning. Madhvi says I will do whatever and whenever you will tell me to do. Her father says it is good that Bhima got scared. He tells his wife to purify her and goes to other village to inform about the wedding. Madhvi’s mother asks Madhvi if she went to Bhima’s house. Madhvi nods tearfully. He stood behind a wall all that time! She hugs her mother. Her mother says you don’t know the difference between the societies. You may have considered Bhima your brother but he dint. It would only be a trophy for him as someone from a higher community chose him.

Bhima asks Dhruv what he should do. Dhruv justifies his parents’ stance. Bhima feels helpless. Dhruv reminds him that he is a human being. When God cannot solve all the problems then how can you? Bhima replies that human beings can solve each other’s problems created by human beings.

Next morning, everyone is gathered at Madhvi’s house. Dhansukhlal says Bhima hasn’t come here yet. Mangesh says Bhima got beaten in school. Everyone is holding a stick in their hands today. They laugh. Dhansukhlal insists that Bhima should know what they are up to. Mangesh shouts to make sure that Bhima know that the haldi ritual has started. Madhvi asks them why they are calling Bhima when she is ready for this marriage. Dhansukhlal says it is to make it clear to her that they want to show him his place. He should know that he cannot do anything till the time we are here. Mangesh challenges Bhima to come and stop them if he can dare to. Dhansukhlal makes him repeat it once again. Mangesh laughs. As if he will come! Few guys come there just then. They oppose the wedding. Madhvi’s face lights up. Dhansukhlal asks them why they cannot do it. Who are you to tell us what we can and cannot do? They introduce themselves as social workers. We don’t promote child marriage. We promote widow marriage and education for girls instead. Madhvi notices Bhima standing in a corner and smiles. It means he has sent these people here. Bhima thinks Baba and Aayi told me not to intervene in this matter but these people can. They wont let your marriage happen now. They will save a sister from losing her faith on her brother.

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