Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 12th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 12th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 12th August 2022 episode Joshi asked Ramji to stare at Bhim Rao’s poster whom everyone was protesting again. Varchand asked Ramji what he felt like. Bhim Rao recalled his and Bhim Rao’s conversation to fight every evil and danger to get to the destination.

He said that Bhim Rao was like a ship who has to travel all seas. Ramji answered Varchand that he told his son that he will have enemies. He felt good to know that everyone was finding his son. Ramji was taking milk home for tea, he would have it sweet today. Joshi’s father threatened Ramji. Ramji angrily said that no one would do anything, no one has ever been able to do anything to Bhim Rao.

Bhim Rao brought water. He will bring more in need. Nirmala said that she can help herself. They saw the protest against Bhim Rao. Rama closed the door, she asked Nirmala to hide. Bhim Rao wanted to go in front of them.

Rama questioned. Bhim Rao wished to be Barrister, he cannot be called a thief of law. Bhim Rao convinced Rama. Nirmala wanted to go with him. He asked everyone to stay inside.

Bhim Rao went after them. They lawyer questioned him. Bhim Rao said that he wanted to clarify himself because he was being accused of the wrong. Rama and Nirmala came out. Bhim Rao wanted to submit himself to law, because he was not wrong. The lawyer said that the currently law is to save Nirmala.

Bhim Rao argued, the officer was calling Bhim Rao a thief. The lawyer justified that the officer was wrong, he was supporting the opponents for wrong reasons. He assured Bhim Rao that his position would be clarified in front of the court.

Bhim Rao wondered when justice would prevail, when there would be peace, when everyone would be free from all evil. The lawyer knew that one day everything will be good, but didn’t know when. Rama assured because Gandhi and others were fighting for the same cause.

Ramji gave Bhabi tea. He asked Jijabai to make sweet tea. Bhabi told that Jijabai wasn’t home. Ramji knew that she would have went to find Bhim Rao. Bhabi should have go as well. He asked other members of the chawl as well. Hitesh taunted that police will find Bhim Rao.

Ramji’s son was a thief of law, he ran away. Ramji shouted, said that Bhim Rao didn’t run away. Ramji asked Bhabi to make tea. She refused to make tea. Ramji shouted at her, asked her to go inside. Lakshmi requested Ramji let go, no one will undersrand. Ramji yelled at everyone, he asked them to go.

Abhay’s parents came asking for Bhim Rao. Ramji welcomed them, told that Bhim Rao left the chawl. He asked everyone to find Bhim Rao. He asked Abhay’s parents to convince everyone to find Bhim Rao.

Meera asked Ramji to calm down. Ramji was helpless, he and Bhim Rao wanted his people to untie but they wasting their time. Lakshmi took Ramji inside. Hitesh asked Abhay’s parents what they wanted to do to Bhim Rao. Abhay’s parents told that they wanted to kill Bhim Rao.

The lawyer asked Police officer to show him a copy of FIR. The police officer told that he didn’t right an FIR. Joshi asked Lawyer no to waste their time. Lawyer asked Joshi as he worked in his officer, law has some rules as well. Joshi’s father threatened him. The lawyer said that he would give his answers his court.

Bhim Rao understood what Lawyer said. Nirmala told that Rama was saying the same thing. She didn’t think that a person like Bhim Rao would not give importance to his wife. Rama clarified, she supported Bhim Rao. Hitesh found where Rama, Bhim Rao and Nirmala were hiding.

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