Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 12th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 12th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 12th October 2020 Ram ji says I was feeling guilty and bad for Dhruv. A boy from big community stays with us in our house and is struggling to make his ends meet. I used to think that I will feel a little better once he finds a better job. It is a good thing then. Bhimbai asks him about Bala. Ram ji says I never wanted my kids to do what the kids of our community have been doing. I wanted them to study but Bala chose to play instruments. It isn’t difficult for him. He will find this work wherever he goes. Bhimbai says he wants to go to Bombay to learn more. Ram ji says he can still learn if he wants to be his best at it. It is time for Dhruv to leave. We must bid him adieu happily. Whatever be the decision, it is good for him.

Ram ji blesses Dhruv. Give your best. Dhruv seeks his blessings and then says bye to everyone one by one. Dhansukhlal, Mangesh and British officers look on from far. Dhansukhlal tells the Officer that these people have pitted his son against him only. Mangesh requests him to make sure Dhruv never returns here.

Sakpal family is in tears. Bhimbai tells Dhruv to take care of himself. He nods emotionally. He next tells Bhima to take care. Bhima tells the same to him. Dhruv looks for Bala but Bhimbai gestures him to go. Dhruv tells Sakpal family to apologize to Bala Bhaiya on his behalf. I would have never participated in the competition if I knew how upset he will be. Officer asks Dhruv to come. Dhruv asks for some minutes to speak to his Baba in private. Dhansukhlal and Dhruv move to a corner. Dhruv tells his Baba they should put everything behind them now. You promised to give me anything if I win this competition. Dhansukhlal nods. Dhruv asks him to promise him that he will never trouble Bhima or his family again. Dhansukhlal makes a face. Dhruv folds his hands. If you love me even after doing my shraad then you will do as I say. Dhansukhlal agrees. Dhruv says I cannot even give you my swear as you did my last rites already. I am trusting you for the last time. Don’t break my trust. He bends down to pick his bag. Dhansukhlal thinks he is taking his blessings and raises his hand but then realises what just happened. He wipes a tear from the corner of his eye. Dhruv leaves with British Officers.

Bhima runs to Dhruv’s house and looks at the house emotionally. He is missing Dhruv already. I will miss you more! Sakpal family comes there and sit next to Bhima. Bhima hugs his Baba. Why must all those who come close to me walk away? Ram ji says they get a new reason for living and they must leave to fulfil it. Bhimbai tells him not to cry. Understand that the pain of anyone coming in contact with you decreases. Ram ji reminds him that emotions and journey of life are different. Everyone undergoes that journey on their own. They hear Dhansukhlal calling out to them. Dhansukhlal is distributing sweets as Dhruv is finally free from their clutches. Sakpal family goes outside. Dhansukhlal says we stay away from even your shadows but I am glad that my son got away from you all for forever. He offers them laddoos. Are you sad that Bala couldn’t go to Bombay? You say big things but you are being hypocrite now. Ram ji denies. We are happy. Bala is a kid after all. You are distributing sweets out of happiness for your son so we will eat it. He extends his hand but Dhansukhlal keeps the box on the ground. Other villagers laugh. Ram ji picks the box and gives laddoos to everyone. Ram ji congratulates him. We are happy. He is about to take a bite when Dhansukhlal advises him to eat it thinking how his son lost today. Bhima asks him what he means. Everyone starts laughing. Dhansukhlal explains that Bala played way better than Dhruv. Even the British Officer knew this but then we had a word with him. They made up their mind to select Dhruv when they realised the truth. Bala tells his Baba that community has won here. You told me to value talent but this isn’t what happened here. Mangesh nods. One must have class to see dreams. Your status is restricted to playing instruments here. Have a discussion over it and maybe you will realise it then! Bala leaves.

Mangesh and Dhansukhlal turn to go when Ram ji stops Dhansukhlal. I dint hear what Dhruv told you but I think you dint abide by it. I still congratulate you on your son’s success. Sakpal family heads to their home.

Bala blames Bhima for being friends with Dhruv in the first place. This wouldn’t have happened then. Bhima says it is Dhansukhlal’s doing. Dhruv wanted to apologize to you even when he was leaving. Ram ji tells him he isn’t the first boy who has been through this. Even I was dismissed from my job because of my caste. Bala asks him if he should play music here for the rest of his life. Bhimbai tells him to play anywhere. Why is it so important to play in an English Band? Bala insists that it does matter. No one speaks nicely to us here. I will become a big man by joining the English Band. I think it will never change as I may work hard but some Dhruv will still take our place. We will never grow. He begins to go when Bhima says it will. System will begin to change when we will work harder. The more people try to suppress us, the more we will struggle. We will become stronger and grown then. Ram ji says one must work hardest when the situation is against us. You should be extremely patient then. Don’t be angry. Work hard towards your future. Meera seconds him. Bala says I did work hard but nothing happened. I think I will play music in Satara for the rest of my life now. He leaves. Ram ji is sad that he couldn’t understand them. Bhimbai suggests him to let him calm down. We are here for him. Bhima seconds him. Bhimbai says we should remove Dhruv’s hut now. Let’s clear out his stuff from there. Bhima tells her to let it be. I will study there whenever I will miss him. He will feel good when he will return. Bhimbai nods. Bhima looks at Dhruv’s house.

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