Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 12th September 2022  episode begins with the cart man calling Bhim Rao while he was taking milk home. Bhim Rao turned to him.

He wanted to visit him, to buy new books. The man asked Bhim Rao about Deepak because he sold all his books. Bhim Rao was astonished, he didn’t know. The man told that Deepak was the only one who wanted to study but he sold his books and took the money.

Deepak left, Joku went after him. He asked others to accompany them. They went to Bala; his wife and Lakshmi were waiting for the man to come. The man came, he took everyone with him.
Rama came to the room; she saw the money on table. She wondered why Lakshmi didn’t take it.

Bhim Rao called Deepak. Everyone gathered. His mother questioned Bhim Rao; she has asked Bhim Rao to stay away from them. Bhim Rao told that Deepak sold all his books. He wanted to know where Deepak was. Jijabai said that the might have taken the money to Sethji. Bhim Rao doubted. Rama agreed, she told that Lakshmi left as well. She didn’t even take the money. Ramji called Joku and Hitesh.

There were no men in the chawl. Meera and Daliya wondered, no one informed them. They wondered if it was a scheme. Everyone went to find others. Bhabi wondered what everyone has done. Jijabai asked her to understand that everyone planned to keep it hidden from Bhim Rao.

Ramji, Bhim Rao and everyone were searching for others. Varchand saw them. He went to Joshi to inform them about Bhim Rao. Joshi arranged a horse cart to drop everyone to the seaport. Joshi found them another way to reach to the seaport. He went to distract Joshi.

Joshi stopped Bhim Rao. He questioned everyone. Bhim Rao knew he was here to distract them. Daliya told that they were finding their chawl members. Joshi said that it was possible for chawl members to leave somewhere. Rama asked him to do his work. Joshi told them that this was Bombay, not Sitara. he asked Bhim Rao if he was headed in right directions. Ramji asked Joshi not to care for them,

they will find the chawl members themselves. Meera said that Joshi talks like he knows everything. Rama knew that there was no one except Joshi to cause trouble in their life. Joshi kept talking, he accepted the acquisition. The acquisition won’t help them find his chawl members. Bhim Rao understood that Joshi and Varchand were into this. He figured that Joshi just met them. He took everyone and headed to a different direction.

Ramji found the horse cart, the man standing there told that a group of 8 people including a child left in that direction. They found the chawl members. Ramji stopped them. Deepak’s mother. Phuliya and Ramji questioned where they were headed. Rama asked Lakshmi. Bhim Rao was asking everyone.

Bala said that Bhim Rao was no one to question. Ramji questioned Bala for manipulating house members. Bala wasn’t responsible for everyone; he knew where he and his wife were going. Ramji slapped Bala. Ramji asked Bala to tell where they were going. Bala told that he wasn’t afraid of Ramji.

Meera asked Ramji to let go. Daliya questioned Lakshmi; she saw her with Bala. She wondered if Bala convinced Lakshmi. Deepak stepped forward, told that everyone was leaving to another country on a contract. They will be labors there and will return with wealth. His mother slapped him, asked if she died in that time. Bhim Rao said that no one will leave. Hitesh questioned,

said that if Bhim Rao can go to study abroad, they can go to work there as well. Everyone insisted to leave. Phuliya stopped Joku, said that he must return to chawl with her. Bhim Rao was questioned for not interfering in anyone’s matter. Bhim Rao turned to the man for taking everyone abroad, he will file a case against him.

Joshi told that everyone signed the agreement. Bhim Rao asked him to bring the agreement, meanwhile everyone must return to the chawl. Everyone refused. Ramji forcefully took everyone back. Bala’s wife took him, Phulya took Joku and, rest of them went as well. Joshi was mad at Bhim Rao for interfering.

Bhabi was waiting for Ramji and Bhim Rao. Jijabai said that they will return and tell. Phuliya came back crying and questioning Joku for leaving behind her back. Jijabai said that everyone was leaving to earn money. Lakshmi asked Rama why she can not leave to earn money when Bhim Rao can, to study.

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