Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 13th August 2020 Written Episode Update


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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 13th August 2020 Dhruv tells the villagers to let go of him. They call out to Dhansukhlal angrily. Dhansukhlal asks them why they are holding Dhruv. Villagers tell him to do his purification as he mixes with Bhima’s family. We will have to take other steps then. Dhruv refuses. Ideally, it is you guys and my Baba who should get yourselves purified. No one even comes to exchange pleasantries with us unless there is some problem. Paresh (the guy who always opposes Dhansukhlal) asks Dhansukhlal to decide now but Dhansukhlal tells him to be quiet. Villagers still demand for a solution. Pundit ji says his purification will be done on a grand level. Dhansukhlal speaks of the expenses. Paresh likes the idea though. He has been collecting money from everyone. Villagers also insist that penitence will be just as big as the sin. Dhansukhlal tells them to do whatever they want to. You must wind up the matter today itself. Dhruv refuses. Dhansukhlal tells him he must do it if he wants to live in this house and this village. Dhruv says I wont stay in this village or house. Dhruv snatches a koyta from a villager’s hand and warns them to stay away. I will kill myself otherwise. Sakpal family reach there just then. Bhima asks Dhruv what he is doing. Dhruv tells them everything. They will keep asking me to purify myself if I will continue meeting you. I will not stop at any cost. Their outlook should change and this should end somehow! Mangesh tells Dhansukhlal to do something. Dhansukhlal points out that he will break his ties with him if he wont stop. Dhruv tells him to break his ties and kill him just like he killed his Aayi. What else can you do? Bhima reminds him he is speaking to his father. Bhimbai tells Dhruv to listen to his Baba. I know that you love your friend very much. You will be able to live life without Bhima but not without a father or a roof over your head. Dhruv is positive he will manage living. I will manage it without Baba just like I was managing without Aayi till date. If we have friends like Bhima then life may be long but it will turn easy.

Paresh tells Dhansukhlal to set an example in front of the society. Disown your son and announce it openly today! Other guys second him. They ask Dhansukhlal to set an example for the villagers and the village. Dhansukhlal gives in. I announce it that I have no relation with Dhruv from today. We are dead to each other from today onwards. Villagers smile. Dhruv drops the koyta and claps for his father. He asks Bhima if he saw how he won. I am free now. I have no father. I am no one’s son. Bhima requests Dhansukhlal not to do this. Dhruv wont change this way. I will talk to him. He will agree to take part in the purification puja. Dhansukhlal threatens him in return. Dhruv tells him not to waste his energy on them. He is willing to purify me but wants to spit on someone else’s kid! his brain should be purified. Bhima insists that people say anyting when they are angry. I am trying to make your father understand things. Dhruv asks Bhimbai to talk to Bhima. Bhima requests Dhansukhlal again. Dhansukhlal says I will accept it that you are his friend if you can change his mind. Pundit ji says if the purification wont happen, then Dhruv will be declared dead for the entire village. We will perform his last rites then. Dhruv stays put. I will also accept that I died with Aayi in that fire. I don’t want to be a part of your sins!

Dhansukhlal tells Pundit ji to perform Dhruv’s last rites. He has turned into a bad son now. I will accept it with a heavy heart. Sakpal family is stunned. Pundit ji starts chanting mantras as he performs the rituals. Bhima tells them to stop. How can you pronounce someone as dead when they are alive? Pundit ji says it is mentioned in our dharma. This is what needs to be done for someone who has taken the wrong path. Bhima speaks of all the discrepancies they perform in the name of religion. Pundit ji tells him not to lecture him. What would you know of dharma and upbringing? Even the shadow of inauspicious people can ruin everything when it comes to dharma. One should never go against dharma as it can make or break anyone. Bhima says I can see it that dharma is ruining people’s life. People like you make everyone’s lives hell. Maybe that’s when you people get heaven. Pundit ji threatens him but Bhima keeps talking. People like you fake things in the name of religion and destroy everything.

Bhimbai asks Bhima to come home but he says maybe no one has told them the truth hence, they don’t know the real meaning of dharma. He turns to the villagers again. Baba says Dharma, religion and upbringing should make people and life strong but you are complicating everything in the name of these things only. Mangesh points out that Ram ji is the main culprit. First he and now his son is advocating all the negative things to everyone. There was another kid before Dhruv who fell in his influence once and he was sent away to his relative’s house to make sure he does not meet Bhima again. We should kill him to finish this matter once and for all! Paresh tries to intervene but villagers push him away. Villagers attack Bhima with sticks but Ram ji steps in between. No one can touch my kids, my wife and my entire family till the time I am alive! Dhruv smiles. He pushes everyone away in one go. His family looks at him in relief.

Bhima calls out to Ram ji sweetly. Ram ji pats at his head lovingly. Bhimbai is overwhelmed. Ram ji pats at Bala’s cheek as well. He looks at the villagers determined. Whoever is proud of their strength can challenge me today! I will show you who is stronger. You all wont be able to hurt my family even if you join hands. This is my promise to you! He thumps his stick in the ground angrily.

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