Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 13th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 13th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 13th July 2021 episode starts with Sethji asking Bhim Rao to inform Ramji about him leaning on the right path, Bhim Rao agreed. Sethji left. Meera asked if Bhim Rao would wear the clothes Sethji’s gave him, Bhim Rao wanted to wear them. Sethji gave them this clothes despite of the caste feud.

Meera gave the food and money for their travel, Bala brought them sweets to enjoy during the travel. Bhim Ro wanted Bala to accompany them. Bala would have loved that too, but someone had to stay behind with everyone else. Mangesh came with the cart, Bala asked Bhim Rao to enjoy his travel and return safely.

Sethji wanted to call his son Dhruv back, learning the fact that his father resolved issues with Bhim Rao he might be able to forgive him. Mangesh wanted to bring his family back to Satara as well. Meanwhile, Guru ji came, Mangesh congratulated him. Guruji was confused, he questioned. Sethji apologized form Guruji for all his misbehavior. Guruji was being congratulated on Bhim Rao achievement of throwing Maharaj out of Satara. Mangesh said that Sethji has sorted his feud with Bhim Rao, but Pandith was yet to be evoked. Guruji was leaving to congratulate Bhim Rao, Sethji informed him about his travel to Kora village. Guruji left.
Tulsa was wondering how far his bothers would have travelled by now. Bala informed her that Bhim Rao would have reached Musar by now, from there he will travel to Kora village on bull cart.

Bhim Rao, Anand and everyone else were mesmerized by the massive station. They decided to wait as Ramji told them that he would send someone over to pick them.

Bhim Rao was working, Jijabai offered him and workers with tea. She asked what Bhim Rao was wondering. He didn’t receive Bhim Rao reply. Jijabai asked her not to worry. Ramji was worried, because he would have to send someone over to pick them cause Masur was very far away from Kora village. The travel was not safe as well.

The male man forgot to give Ramji Bhim Rao’s letter, he planned to give him tomorrow.

Anand and Bhim Rao were waiting. Few people came, they started staring at them. The station master sent the people away. He inquired where Bhim Rao were headed. Venaik said that their Nana called them, he inquired if h was the one Ramji sent to pick them. Anand identified him as Station Master. He gave them chia seeds to eat, asked them to wait inside until someone arrives to pick them up. This place was not safe.
He took them inside, thought he doesn’t help often but he considered them to belong form upper caste, judging them from their attire. Bhim Rao corrected him, they did not belong to the upper caste. A man taunted the Station master. He misconceived them from their good clothes. The lower caste can’t afford anything to eat, he asked them to throw away his chia seeds. A man said that must be tagged with their lower caste. Everyone threw their chia seeds in the dustbin. They went outside.

They waited a long time; a man came staring at them. Anand said that they couldn’t wait here more, they must do something. Bhim Rao asked a bull cart owner to take them to Kora village, he refused to have any passenger from lower caste. Bhim Rao asked the Station master to forward his plea to bull cart. He must comply to his duty and do justice with it. The Station master said that double the money and they would be taken to Kora village. Bhim Rao didn’t have that much money. He was taunted in wearing expensive clothes. The station master asked if they were stolen? Bhim Rao replied that they were gifted, do they not have the right to wear good clothes. The Station Master said that according to law they should avoid dressing well so that no one mistakes them of there caste. He gave them chia seeds no he would have to take a bath.

Venaik suggested to give the bull cart all the money they have. Though they didn’t have money up to the demand the man took them in exchange to the sweets Bala gave them. He will feed them to his bulls. The man said that Anand would cart the bulls. Ramji was worried for his sons.

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