Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th September 2022 episode begins with Hitesh asking everyone to come to his room. They will discuss the matter, Phuliya forbid Joku, he refused to listen to his wife. Everyone insisted to go. Meera stopped Lakshmi, asked her to go home. Lakshmi apologized; she was with others. She has to go. Lakshmi left.

The lawyer told Bhim Rao that nothing can be done. Bhim Rao pleaded him to find a loophole. Lives were at stake. The lawyer left. Bhim Rao left as well.

Rama found Bala’s wife; she asked her to come home. She refused because Bala has forbidden her to go to her in-laws. Rama told that a wife is not obligated to listen to very order. She must come home.

she told Rama that she has to right to think so because of Bhim Rao. She cannot, a husband has a strong impact on his wife. She asked Rama to leave. Rama told that if Bala was wrong that she was strengthening him. She as a wife can change Bala, she should change him. Rama left.

Hitesh and everyone mourned because they can not do anything. Everyone has their eyes on them. Joku was upset because Bhim Rao was there to fight a battle in court. They all knew that Bhim Rao has never lost in court.

Deepak said that they will fight their battle. He advised everyone to take their family with them, doing so the ones stopping them would want to go as well. Lakshmi agreed with them, she had a plan she told everyone.

Phuliya was crying. Daliya and Deepak’s mother consoled her. They have to believe in Bhim Rao and keep and eye on the chawl members.

Bhabi came to Jijabai. She asked him to work against Bhim Rao. The women didn’t want their men to go, Bhim Rao was the only one working to stop them. In case Bhim Rao wins, everyone would turn in his favor. Jijabai asked her not to worry, she won’t let that happen. Ramji came in shouting, asking the food wasn’t prepared. Jijabai yelled, said that Bala has learnt to shout at his wife from his father.

Bhabi told that Ramji tied Bala for the same reason. If Ramji does the same thing that, how was he different form him. Ramji said that he was different because he shouts at his wife who conspires against everyone while Bala shouts at his responsible wife. Jijabai asked if he had more to say. Ramji asked her to make food for two more people. Bala and his wife will eat here.

Bala was pleading to have him untied. Ramji told that Rama would be bringing his wife anytime now. She and Bala would stay here till the contract issue resolves. Rama came alone. Ramji questioned. Bala told that she was his wife, she will not come here. Bala asked Ramji to let him go.

Jijabai came asking who would eat, she has prepared. Lakshmi wasn’t home, Bala wouldn’t eat in this condition and his wife didn’t come as well. Meera told that his wife has come. Ramji called everyone, said that no one will leave to be a contract labor. Bhim Rao went to see the lawyer; he would come back with a solution.

Bhim Rao sat underneath a tree; he was clueless. He didn’t know what to do. Joshi and Varchand came to him, asked Bhim Rao to give up. Joshi asked his friend to tell Bhim Rao how to give up. They asked Bhim Rao to have over the agreement copy, go back to his chawl, and motivate everyone to take the flight.

Bhim Rao knew that this agreement was made in the lowest merits. Varchand questioned, told that everyone stamped the paper themselves. Deepak even signed the paper. Bhim Rao knew that. Everyone did so because they were weak it was something Varchand has used against them. Bhim Rao wont let that happen again. They asked Bhim Rao to hand over the papers. Bhim Rao retuned them. Joshi asked Bhim Rao to be prepared for court.

Bala questioned his wife’s audacity to come here. Ramji asked Bala to behave. Rama requested Ramji not to interfere between Bala and his wife. They must solve their issue themself. Bala questioned his wife. She told that she was afraid, but she had to come here. Bala had told his wife that she had nothing in her in laws against him.

She replied that his relationship with his family got better over time, she had to change as well. She knew that Bala helped Bhim Rao and Ramji in cricket, brought the British officer to help them during Panchayet as well. Bala asked his wife to go. Bhim Rao told that she asked why she should stay back when Bala wasn’t hiding. Bala was using his wife to express his anger.

Bala questioned Bhim Rao for interfering. Bhim Rao had to intervene, he asked Bala not to say or express anything at the time. He must stay silent. Bala would never meet anyone once he leaves. Bhim Rao told that If Bala had 100 complaints, they have 150 complaints from Bala. Ramji asked Bhim Rao about the agreement. The lawyer said that there was no loophole. Hitesh and everyone were happy. Janardan told everyone that they want to leave. Phuliya forbid Joku from leaving.

Rama asked Lakshmi to come back. Deepak refused, said that they will leave. He asked everyone else to accompany them. Janardan said that they will protest, to be allowed to go or come with them. They sat on strike. Lakshmi was about to sit with them. Ramji ordered Lakshmi to go home. Meera backed Ramji. Lakshmi apologized. She sat down to protest.

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