Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 15th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 15th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 15th October 2020 Doc asks Ram ji and Bhima about their caste. Bhima says your caste is doctor and our caste is of a patient in this hospital. Ram ji adds that he is a retired Subedar. Doc nods. He gives injection to Ganga. I will give her the second injection after 6 hours. Go outside and get yourself sanitised. I will tell you about her in the morning. Ram ji requests him to save his daughter. Compounder sanitises Ram ji and Bhima. Now there is nothing to worry about. Sit outside. Ram ji and Bhima cover themselves using the blankets and sit down.

Mangesh tells Dhansukhlal that the police captain has lost his mind. Dhansukhlal fumes. I came to ask about my own son and he told me to think about Ram ji. Why should we think about someone from the lower community? Mangesh nods. They are born to be ruled. Dhansukhlal nods. Who can explain it to police captain though? Once I find out info about Dhruv then I will see! Mangesh says he will come to your house to drink water when he will come in our area. He wont drink water from Ram ji’s place. He must pay the price for that. Dhansukhlal smiles.

Bhima asks his Baba if Ganga will be fine. Ram ji says she will be fine after taking the second injection. A guy brings his son to admit in the hospital. Bhima asks his Baba if that person got plague too. Ram ji says it is possible. Compounder asks them to sit in a corner. The guy who just came is from the upper community. He will scold you. Ram ji and Bhima stand near the carriage. Ram ji is miffed as everyone only keeps asking about the caste. There is nothing called humanity here. I couldn’t understand how people differentiate between people even when their appearances and body structure is the same. Bhima tells him to let it be. Didi will be fine, right? Ram ji nods. Nothing will happen to her. Bhima thinks it has happened already. She is also a widow like Madhvi Didi now. He asks his Baba if she will follow the same rules like before with Didi. Wont we separate her from us? Ram ji denies. We will never do that. She has lost her husband and her life wont be easy now. Bhima says we will make things easy for her. We will take her home as soon as she recovers. Ram ji nods and hugs him. They ask doctor about Ganga. Doc says we wont be able to save her. ram ji calls him their only hope. Doc says we are under pressure and answerable too. Bhima asks him what he means.

Doc says we only have one injection available. We can only give it to one patient. I was going to give it to your daughter after 6 hours but now Pundit ji’s son is here. How can I give it to your daughter in this case? Bhima says my Didi deserves it rightfully as we came first. Pundit ji argues that people from lower community ask for pity. They don’t speak about their rights. Bhima says you should ask for pity right now as my sister rightfully deserves it as we came here first. I will go on hunger strike if that wont happen. Doc will be answerable to British Government. Pundit ji threatens doc. I don’t care whether their daughter dies today or tomorrow. Bhima and Pundit ji keep arguing. Ram ji asks doc when the next batch of injection will come. Doc says they should have been here by now. Ram ji asks him till when can they wait. Doc says we can wait for 1 or 2 hours more. Ram ji tells him to give injection to Pundit ji’s son. Bhima asks him what he is doing. Ram ji says they can give medicine but only God has a right to give people a chance to survive. No one can snatch her chance at life if she is destined to live! He tells Pundit ji to go. We maybe from a lower community but we understand the importance of life. Doc thanks Ram ji.

Everyone is waiting for injections anxiously. Ganga’s condition worsens. She is writhing in pain. Doc wonders why the medicine hasn’t come yet. She has very little time. Things can worsen if she wont get injection on time. Ram ji is crying. They see a cart just then and inform doc. Compounder takes the injections inside. Doc gives the second injection to Ganga immediately. He assures Ram ji and Bhima that Ganga will be fine now. Ram ji thanks him. Pundit ji is watching them from far. Bhima hugs his Baba.

Next morning, Ram ji and Bhima are waiting outside.

Back at home, Bhimbai paces around worriedly. Bala comforts her.

Ram ji and Bhima drink water and recall how they must always bend on their knees and someone pours water for people for their caste.

Days pass by. Ram ji thanks doc for taking care of his daughter. She might not have survived otherwise. Doc says I should thank you. You saved me from making a very big mistake. You have a big heart. Go and meet your daughter now.

Ganga cries as soon as she sees her Baba. He tells her not to cry. Everything will be fine. She says why dint I die because of this disease. He says your pain is big. No one can share it but one must think of present and future responsibilities to get out of it. You have 2 little kids. You have to take care of them too. He helps her sit up. She says we sent the kids to Bua ji’s house earlier. What will happen when they will find out about their Baba? Bhima asks her to come home with them. You have sent the kids to a safe place already. Even Tulsa Didi is there. Let’s take her home, Baba. We will give her strength. Her MIL will only curse her and that will cause her more pain. Ram ji pats at his head lovingly. He assures Ganga that everything will be fine.

Mangesh informs Dhansukhlal that plague is spreading in their village too. Dhansukhlal says it must be bcause of the family that came back from Bombay. How many of them are dead? Mangesh says none. Someone in Ambedkar Guru ji’s locality died. He is from our community. They decide to go and check.

Ram ji, Bhima and Ganga are on their way home (Satara). He wonders how Bhimbai will react. Bhima wonders how his Didi will live her life now.

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