Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 16th September 2020 Madhvi’s mom starts the ritual. A lady asks her to apply kajal to Madhvi. She goes inside.

Mangesh tells Dhansukhlal that Bhima must have realised his place today. He compliments Madhvi’s father for using his emotions against Bhima and Madhvi. Madhvi’s father says I had heard many stories about him. I thought to use this option so as to win! Dhansukhlal tells him to get haldi. We will do tilak with haldi today. Madhvi’s father tells his wife to bring haldi.

Bhima is trying to study but he cannot himself from thinking about Madhvi. Ram ji sits next to him. You are doing the right thing. Make it a habit. You will be at peace if you will share all your emotions with books. Hold onto your books when everyone leaves your side and the world will not understand you any longer. They will understand you. They wont leave your side ever. Bhima says even they don’t mention that a Bhima Rao can stop a Madhvi’s wedding. Ram ji says it cannot be done as it isn’t about Madhvi or Bhima. It is an age old question and it will continue for years. One must struggle to find the answer of a question that is huge.

Madhvi’s mother applies haldi to Madhvi. On the other hand, men play with haldi and hug each other. Madhvi sits there sadly. Madhvi’s father applies haldi to her as well. Dhansukhlal thanks Madhvi’s father that they could defeat Bhima because of him only. We will take your leave now. Madhvi’s father requests them to be present tomorrow during the ceremony. You have to help us in pulling this through. Dhansukhlal, Mangesh and Pundit ji assure him about it. They leave. Madhvi’s father tells his wife to wrap up the rituals. We have to make preps for the wedding too.

Bhima asks his Baba what kind of people are they? Kamna Didi died yesterday yet they are not sad about losing her at all. They are thinking of it as an opportunity to marry off their other daughter. Ram ji says a lot of people see gain and loss more than the loss of death. A similar thing has happened here. Kamna’s parents are trying to cover up for the dowry they had paid for Kamna and are instead marrying Madhvi to that groom. Bhima says I understand that they are being selfish but what about the society. They are helping Kamna’s parents in being selfish. Does the society become blind too? Ram ji says society is the outcome of thoughts of many people. It isn’t important that it is right all the time. leaders are created in the society time and again to take it to a right path. Bhima says I can bet that the current society is not a good society. It isn’t right to get girls married at such a young age. Why don’t they understand it? They abuse those who try to make them understand this.

Bhimbai says no one used to come to stop child marriages before. People and society are changing slowly. Bhima says the fate of a lot many girls will be doomed by then. Ram ji says you fight the battle of fighting an evil custom on 2 levels – make law legally and by creating awareness through multiple mediums. Fear of law and patience in people is what is required. Bhima suggests requesting the captain to make laws around it. Ram ji says laws are not made like that. British government did make a rule for child marriage in the year you were born. They increased the marriageable age to 12 from 10. Bhima suggests enlightening everyone about it. They will get scared and stop the wedding. Ram ji denies. I told you that law and awareness are equally important. Let it happen. We cannot stop it. Meera says Kanta is no more and her family wants to marry Madhvi to her husband to keep the relations alive. It wont be easy to explain to them as their selfish reasons are bigger than your truth. Dhruv adds that even Madhvi has said yes. It wont be right to intervene now. Bala seconds him. accept it that your sister is getting married. Bhima thinks I cannot just accept it and sit quietly. I will keep trying to stop the wedding till the time it actually happens.

Madhvi is missing her sister. Bhima and Dhruv watch her from the door. Bhima says I think Didi is missing Kanta Didi. Madhvi’s mother pats at Madhvi’s shoulder and Madhvi rests her head in her lap and cries. Her father asks them when this drama will end. Madhvi has to look beautiful tomorrow. What if they say don’t find her as beautiful as Kamna? Madhvi goes inside. Her father tells his wife about the mahurat. We will start the wedding after telling them the truth by 11 am. The vidaai will happen at 3. You can then cry as much as you want. I am a father too. We have to focus more on her happiness and future instead of our personal pain right now. Pack everything. His wife nods.

Next morning, Guru ji comes to take Bhima to school with him. Bhima requests him to teach him the lesson at home today. I cannot go to school. Bhimbai asks him why. Bhima says it is Madhvi Didi’s wedding and vidaai today. Her brother must be there. meera says they wont let you be a part of it. He says I will watch it from far then. Guru ji agrees to teach the lessons to Bhima at home after school. Bhima thanks him.

Bhima asks Dhruv to come with him. let’s try to stop the wedding once again. Dhruv readily agrees. I wont even refuse to jump in the well even if you say so. They leave.

Bhimbai asks Ram ji why he dint stop Bhima. Ram ji says he wouldn’t have stopped even then. He dint go to attend the wedding but to try to break it till the last moment. Your son is very stubborn. Meera says we explained so much yet he dint understand. ram ji says he will understand if we will call wrong, wrong. He will understand right as right but he wont understand wrong as right. It isn’t the right age for Madhvi to marry and Bhima’s decision to stop the wedding isn’t wrong. That’s why he does not understand us. By stopping him, we are making a mistake. We are somehow supporting what’s wrong. Bhimbai is worried for Bhima. Ram ji asks Bala and Anand to keep a tab on Bhima and Dhruv. Let us know if he gets in any trouble. The boys leave. Ram ji wonders what Bhima will do now.

Bhima and Dhruv stand in the middle of the road. They will pass from here only. Bala and Anand notice them. They hide behind a cart to see who Bhima is waiting for. They all see a cart coming. Bhima and Dhruv block their way.

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