Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 16th September 2022 episode begins with Rama asking Bhim Rao to find Ramji, he was nowhere to be found. Meera questioned Jijabai and Bhabi. They must have said something to him that made him leave. Jijabai refused, said that Ramji don’t listen to them anyways.

Bhim Rao agreed, said that Ramji cannot be easily deceived. Bhim Rao and Rama went to find him. Bala asked everyone to untie hi. Ramji was his father as well. Meera questioned Bala for fighting his father. She asked him to be quiet. Meera asked Jijabai and Bhabi to finish their game or end won’t be well.

Meera went to find Ramji. Jijabai taunted Meera. Bhabi asked Jijabai to look at Lakshmi. Jijabai went inside. Bhabi told Lakshmi that Jijabai didn’t sleep the entire night, she must talk to Jijabai. Lakshmi went inside.

Lakshmi asked Jijabai what happened. Jijabai asked Lakshmi to tell if this labor thing was true. Lakshmi told that she wanted go. Jijabai asked Lakshmi to swear on Anand. Lakshmi did so. Owing to the situation Jijabai said that it was impossible for her to go. She must prepare every women in chawl as well.

Lakshmi laughed. She knew that Jijabai didn’t care about anyone, she only wanted to defeat Bhim Rao. Jijabai said that Lakshmi was standing in the same position. Lakshmi taunted Jijabai for not understanding Bhim Rao at all. She has learn from him that one must always care about his own win. She thanked Jijabai for her advice.

Ramji recalled Jijabai’s words regarding his children. He recalled her saying that his children don’t didn’t care about him. He must not interfere in his life. Ramji agreed with Jijabai. Bhim Rao and Rama found him. They asked him to come home, everyone was worried for him.

Ramji refused. Bhim Rao asked him what happened. Ramji told that his children don’t need him anymore. They have all grown up to make their own decisions. It because their father is useless. Bhim Rao denied. Ramji asked him to swear, or leave. Rama asked him to come home and then talk. Ramji wanted to be left alone, he will come back he’d want. Bhim Rao and Rama left.

Bala was made, he told that his wife would suffer the consequences. He asked Bhabi to untie him. Bhabi was about to untie him. Bala’s wife tried to stop her. She fought Bhabi, asked him not to open him. Jijabai freed Bhabi. Bala’s wife told that she doesn’t want to go with him. She asked Lakshmi not to go as well.

Rama questioned Bhim Rao about Ramji’s behavior. According to her, he must come back home. Bhim Rao agreed with Ramji, it was possible for them to hurt Ramji. Ramji and Bhabi must have said him something.

Rama reminded Bhim Rao about the court. She asked him to talk to his Guruji. Bhim Rao told that he was out of station. Bhim Rao can talk to his other Guruji, he was also renowned. He would help Bhim Rao. He asked Rama to go home.

Deepak, Lakshmi and Joku tried to convince all the females to accompany them. Lakshmi said that they must take a step forward. Deepak pointed that there they won’t be distinguished for their cast as well. Everyone asked their loves ones to come.

Guruji questioned Bhim Rao for helping him because the case wasn’t related to studies. Bhim Rao told that he was his teacher, and a teacher must help his student in need. Guruji was flattered, because Bhim Rao still considered him his teacher. Guruji agreed to help. He asked Bhim to fight it in two ways. First,

he must highlight the cons of going there. Second, they must find a loophole. Bhim Rao questioned, the Britain government made the law, and they won’t act against it. Guruji told him about another renowned personality how graduated from the same College as Bhim Rao. Bhim Rao was sure that his senior would help his junior. He asked for his name. Guruji told that he was Gopal Krishna Gokhale.

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