Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 18th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 18th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 18th May 2022 episode Bhim Rao refused to take any responsibility for Bala’s doings and actions. Joku taunted as Bala was blood who didn’t listen to his father and brother. Bala intervened. He wasn’t ashamed of his father and brother, he asked everyone not to bother them.

Ramji asked Bala to leave, it wasn’t his place to be. Bala told that he wasn’t here to live. Ramji said that him explaining himself here wont change what happened, Ramji refused to listen to Bala. He asked him to never return back. Jijabai held onto Bala, refused to let him leave. Jijabai had the same position in this as house as Ramji.

Ramji emphasised on his words. Jijabai argued back, Bala was the eldest son of this house owing to that he can return if he wants. Ramji threatened Jijabai, said that if she doesn’t want to be widow, she must leave Bala’s hand.

Bala asked Jijabai to let go. He said to Ramji that one day he would understand him. Bala left. Jijabai went inside. Ramji asked Bhim Rao to wait for the officials arriving.

At night, everyone was waiting for the officials to return. Bhim Rao suggested to go to police station. Hitesh said that they must visit Varchand now. Rama questioned Hitesh’s intentions. Meanwhile, Varchand and Joshi came said that the officials won’t come as they were on family vacations.

Bhim Rao said that there wasn’t only one official in this entire city. Varchand asked him to find more meanwhile they will send them to vacations as well. Rama inquired if Varchand sent the official on vacation. They told that he was given a hefty amount as a bargain. Joshi taunted Bhim Rao, as he can win anything with his wealth.

Bhim Rao stared Joshi. Bhim Rao was asked to go because would fail him in all his struggles, even if he tried again. They were about to leave. Ram stopped them, she corrected them saying that Bhim Rao didn’t have any status. She reminded that on his name he gave that official the hefty amount.

They took Bhim Rao’ name to make a deal. She asked them to leave. Joshi furiously asked Rama not to forget her position, she must save her house first. Varchand challenged Bhim Rao, he wouldn’t let anyone fight Bhim Rao’s case. He would make sure that Bhim Rao ends up homeless. Bhim Rao decided to take courts help,

everyone would go to the court tomorrow. Sethji came, he wanted everyone to go to the court. Hitesh asked Sethji to help him. Joku asked for mercy, they were homeless. Sethi asked him to listen again, he wanted everyone to go to the court. Hitesh pleaded him for help. Sethji refused to listen.

The men knew that they can not fight him in court, asked for money promised. Sethji refused to give them any money. Ramji questioned Sethji. Sethji questioned Ramji for arguing with him. He asked Ramji to guard the building until the work starts. Ramji considered Sethji a noble man.

Sethji offered Ramji a job because he saved his life. Bhim Rao asked Sethji what good he would get by taking someone’s house from them. The men asked for the money promised, a man came forth said that he wont let Sethji leave before he gives them the money. Sethji kicked the man. Bhim Rao questioned. Varchand said his farewells and then left. Ramji asked Rama to bring warm water for the injured man.

Everyone was sleeping. Rama asked Bhim Rao not to worry, he must study.

Next morning. The men decided to go to the court. Joku said that court demands a lot of money. Hitesh pointed that Bhim Rao works with a Barrister. Bhim Rao must ask him for help. He refused to do so. Jijabai questioned Bhim Rao. Rama replied that he must have something in mind, she shouldn’t taunt him for everything.

People asked Bhim Rao for another solution. Bhim Rao suggested to visit a government barrister. Meera remembered Bhim Rao telling that Barrister fought a poor man’s case for free. Bhim Rao knew that he would help, but he didn’t want to take advantage of his kindness. The man agreed to visit another Lawyer because they were keen to fight for their right.

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