Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 19th August 2020 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 19th August 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 19th August 2020 Dhansukhlal tells Guru ji he isn’t as smart like him but he knows this much that everyone is against the idea of Bhima studying. I have seen that they can dare to raise their voices against us. Ram ji calls it wrong but Dhansukhlal does not mind. This is what will happen now! Panchayat announces their decision against Bhima and all the kids from his community. No kid from the community will study in this school! School will reopen for other kids from tomorrow. Bhima is heartbroken. The kids are sad for Bhima. Panchayat says we will punish any kid from the lower community who will be even seen near school. Dhansukhlal and his friends laugh evilly at Bhima before leaving. Bhima hugs his Baba and cries. Ambedkar Guru ji tells Bhima not to worry. They can snatch your school but not your Guru. I will teach you. Ram ji tells Bhima to stop crying. Guru ji said that he will teach you. Trust him. Bhima runs away. Guru ji says Bhima or kids like him aren’t their problem. It is the fact that they are gaining knowledge which makes them question things. People from upper community have no answers and hence tries to keep you guys down. Ram ji says till when it will continue. Our society will also get smart. We will lead one day. He apologizes to Guru ji and leaves. Dhruv tells Guru ji that his ex-Baba never got the chance to study or he wouldn’t have been like this. Guru ji says everyone must study so they can counter all the negative forces of life. Dhruv assures him that Bhima will study one day. He will end all this.

Bhima locks himself in a room as soon as he is home. Everyone requests him to open the door but in vain. Bhima says I promised Principal Sir that I will study so much that I will make the school proud and famous. I told him he and this school will be proud of me one day. He dint even come in the Panchayat. Bhimbai says we know it but crying wont help. Ram ji tells her to let him cry today. He will forever remember that he cried for studies. This will increase his love for studies. He cries thinking about Panchayat’s decision.

Next morning, villagers are having tea at Mangesh’s stall. Dhruv comes there to buy milk. Villagers refuse to drink tea from his shop if he will give milk to a Sakpal. Dhansukhlal says he is giving money atleast. Mangesh gets ready to give milk to Dhruv but Dhruv refuses to take anything from those who spend their time in creating obstacles for others. He leaves.

Bhima heads outside. Ram ji asks him to have milk but Bhima denies. Ram ji says think about the future. Dhansukhlal says exactly. Think about future. You can play instruments with Bala, sew shoes. Start earning and help your family. What will education do? Will you become Barrister? Bhima looks at Dhansukhlal. Dhansukhlal asks him why he is staring at him. Bhima says I will become Barrister. He tells his Baba he wants to study a lot but how will he study now. Home schooling and going to a school are 2 different thing. You too said that once. Ram ji nods. There isn’t much difference though. You wont remain illiterate. Bhima says I want to study all that that no one has studied till date. How will we make it happen? Ram ji suggests finding another school. Dhansukhlal says we will follow you there too. I have no wife and no kid now so I have plenty of time. We will ruin you! Villagers second him. Ganga has just returned from the well. Ram ji takes the pot of water from her and empties it on the ground in front of everyone. He turns to Bhima next. Look at the water on the ground. Can you stop it from merging with the dirt? Bhima asks him how it will happen. Ram ji says you wont stop in the exact same manner and neither will you stop studying. Water falls down whereas flames rise up in the sky. You will achieve your destination if you are strong enough. Anyone may try to stop you but you wont stop! A guy tells villagers that Ambedkar Guru ji is going to submit his resignation letter. It is amazing how he is willing to sacrifice his livelihood for a kid from the lower community! Mangesh says it is good. He will be out of money soon and will shift here very soon. Dhansukhlal announces it as a punishment for anyone who will go against them. Bhima runs towards school.

Bhima requests Ambedkar Guru ji not to resign. It is wrong. Guru ji says what happened to you was wrong. This is right. Bhima asks him how he will manage his home without this money. Guru ji says life opens new doors always. I have no problem with the school but with what’s happening these days. I am taking a stand against what’s wrong. I am not going to stop being a teacher. Don’t worry. All the doors may close for you but my door will always be open for you. Come to my home. I will teach you. Bhima thanks him for thinking about him. What about the other kids though? Education should be given equally to everyone. Tear your resignation letter. Guru ji tears his resignation. Every honest teacher would want a student like you in his class. I wonder why the villagers are opposing you getting educated. I cannot understand but you must ponder over it.

Dhruv says Guru ji is way good. No one except Ambedkar Guru ji and Pendse Guru ji could teach properly in the school anyways. Your school has shifted to guru ji’s home. Bhima wonders why this society does not want him to study. Dhruv says there is nothing to think about it. Everyone is different and has different outlooks towards life. The guys who roam with my father are turning him into that mean man! Bhima smiles. You say strange stuff sometimes. Ram ji calls out to Bhima. Bhima asks Dhruv to come but Dhruv says I will cook on my own. Bhima goes.

Next morning, Dhansukhlal asks Mangesh if Dhruv came to take milk and other stuff. Mangesh denies. He does not come here anymore since he has found his new Aayi and Baba. A villager informs them that Ambedkar Guru ji and Pendse Guru ji will teach Bhima and Anand at his home.

Ram ji leaves for work. He is passing from Mangesh’s shop when Dhansukhlal says Guru ji wont be able to teach anyone just like that.

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