Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 1st September 2020 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 1st September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 1st September 2020 Dhansukhlal and Mangesh tell Niranjan keep a tab on Ram ji and Bhima. We will give you more money. Just do as we say. Niranjan agrees.

Guru ji is nearby.

Dhansukhlal says greed can make anyone lose their conscience. Mangesh seconds him. They see Ambedkar Guru ji there and ask him where he is off to. Guru ji says I am going to find another school where I can teach. Dhansukhlal advises him to stay home and rest. Don’t be crazy. Guru ji tells him to let it be. You wont understand this. Dhansukhlal tells him to explain. Dhruv asks Guru ji to take him to city with him. I will buy stuff which is required to sew shoes. Dhansukhlal asks him what he will do with it. Dhruv tells Guru ji he will wait for him. Finish your convo and then meet me. Guru ji tells Dhansukhlal that his son wouldn’t have been speaking of working if he had taught him the importance of education.

Dhruv has got everything he needs to run his shop. The shop will open tomorrow. I will start repaying Kaka the loan amount. Ram ji tells him to do it later but Dhruv wants to keep his account clear. Bhimbai asks everyone to have dinner including Dhruv. Bhimbai is surprised to see something and calls Ram ji inside. They see Bhima sleeping amidst all the books. Bhimbai remarks that he has a pillow of books and is holding a duvet of books and is dreaming of education. Ram ji says this will become his reality. This is how his life will be in future. Books will be his companion and his strength one day! Let him sleep like this. It gives him peace. He will find a way out of all his struggles using these books only. Bhimbai nods. Let him sleep till I bring dinner. Ram ji nods. Ram ji tries to take the book from Bhima’s hand when he starts fighting for it in his sleep. He realises that it is his Baba. Ram ji tells him it is good that he wont let anyone take his books away. You should use knowledge in the right manner. Knowledge shouldn’t be something that takes you away from your people or if it makes them feel inferior. It should be constructive and positive. Bhima gets confused. Ram ji explains that you should make them feel that they too should become like you. They should respect you, love you and should walk up to you for guidance. This is what constructive means. Bhimbai asks them to come for dinner.

Next morning, Dhruv has set up his shop and loudly calls out for people to get their shoes repaired. Mangesh tries to talk sense to him but Dhruv reminds him that he is dead for them already. Whatever I do is of no relevance to you. Mangesh pats his head. it is no point talking to him.

Guru ji tells Bhima he will go to new school today. I will speak to Principal to allow you to study there. Bhima and Ram ji are touched. Dhruv asks Guru ji to let him clean his shoes for him. I am not as smart as Bhima but I can surely work hard. Ram ji and Bhima request Guru ji to do it. Guru ji gives his shoes to him. He asks Dhruv why he had to do this. Dhruv says you would not feel bad if you stop thinking that I am Seth ji’s son. I cannot play music all the time as it is a seasonal job. This work is equally respectful. Bhima says Dhruv said last night that he was not able to study under Ambedkar Guru ji’s guidance but I will still make him proud. Guru ji appreciates his line of thought. They notice Dhansukhlal there. Dhruv calls him old Pita ji. Should I clean your shoes? I am dead for you anyways. Dhruv gives Guru ji his shoes. You got a new school and Bhima got a new chance. It is my first day of work today and you are my first customer. Guru ji gives him a book in return for his work. Dhruv wipes his hand and covers his hands with a piece of cloth before taking the book from him. Guru ji tells Dhansukhlal there is still time. If you try to understand your son now then he too will make attempts to understand you. He leaves. Ram ji and Bhima head inside.

Dhansukhlal tells Dhruv he will always remain a poor guy by doing this menial work. Dhruv tells him he does not know him. I don’t take advice from strangers. Go and do your work. Come to the shop if you want your shoes to be cleaned. Dhansukhlal holds Ram ji and Bhima responsible for pushing his son away from him. I must hurt them at their weak point.

Niranjan tells Ganga something (in mute). Bhima tries to stop Ganga but he refuses. Bhimbai asks Ganga how she will go now. Baba is not at home right now. Ganga says I travel to and fro alone anyways. I will manage. My kid is very ill. She tries to leave but Bhima reasons that Jija ji must be taking care of them. Don’t go. She insists that a mother should be with her kid. Bala asks them what happened. Bhimbai says Ganga will tell you on the way. Take her to station. Bala agrees. Ganga hugs everyone before going with Bala.

Bhima wonders if Jija ji trouble Didi. Bhimbai denies. She still has to stay there if he does. A woman must live and die in the same house once she is married. Bhima wonders why women have to leave their homes after marrage and bear all the ill-doings of a man. Meera says husband is God and a wife should always be with her husband and look after him and his life. This is how she goes to heaven. Bhima asks her who has said this. She says it is written in books and same thing is preached as well. A wife must take care of her husband as she is a Daasi (servant). Bhima calls it wrong.


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 2nd September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Bhima says people should think that the woman who takes care of everyone and her home cannot be a Daasi. Mangesh tells Dhansukhlal that Ganga has left for her home with Bala. He will only accompany her till the station though. Dhansukhlal laughs evilly. Ram ji should decide what he wants now – to get his son inside a school or to save his daughter in falling in the grave that I have dug for her!


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