Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 20th July 2022 episode Sarla asked what she has to apologise. Apologise that her in laws home was her only home, her husband was her God, or being careful about the spices in food.

She asked if she has to apologise for being her husband’s support when he got injured, suffered his beating while he was drunk. Apologise for eating after everyone was done with their dinner. She asked Joshi to answer, than she would apologise.

Bhim Rao had the same question. Rama came forth, she asked Joshi to being her mother, not only Joshi’s mother but everyone women in around. She asked Joshi to being everyone, and see how every women was a sinner for. Daliya, Phuliya, Lakshmi and other women came forward willing to apologise.

Joshi got frustrated. Bhim Rao asked Joshi to question Sarla’s in laws. Joshi said that incase Sarla’s life got ruined Bhim Rao and Rama would be the ones to blame. Joshi left. Bhabi said that Bhim Rao and Rama would continue giving lectures after running Sarla’s life whilst everyone else would clap for them.

Bhim Rao was determined to find a way to help Sarla. Ramji decided to talk to Jijabai and Bhabi for disturbing Bhim Rao Rama. Everyone left. Bhim Rao told the rest about tomorrow’s plan.

Ramji called Jijabai. Bhabi came out, she felt good seeing Ramji find his wife. Ramji asked her not to talk nonsense. Bhabi told that Jijabi is not here. Everyone came in questioning where she was. Bhabi questioned Rama for being concerned about Jijabai. Ramji asked Bhabi to answer.

Bhabi told that Jijabai has a family as well which she should be allowed to visit often. Meera questioned, Jijabai was never stopped from visiting her paternal family. Bhabi said that she was stuck here because of all the chaos, Bhabi sent Jijabai to her home. Ramji asked how she went without telling. Bhabi asked if Ramji ever listened her problems, she said that Jijabai was sent to enjoy some peaceful time.

Ramji said that Jijabai must stay there forever. Ramji left. Bhabi asked if anyone else had any issue. Bhim assured on everyone’s behalf for not having any issue. Bhabi taunted Bhim Rao for taking everyone’s responsibility. Rama tried to answer but Bhim Rao stopped him.

Ramji sat alone, he recalled how Bhimabai was more supportive than Jijabai. He blamed her for running her house but blamed himself as well. Meera questioned. He shared something with Meera which he never said before, that they would never have an offspring. He understood how Jijabai would have felt at that moment.

Her complaint for not giving her a gift on their wedding night. Meera questioned why. Ramji loved Bhim Rao, he wanted to give his all to educate Bhim Rao. Ramji never stood aside from Bhim Rao and his children while Jijabai was stubborn.

Ramji wasn’t only responsible for ruining Jijabai life, she was herself responsible for the condition she is in now. Meera agreed, Jijabai could have been a good mother but she didn’t. She destroyed the family peace, she crossed limits by calling Bhabi. Meera asked Ramji not to worry, like all previous times they would face this as well. Bhabi was listening, said that Jijabai would bring a curse with her this time

Hitesh asked Jinardan for a cup of Hitesh. Joku asked what Hitesh was thinking. He told what Rama and Bhim Rao had planned for Sarla. Jardan was waiting for it as well. Bhim Rao and the females of the chawl came out with sticks in their hand. Joku questioned Phuliya, she replied that it was a matter of justice.

Joku questioned, he stopped Phuliya. Phuliya yelled at joku, she refused to obey and left with Bhim Rao and Rama. Bhabi mocked the men for being incapable to control their women. She threw bangles at them to wear and live by women supremacy.

Sarla’s husband was ready to marry another woman. Pandit started the rituals. Rama and everyone came in asking them to stop.

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