Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 20th October 2020 Written Episode Update


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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 20th October 2020 Bhimbai asks people to help. The kid inches closer to his mother but villagers advice him to maintain distance. They rue that no one will be spared from this disease. They aren’t convinced but Bhimbai gives all the logics to them. You all actually died before dying? A lady asks Bhimbai what they should do. Bhimbai gives her instructions. All villagers take precaution. They cover their hands and mouth, cover the patient in a blanket and take her to hospital.

Dhansukhlal tells doc to maintain his distance from Ram ji. Doc tells Ram ji about the medicines. He notices Bhimbai with other villagers and questions her. Everyone would be alone at home. She says I came here as you all are here. Let’s focus on the patients first. A guy informs Dhansukhlal that more people from their community have been affected by plague. Ram ji advises him to bring everyone here but Dhansukhlal refuses. People from our community wont come here as you guys are already here. Bhima reasons that the disease is affecting everyone. It isn’t giving any consideration to anyone’s caste. Dhansukhlal stays put and walks out with his allies.

Dhansukhlal and his friends spread rumor that it is Ram ji and people from his community who actually brought plague to this village. We have a Vaid. We will manage to survive. Let a few people die. We will consider this an offering to God. Kulkarni asks him till when will be fool people. No Vaid can treat this disease. Only doctor can save you. This disease can only be treated in a hospital. I would advise you not to depend on Vaid but take medicines. Mangesh asks him if he is mad. Don’t lecture us again. You want us to go to hospital and get treated with people from lower community? It will ruin our dharma. Kulkarni says you should focus on saving lives first. Find out about the number of people who have died and who have survived. Dhansukhlal says it is because they are used to staying in swamps. We live in hygiene. This wont affect them at all. They want more people from our community to die. Pundit ji seconds him. Dhansukhlal says they want to take advantage of this and mock us. Kulkarni says you guys think beyond imagination. Other villagers support Dhansukhlal. Mangesh asks him to leave if he is done.

Ram ji asks doc what’s the prime reason behind this disease. Doc shares that rats are the root cause behind it. You must do something so that the rats wont even come near your house.

Dhansukhlal says we also know that rats are responsible for plague. Find someone who catches rats and drop some rates at Sakpal House. A few of them will die this way.

Bhima tells Doc they will follow his instructions and save some lives.

Mangesh compliments Dhansukhlal on his thinking. We have someone who can catch a rat from the area that has been affected most by it. He will drop it at Sakpal House then. It will be the best thing!

A villager informs Ram ji of 2 more deaths that have happened in their locality. No one will survive! He breaks down. Ram ji takes him to a corner. I know that you are pained to lose your loved ones but those who are fighting might lose hope to see you like this. I know that not all of the patients would survive but they will atleast fight! Bhima looks at one of the patients. The villager agrees to take care of it. Bhima tells Kaka to fight this pain. You have to win over it. Kaka murmurs that it is paining a lot. This has never happened before. Bhima says we experience such pain every day because of our caste. We still keep moving and fighting. Ram ji seconds him. Don’t consider this as a disease but as a fight for your community. People from higher community try to snatch it from us. We were destined to fight. How can plague defeat us? We must make up our mind to defeat plague!

Pundit ji says such diseases spread on earth whenever the sins become unbearable. There is no point fighting it. It will only anger God more. The one who is destined to live will survive. No one can fight God. Make God happy by offering money and things. Kulkarni calls it nonsense. You are full of superstitions. You are ruining the image of God in the name of plague. He tells others that Pundit wont have said all this nonsense to them if they were well read. Pundit ji says you have lost your mind but Kulkarni says the same to him. You guys don’t understand logic and follow such stupid, lame reasons. Pundit ji repeats his words to other villagers.

Bhima tells Kaka he must fight to win till the time he can.

Puranjan tells Ram ji to take Bhimbai and Bhima home. Have something and rest for a while. We will manage here. A villager tells them that they have filled the rat holes, captured the rats that we could and are going to throw them out of town. Ram ji tells him to be careful while catching rats. The guy nods. We are using all the precautions. Our area will be free from rats soon. Ram ji says we must clean every corner, irrespective of whether it belongs to us or people from upper community.

4 more people from the upper community have lost their lives. Villagers are tensed. Pundit ji repeats that this is punishment from God. Those who will survive will teach a lesson to those who question us. Other people agree with him. Pundit ji says only our virtues can save us now. Kulkarni asks him if he has ever done anything right. How will you survive? Pundit ji fumes. Why don’t you die? Kulkarni smiles. It is because I do some good things too. Only medicines will save us!

Everyone is waiting for Ram ji, Bhimbai and Bhima at Sakpal House. Manjula hugs her Bua as she hears a scream. Ram ji stops Bhimbai and Bhima from going inside just like that. We must sanitize our hands well.

Dhansukhlal instructs a guy to throw rats in the middle of the house when Sakpal family will sit down to eat dinner.

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