Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st May 2021 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st May 2021 Mangesh informed that he couldn’t kill Gopal last night, the family have empathized with Gopal. He told that Bala gave him death threats. Maharaj asked everyone to leave, he will think of something. Maharaj though that his men were becoming fearful, sooner or later Bhim Rao will take over them which was something Maharaj didn’t want to happen.

Ramji informed that he and Bhim Rao were leaving for Gopal’s village. Bala and Anaid ought to stay behind and look after Gopal. Gopal woke asking for his pot as he wanted to pray. Meera asked him for milk or teas. He denied having anything. Bala asked again for milk or tea. Gopal insisted for the pot, Bhim Rao gave him the pot. Puranjan inquired why Bhim Rao handed him the pot when he is against prayers and worshiping. Bhim Rao replied that prayers don’t matter as long as it maintains peace.

Mangesh and Sethji were sitting worrying over the matter when they saw Bhim Rao and Ramji crossing by. Sethji wanted to inquire, Mangesh refused as he was afraid. Sethji went over and questioned. Ramji replied that he is on his way to find a job. Sethji ridiculed him for finding work. Bhim Rao betted that if he finds work today, he won’t come in their way or in other case he will never find work again. Mangesh asked Sethji not to involve in abet with Bhim Rao because he has never lost. Sethji let them go.
Ramji said that train will be a two hour journey, he worried to find Gopal’s mother. Bhim Rao reminisced on her death mother wishing to find Gopal’s’ mother alive.

Gopal’s mother was lighting a candle under a stone. A man behind her said that his son will never return, he wondered if she was mad because she has not spoken for a long time.

Bala invited Gopal to have lunch. Gopal looked around worriedly. Meera said that he was finding Bhim Rao. Bala told hi that he has left for some important business. Gopal ran away.

Maharaj performed a praying ritual; he will march to tell the villager that he empathized with Gopal and his family. Mangesh said that he will inform rest of the villagers. Pandit will inform the villagers to select another representor for the community. Maharaj wanted the lower cast to stay away while he marched. Maharaj took Sethji along with him.

Pandit informed the villager of Maharaj prayers for Gopal and his family’s peace. The villagers were impressed. Mangesh asked the man to spread the news that the upper cast must shower Maharaj will flowers while the lower cast greet him from a distance.

People flowered Maharaj’s path and hailed him. Gopal struck with Maharaj; the pot of rice fell down. Mangesh burst into flames, he started shouting at Gopal. Bala silenced Mangesh with a warning. Maharaj said that Gopal has broken his Dharam. Sethji called Gopal mad, he told him that Maharaj was praying for his father. Gopal called Maharaj a liar and ran away, Bala went after him. Anand taunted Maharaj that his own weapon has turned against him, he asked Maharaj to realize what his God wants him to know.

Bala brought Gopal home and told him that Bhim Rao has said to return early if Gopal finishes his meal. Gopal started eating. Meera prayed for Bhim Rao to find the person he is in search off.

Ramji asked a villager for the Mannat tree. The man directed him a path. Bhim Rao and Ramji followed. They found a women sitting beneath the tree lighting a candle. Bhim Rao went to her, he said that Gopal is with him. Ramji insister for her to come, Gopal needs her. She stood up to hit him, Ramji swear it to be true, but the woman left. The man standing behind her said that over the years people have made fun of his son sue to which she no longer believes anyone. The man said that he was her only son. Bhim Rao realized that Vishwas Rao was not his real brother as well.

Bhim Rao went to her, he described Gopal’s appearance. He told her that her son has gone mad, he needs her right now.

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