Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st September 2020 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st September 2020 Bhima cannot stop thinking about what happened today. Manjula asks him to have food. Bhima asks the elders if Madhvi Didi would have eaten anything. You know everything. How can I eat if she hasn’t? I can do this much right? This is not rebellion. I am going to sleep in Dhruv’s house. Please have dinner and take some rest.

Madhvi’s mother comes to Sakpal House. She stops at the entrance. Madhvi has turned into a stone. She hasn’t uttered a single word since afternoon. She might die this way. Maybe she will say something if Bhima meets her. Bhimbai is reluctant. What if your husband or some villager finds out? It wont be good for anyone. Madhvi’s mother says no one will see anyone in the middle of the night. I have come to seek your help. Bhimbai says I have stopped Bhima after great difficulty. His life can be in danger. Madhvi’s mother says I have to live by the societal norms but I am a mother too. Let her die. It would be better than living like this. Bhimbai tells Bhima to go with Madhvi’s mother. Just take care of yourself. She tells Madhvi’s mother to remember that she is a mother too. Bhima hugs his mother before going.

Dhansukhlal says we have a golden opportunity this time. we can blame both the thing son Bhima. He will be called inauspicious by everyone then. He is from a lower community too. Let’s exaggerate this incident in front of people from their community. We can sow the seed of fear in them. Mangesh seconds him. We will get even with Bhima and his family in one guy. Another guy says now Bhima will understand the consequence of his lectures. Dhansukhlal tells them to make sure this matter wont settle. They all nod in unison.

Madhvi’s father isn’t happy to see Bhima but his wife requests him to let Bhima talk to Madhvi. She will die otherwise. He goes quiet. Bhima tells a story to Madhvi about a bird and a fish. The jungle of that story is this society. You are a bird from the upper community whereas I am the fish as I am from a lower community. People will be restless if I step forward and try to support you. They will create problems for you but I will never leave your side. Say something, Didi. I came here at this hour only for you. Madhvi looks at him. Bhima says I don’t know about anyone else but I wont leave your side ever. Madhvi starts crying. Her father blames Bhima for making her cry but his wife tells him to let that little girl cry. She wont be able to bear this pain on her own.

Ram ji tells everyone to sleep. I think Bhima will come back tomorrow. Bhimbai panics for Bhima’s life but he assures her that nothing will go wrong. They must be crying together. Those villagers want Bhima to cry his entire life. They have a problem with happy Bhima, with the Bhima who raises his voice against wrong! Bhima says they are strange. They don’t know what they really want. Bhima was from a lower community when he tried to stop the wedding but now they cannot help in during her pain. They came to call the same Bhima from his home to help Madhvi. These people are two-faced. Ram ji says those who were pushing Bhima away are society. They have strength. The one who came to call Bhima was a mother. That was her love for her daughter. People from upper community don’t always hate us. They sometimes call us to their homes as well. Woman from lower community helps deliver their babies. We have the talent to take care of the kid. Anand says they abuse the same people later on. They don’t even tell their kids the truth later. This is two-faced only. Ram ji calls them opportunist. They alter the rules as per their own convenience. Meera tells everyone to rest for some time. Bhimbai refuses. I will wait for Bhima. I wont be able to rest till the time I see him. Ram ji tells Meera to let her be. She is a mother. She wont agree. Meera agrees. She takes the kids inside.

Ram ji walks up to his wife. Bhimbai tells him to rest. I know you wont be able to sleep but you can atleast lie down.

Bhima tells Madhvi to eat something. She declines. He requests her to stop crying. She says I am a widow now. This is what I will do my entire life now. They will even cut my hair in the morning. You will stop them, right? Bhima recalls his mother’s warning words. Madhvi’s mother tells Bhima to go home. Sun is about to rise. Madhvi asks Bhima again. Bhima is in a dilemma. He leaves. Madhvi keeps shouting after Bhima. Her mother tells her no one will stop upon his askance. This is your destiny. No one can change it. The sooner you accept it, the better for you.

Bhimbai continues pacing in the courtyard.

Bhima is headed home. Madhvi’s father tells him not to meet Madhvi ever again. She wasn’t saying anything so my wife called you. Bhima says the problem is that you are only focusing on your problem instead of taking care of your daughter and her problem. Do whatever you have to. I will do what I have to. He heads home.

Bhima asks his mother if she dint sleep the entire night. She smiles. How will I sleep without you? He hugs her. I trouble you a lot, right? She smiles. A little. He says I cannot bear it when something goes wrong. I don’t know why I am not like others. I cannot remain quiet. She says I like you the way you are but I am your mother after all. You can understand everyone. Understand me sometimes too. Get some rest now. He wants to go to school. Bhimbai tries to convince him and Ram ji but both Ram ji and Bhima smile at her. Bhimbai gives up on him.

The widows take Madhvi outside forcibly. Madhvi tells her Aayi to do something. You love my hair. Madhvi’s mother is in tears. Barber readies his razor to cut Madhvi’s hair. Madhvi requests her mother to do something. Her father tells them to slap her if she wont stop her drama. Madhvi shouts at the barber cuts her hair.


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