Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 23rd August 2022 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 23rd August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 23rd August 2022 episode the chawl was decorated for Abhay and Nirmala’s wedding. The Pandit performed the rituals. Joku and others discussed Bhim Rao’s cleverness who got rid of the upper caste. Some said that it was Bala’s doing. Bala lies about his caste to earn well; he got guns raised at Joshi and made him leave. Hitesh said that the upper caste never gives up.

The widow woman pleaded Joshi to let go, Nirmala was his sister. Joshi refused, he shouldn’t do such to his sister, but he did it for their traditions and culture. His sister shouldn’t have betrayed him. His and everyone else’s face was black because of Nirmala. The game hasn’t ended yet.

They can commence the wedding with army protecting them, but he would not allow them to leave Bombay. A man asked Joshi how he would stop them. Joshi has to find to solution; he has to win otherwise it would be shameful defeat for them.

Bhim Rao came inside, to write his journal. He was truly joyous to see Nirmala and Abhay happy being married. He wrote that it was a right thing to do, to marry off a widow. Abhay has blessed Nirmala again.

Rama wrote in her journal that Nirmala would consider Abhay a blessing to have gotten another opportunity through Abhay. According to Rama a widow must have the right to marry again.

Bhim Rao wrote that they have to be open minded for it and change the culture to let women live freely. Rama wondered when it would happen. They heard the Pandit asking the bride and groom to wear vermala. Bhim Rao and Rama went outside to congratulate them.

Joshi and his men were waiting to stop the path. Varchand asked everyone not to be afraid of the law. The people assured that they will not let anyone go away. Some were worried about Bhim Rao; he finds a way every time.

Joshi’s mother asked them not to worry about Bhim Rao, but she asked Joshi to swear upon her life not to kill Nirmala. Joshi looked at his father, her assured that he wont kill Nirmala but hand her over to his mother. She asked them to be prepared.

Both Nirmala and Abhay came to take their parents blessings as the newlyweds. They then approached Varchand’s wife and then Bhim Rao. They were very grateful to Bhim Rao. Abhay’s father understood that the upper and lower caste were no different. Jijabai mocked them for speaking up. She insulted Abhay’s parents.

Ramji asked Jijabai to leave if she didn’t like it. Abhay’s mother asked her to stay, she agreed with Jijabai but assured that as long as her family lives they will ask everyone to look at the lower caste with the same eye they look at the upper caste.

Meera asked Jijabai to accept the change, Varchand’s wife was standing between them and soon others will as well. Lakshmi asked Meera not to waste her time on Jijabai, she cannot understand anything other than herself. The British officer asked Abhay to leave for the train station.

Bhim Rao, Rama decided to go along to see them off. Ramji wanted to go but Jijabai started her complaints. She asked him to bring grocery, Bhabi wasn’t feeling well she needed medicine. Bhim Rao asked Ramji to bring grocery. Abhay’ father thanked everyone who supported them. Daliya prayed for their better future.

Lakshmi wanted to go with Ramji, Jijabai stopped her. She asked Lakshmi to do the house chorus. Lakshmi informed that she and Rama already did that. Ramji asked for the grocery items. She taunted Ramji, asked him to bring the daily items. Ramji left.

The officer told that he sent some of his men to buy a wedding gift for Abhay and Nirmala. They should walk towards the market; a car was waiting there to drop them at the train station. Joshi’s mother was standing behind the tree with another women, she asked the women to do as instructed.

The woman went to the road and fell on it. The woman cried for help; she was asking them to take her to police station. British officer asked Bhim Rao to stay behind, he went with Abhay to drop them at the police station.

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