Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 23rd October 2020 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 23rd October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 23rd October 2020 Dhansukhlal says someone should give poison to all the villagers from the lower community. No one will doubt. Pundit ji nods. Ram ji is still not in his senses even though he lost his SIL. Dhansukhlal says he will understand it only when he will lose one of his own. A villager informs him that Dhruv has returned to Satara. He is standing outside his hut.

Manjula, Anand and Bala reach hospital with food supplies and big utensils. A villager informs them that Dhruv is back in town. Bhima runs towards his home.

Dhruv asks Dhansukhlal to bring Bala here. He stops everyone from coming close to him. Sakpal family reaches there. Dhruv tells Bhima to stay away from him. I have been infected by plague. He coughs. Dhansukhlal’s eyes widen in shock. Mangesh pulls him behind. Dhruv shares that doc has told him that he wont live for long now. I thought to die in my village if that’s what’s going to happen. I should die in front of those who did my last rites while I was alive and be close to those who taught me a new way to live. He stops Bhima from coming closer. Please call Bala Bhaiya. I want to apologize to him. Bhim asks him to come to hospital. He is having difficulty breathing and passes out on the ground. Pundit ji and Mangesh stop Dhansukhlal from going near Dhruv. This is the punishment of his sins. He has to bear this. Don’t forget what community you are from. Dhansukhlal is crying. I cannot leave him like that. Mangesh insists that no one can change fate. Let’s go from here. Ram ji scolds them from talking nonsense in this situation too. He also tells Pundit ji not to misuse God’s name here. Pundit ji and Mangesh take Dhansukhlal from there whereas Sakpal family takes Dhruv to hospital.

Bhimbai feels dizzy as she had touched Dhruv while shifting him on the blanket. She holds the other end of the blanket as it slips out of Bhima’s hands. She thinks of how Dhruv had considered her his Aayi. Dhansukhlal notices Sakpal family taking Dhruv to hospital. It is good that they took my son to the hospital. Please save him, Lord. He cries. Kulkarni calls him selfish. You stopped people from your own community from going to hospital. You made a patient chase Bhima when he tried to talk sense to your people. You dint stop him today though. Looks like you are at peace that your son may live because of the treatment. Dhansukhlal calls it his personal matter. Dhruv is my son. It is a different thing that Bhima and Ram ji have fuelled him against our community but I cannot forget which society I am living in. I cannot ruin my dharma for this. Kulkarni says I understand it very well. We are orthodox and try to make things work as per our wish only. Go and thank Ram ji’s family if you have even a little humanity left in you. Dhansukhlal rues that Dhruv would have been with him if it wasn’t for them. They are my culprits. I wont forgive them ever! I have told you many times not to speak nonsense to me. Leave! Kulkarni says it is he who feels it is wrong to thank someone whereas Ram ji and his family have rushed his own son to hospital when he is so ill.

Sakpal family brings Dhruv to hospital. Bala looks at Dhruv for a moment and then looks away. Bhima says he is from your community only. Pundit ji disagrees. He was ousted from our community because of his choice. Don’t do it! Doc says it is people from their community only who have been looking after everyone. We are only administering medicines. Pundit ji insists against it. Bhima questions Pundit ji. Ram ji offers to give injection but doc says this is not possible in their presence. I will give you medicines. Bala walks away.

Bala is thinking about his past moments with Dhruv and sits down under a tree sadly. He remembers how Dhruv was chosen to play in English Band over him.

Ram ji gives saline to Dhruv. He makes Bhima holds the drip. He mixes the medicine in water and gives to Dhruv.

Dhansukhlal asks Bala if he was in hospital. How is Dhruv? Bala says you sent him to Mumbai stealthily and he got plague now. Go and see for yourself now! Dhansukhlal speaks of humanity. He used to play with you. Bala says he used to but he plays with the English Band now. There was no humanity then. You used community to send your son there. Why don’t you go and see for yourself? What’s the point of staying in a society which stops you from checking on your own son? Please leave. I don’t want to argue with anyone.

Dhansukhlal reaches hospital as well. Ram ji tries to wake up Dhruv but he isn’t opening his eyes. Doc checks him and tells them that he is a critical case. He may not survive. Bhima asks doc to do something. Pundit ji wars him against touching Dhruv again. Seth ji is right here. when he can stand here as a mere spectator then so can you! Dhansukhlal cries silently. Everyone looks on helplessly. Anand tells Bala that Dhruv may not survive. He returned to Satara to apologize to you. He may not be our brother but he is no less than a brother to us. He wouldn’t have gone to Bombay if he knew what his father has done. Is your anger bigger than his life? Bala runs away.

Bala remembers what Dhruv had told him about his mother applying a lep using some leaves and turmeric. He finds those leaves and heads back to the hospital.

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