Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 24th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 24th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 24th May 2021 Bhim Rao asks Gopal’s mother to come with him, he need her help. The mother cries for his son.

Gopal asks for Bhim Rao, Meera asks him not to worry he will come in a while. Meanwhile, Bhim Rao calls Gopal, Gopal run towards him. Gopal’s mother hugs him, he questioned who she was. She tells him that she is his mother. Gopal takes Bhim Rao to play with him. The mother questions how Gopal got here. Ramji explains him Maharaj’s story. Meera invites her in, Bhim Rao informs her about their cast difference. She refuses to believe in the difference, they have returned her son. Ramji wanted Maharaj or anyone to know about Gopal’s mother. Bala asks him not to worry, Bala leaves ensuring that no one will figure out.

While Mangesh informs Maharaj about a lady Bhim Rao brought with himself Bala calls Anand to tell him about their aunts arrival. Anand replies that he went to buy milk for kheer preparation. Bala and Anand left.

Sethji said that Bhim Rao’s aunt has come, even Maharaj doesn’t know about Gopal’s family tan how can Bhim Rao know as they man hoe introduced Gopal has died as well.

Gopal’s mother teaches him to play a game. Bhim Rao thinks of befalling Maharaj since he will cure Gopal. Bala informs that hey have introduced Gopal’s mother as their aunt, everyone must play along. The mother asks them to consider her their aunt.

The mother as sweeping the floor, Meera stops her but she insisted. Ramji gave her some medicine her brought from Ved ji. She asks how much it will take for her son to get better, he ensures that he will get better in no time. Bhim Rao questions, Ramji tells him that it’s difficult for him to get better. Bhim Rao asks Gopal’s mother to prepare the medicinal dose together and make sure she tells him past stories. Anand came asking to play with Gopal, Bhim Rao answered that from today Manjula and Bala will play with Gopal because their school has reopened.

Maharaj conspired to stop Bhim Rao and Anand to stop from studying. He asks his companions to send messages to near schools to not admit Bhim Rao and his brother. He wanted to create hurdles in Bhim Rao’s education. He wanted to inaugurate his Murti since he left that the time to leave this village is arriving soon.

Tulsa and Manjula distributed tea among the family. Gopal threw it away, refusing to drink it. Bhim Rao was drinking milk and he insisted to drink that milk the one Bhim Rao was drinking. He gave Gopal his cup, he took a sip and then asked Bhim Rao to take the other. He wanted them to share their milk. Bhim Rao asked him not to drink his milk. The mother realized the reason Bhim Rao was refusing to share and milk. She told him not to worry about the difference, they all are same and equal. Bhim Rao said that Gopal will not accept it once he gets better. Gopal asked about himself. Bhim Rao said he will a sinner in front of Gopal. The mother fed Bhim Rao as the ones to be blamed was Maharaj and the other villager.

Mangesh spying over from the bushes condemned the sharing of milk. Puranjan came, he told Mangesh that the mess if of their own creation from which they can never retrieve. Mangesh left in anger.

Ramji welcomed Puranjan, he introduced Gopal’s mother. Both Ramji and Puranjan conversed about life being a film of different characters entering and exiting. Meanwhile, two men covered in drapes ran and hide near Bhim Rao’s home, few men came looking for them. Upon Ramji’s questioning they told him that these wo men were thieves they stole food from their shop. Anand refused to have seen anyone, Bhim Rao said they ran in the opposite direction. The men left to find those thief’s. Bhim Rao called those two men out saying that stealing food is not a theft, thy must have done it out of starvation. Ramji sopped them asking their necessary to steal food. Bhim Rao asked them to avoid stealing under any circumstance. The two men were leaving. Gopal insisted to hear a story, his mother said to tell a story of a son and a mother. The men stopped and a women’s voice questioned Bhim Rao about his mother.

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