Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 28th September 2022  episode begins with Lakshmi refusing to go as well. She apologized, she spent the entire night thinking that she might never return.

Her family won’t forgive her for this. Varchand was furious. Police came asking to arrest everyone. Varchand was glad that the police arrived. Police asked everyone to come with him.

Bhim Rao questioned Joshi for taking is revenge out on these people rather than him. Joshi made a circle around Bhim Rao. He then with help of a chalk write within that circle. He asked Bhim Rao to read it carefully, the law Bhim Rao rants about. He asked Bhim Rao to cross that circle, if he dared.

Varchand praised Joshi for it. He asked Bhim Rao to cross that law. Rama pleaded Joshi to let everyone go. Jijabai questioned, she was Bhim Rao’s wife than why was she giving up. Earlier today she told everyone to shower them with flowers. Varchand asked everyone to rethink, they want to go willingly or not.

Bala questioned Bhim Rao, he told Bhim Rao that he would take everyone with him. Jijabai asked Rama to shower everyone with flowers, like she promised. Rama brought the basket of flowers. She threw them on everyone, one by one. Bhim Rao disappointed at his defeat, told Guruji that they lost.

Joshi asked him to keep reminding himself about his defeat. Police asked everyone to leave immediately. Everyone came back with their luggage. They were about to leave with Varchand when Ghokale’s men entered the chawl asking them to stop.

Joshi asked who they were. They told that they were members of Servants of India’s Society. Varchand asked why they were here. The man told that Ghokale sent a draft to the British Government regarding the labor contract. The government have taken it in notice, and made some amends.

He told that no labor can be forced to travel without his will. That labor was granted to fight a battle in court. Lawyer said that they will ensure to make that happen. Bhim Rao told Joshi that he won, without any help from the court. Joshi said that the court took the decision. Lawyer showed him the decision, told that the law was changed. Ramji taunted Joshi, he asked Joshi to leave as he had lost the battle like always. The police left.

Rama showered Bhim Rao with flowers in order to congratulate him. She showered Ghokale’s men and the lawyer with flowers as well.

The win made increased Bhim Rao’s anticipation to meet Gopal Krishna Ghokale. He hoped to meet him soon.
Meera asked Varchand and Joshi about their emotions regarding Bhim Rao’s victory.

Bala was ready to go anyways, he told Varchand.

Ramji questioned Bala for not understanding the smallest thing. He was taking the offer only because Bhim Rao and Rama were against it. Bala agreed, he wanted to go because Ramji and Bhim Rao always considered him an outsider. He was ready to go and take his wife, as he was not being forced to leave.

Since it wasn’t against the law. He asked Joshi to take him. Joshi taunted him, he scolded everyone for being afraid. He wanted to help them get out of their devastating lives, but they didn’t have the courage to do so. He told that everyone backing off wasn’t a loss for them, they will arrange more men, if not from here than from somewhere else. Bhim Rao won’t be able to help them.

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