Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 29th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 29th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 29th April 2021 episode VishwasRao supported Pandit and Maharaj’s rule. Bhim denied as the upper cast was destroying them. The villagers wanted Bhim to accept representor’s decision. Ramji took a plea and left with Bhim since this punchayet did not aim in providing balance between the two societies. Anand and rest of the family was about to leave as well but Bala stopped them. The third rule ensured the supply of food to the lower cast conditioned with the lower cast from stop going to school, as education is the right of upper class only. Vishwas Rao accepted with a demand of being respected and being called by their actual name. Maharaj acceded. Vishwas Rao asked for Maharaj’s leave and then left with all the villagers.

Seth ji and other villagers were bothered with VishwasRoa demand of being called by their names. Maharaja ensured it being for gaining villager’s trust. Maharaj wanted to see what Bhim would do all this in future.

Bhim condemned what everyone else accepted. He informed Ramji that he will not follow anything that is wrong or goes against what he believes.

VishwasRao gave Bala the responsibility to make Bhim accept the points put forward. Bala accepted to do so but retained from making Bhim let go his studies. Vishwas Rao insisted Bala to comply with all the rules, since they have been agreed upon and cannot be amended. Gopal asked Bala about Ramji’s and Bhim’s job. Bala told them that they work for different Sethjis. Vishwas Rao asked them to stop since it is against the lower cast and their rule. Their earning runs their house asking them to leave their job was something Bala was hesitant to do at first, the villagers convinced him, and they left to stop Bhim and Ramji from working further.

Maharaj and his companions were witnessing the entire conversation, Sethji praised Maharaja for VishwasRao success. Maharaj was glad of having them here. Meanwhile, a member of a lower cast walked towards them, he saluted Maharaj and changes his path. Maharaj asked Sethji to arrange some money by night and send it to Gopal and VishwasRao. Replaying past tragedies Sethji agreed to do so. Maharaj asked him to stop being irritated by the question of money, he is one of the wealthiest personality in this village.

Ramji and Bhim were asked to resign form their job based on the what the punchayet decided. Bhim asked Bala not to make harsh decision, though he is upset with Bhim he must not forget what they have been taught and fought for the same cause their entire life. Bala was reluctant at first but then he questioned Bhim with his intentions, he asked Bhim to follow what punchayet has said and let go of his stubbornness. Bhim made him remember that they have Benn suffering the consequences of this punchayet and their unjust laws for centuries. Bhim did not accept what the punchayet decide and will ensure that it does not prevail in his society for long. Bala got furious, did not permit anyone to leave without coming to an agreement. Anand asked them to leave but Bala refused.
Ramji asked for the same thing, the villagers asked the owner to understand the situation. The lady wanted Ramji to work for her since he was good in making money for her family. The villager used force against Ramji, they grabbed him and threw the products of the floor. Bala did the same to Bhim. Ramji sat on the floor whilst the lady collected all the rice and lentils. The owner asked Bhim to keep their fights tot himself, they will not be paid for the damage they have brought.

Puranjan tripped Bala on the floor. Bala inquired his action. Puranjan scold him for being unfair with Bhim, he asked him not to trust blindly. Bala and Puranjan argued on their intentions to support what punchayet decided. Bala refused to support Bhim just because he is his brother.

Manjula asked Meera to leave the village. Tulsa was dishearten by Bala’s action, he refused to talk to him. Bala asked her not to, Tulsa complied . Tulsa believed in having a big brother as a parent but for her Bala is not more an elder brother. Bala asked her to stop considering Bhim rightful for everything in this house. Manjula told Bala that under any circumstance Bhim would have not gone against Bala. Meera was frightened with the ongoing feud between the two brothers.

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