Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 30th December 2019 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 30th December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 30th December 2019 Episode Start With Voiceover:
We must stand on our feet and fight for our rights as much as we can!

Bheema accepts laddoo from Satendra. He offers his food but Satendra fears that he would be beaten at home if someone tells his family that he ate the food that he has touched. He goes. Anand and Bala overhear it. Bheema sits down with his brothers again. They finish their lunch and are thirsty. Bala worries that they will have to bend on their knees again. The good teacher gives them bamboo sticks. Balchand can pour water from one end and you can drink from another end. Bheema thanks him. He mentally apologizes to Bheema. I don’t have the strength to finish this discrimination but I can only try that you can survive well in this world. Balchand gives water to Bheema and his brothers upon the good teacher’s nod. Satendra smiles. A while later, when everyone has gone back in the class, Satendra touches the bamboo stick from which Bheema had drank water. He smiles.

Ram ji is at the pension office. I have to buy books for my kids. Pension should have come by now. Officer insists that it happens sometimes. Ram ji reasons that he has to run the house. I have almost no money left. Who will take responsibility? Officer says I am bound by the rules. Find a job if you are in a rush. Ram ji asks him where he should look for a job. Everyone questions me about m caste and shoos me away. Please help me find a job. Will you also question me on my caste? Ram ji’s friend takes him outside. he tells Ram ji to have patience. I told you to use a fake name but you are too hell bent upon being honest. What will you lose if you say something other than Sakpal? You only said that name means nothing. Ram ji says my kids will starve if I don’t find something soon. His friend tells him not to lose hope. We will find something.

Bala tells his family what Bheema did today in school. He rocked totally! We got bamboo stick and a laddoo. Bheema offered food to that boy but he refused. Ram ji says someone actually came closer to you. This is enough. Anand tells Bheema to do something like this daily in the school. We will make you Vice Principal then. Ram ji’s wife (Bhimbai) coughs badly. He thinks of finding a Vaid but he doesn’t have money. He asks his sister (Meera) to give him Bhimbai’s jewellery. I don’t have an alternative left. Ram ji is off to find a jeweller. He meets his friend on his way who takes him to the jeweller. They are taken aback to see the same guy (Narayan) who had questioned Bheema today in the school. Narayan smirks. Your son is so intelligent. I am sure he has inherited it from you. Keep the jewellery and take money. Ram ji thanks him. I will be forever indebted to you. Narayan keeps a condition. Your son enjoys keeping a condition too. Either get your wife treated or send your son to school! Puranjan calls it wrong but Narayan calls it a just request. Narayan asks Ram ji what he thinks. Ram ji says you are not the only person in this area who can lend money against jewellery. Narayan smirks. I am the only one! Find out on your own. Ram ji asks his friend to come but he offers to look somewhere else and sends Ram ji home.

Bala puts wet cloth on his mother’s forehead. Bheema assures her that Baba will be coming soon with Vaid ji. Meera also tells her to be strong.

Ram ji meets another guy who lends money on interest. He points out that someone has to take his responsibility in return. Ram ji offers his jewellery. The guy tells his servant to call the jeweller. He must confirm that it is true. Servant leaves.

Bheema cries seeing his mother’s condition.

Ram ji requests the guy to hurry up. He is told to wait for jeweller’s confirmation. Narayan arrives there. Narayan is asked to check the jewellery. He calls them fake. Ram ji calls it real. Narayan tells him to accept his condition to make it happen. Ram ji says my wife may or may not survive but I wont stop my son from going to school. She will anyways die upon finding out how she survived if I accept your condition. Ram ji leaves.

Puranjan tells Ram ji that he has arranged money. They request Vaid ji to come with them. Vaid ji first questions Ram ji his caste. He asks for full amount before leaving with them. Puranjan keeps it on the floor. Ram ji asks him to come quickly. Vaid ji is about to retort but Puranjan stops him.

Bala cries as his mother loses conscious. He runs to call Puranjan. Meera requests her SIL not to give up. Bheema finds his Baba. Aayi isn’t moving at all. Ram ji requests Vaid ji to hurry up. Vaid ji walks extremely slowly. Tulsa asks her Bua about her mother. Meera assures her she is fine. Vaid ji sits down near Mangesh’s shop. I have come till here. I wont go to your house. Bring the patient here only. Puranjan and Ram ji run to their home.

Villagers ask Vaid ji why he came so far. Vaid ji says you need to earn money too. You can’t get it while sitting at home. Villagers smile.

Ram ji and his family bring Bhimbai near Vaid ji on a cot. Villagers move aside. Vaid ji wears a glove before checking her pulse. Ram ji notices Bheema gazing at the glove in confusion. He looks away.


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 31st December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap :  Mangesh asks Vaid ji if Bhimbai will survive. Vaid ji says her medication is in my hands. Bheema reaches school late. Good teacher tells Bheema he cannot sit in his class as he is late. Bheema cries while standing outside. He passes out on the floor.


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