Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 31st August 2021 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 31st August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 31st August 2021 Bhim Rao was waiting for Kapil’s return, the boy came back and informed that everything went as planned. He asked how the letter would force Rama to study. Bhim Rao questioned if Kapil was married. Bhim Rao said that he wouldn’t understand how a wife feels about holding a letter for her husband written by another girl.

Rama was worried. Deepak asked her to wait for Bhim Rao. Rama couldn’t be patient with the matter, she took Daliya aama out to have a conversation with her. The neighbors inquired but she left. Lakshmi noticed and questioned Deepak. Deepak refused to know. Hitesh was curious about Rama.

Daliya amma questioned Rama. Rama asked if she considered her husband a man having affairs. Daliya amma asked if Rama was concerned about the letter. Rama decided not to talk about the letter, it would be an insult for Bhim Rao. She said that she saw a nightmare. Daliya amma answered that Bhim Rao was good looking and educated man, any girl would fall for him, but she knew that Bhim Rao valued her relationship with Rama and would never do any thing to harm it. Daliya amma left.

Bhim Rao approached Rama, she gave him his letter. Bhim Rao asked what the letter was about and then said to himself that how would she know, she didn’t know how to read and write. She said that Ram Gomti was written in it. Bhim Rao knew that Deepak must have told her that. Rama asked what was written in it. Bhim Rao replied that letter was for him, he would read it inside. Bhim Rao left. Rama wondered why he refused to tell her. Deepak asked if Bhim Rao told her the about the letter. Rama didn’t answer, she left.

Sethji informed that he has hired another manager, Joshi came in. He asked what Ramji was doing because he looked sleepy, he ordered him to wash his face. Puranjan pointed that Joshi was being unfair to them. Joshi told them to pay the fine or obey his orders. Ramji asked Puranjan to leave. Ramji went to wash his face. Joshi asked him to wash it again and then asked him to inform Bhim Rao about it. He must know that his father was suffering due to his misbehavior. Joshi will come here every day, after college.

Rama peaked at Bhim Rao, she asked Deepak to go inside and observe what Bhim Rao was up to. Deepak replied that he must be studying. A woman taunted Bhim Rao for being a protagonist for husbands to support their wives, yet he has never sat with Rama in her shop. Gegnesh mocked him, said that Bhim Rao would only consider being a Governor, he would not like being a shoemaker. Rama asked Bhim Rao to sit beside her and study. She wanted to have keep an eye on him. Bhim Rao refused. Daliya amma’s son questioned Bhim Rao. Rama requested and then insisted. She asked him to vow, Anand intervened and stopped her. He explained that years ago they opened a shoe shop as well, at that time Ramji took a vow from Bhim Rao that he would enter a shoe shop. Bhim Rao didn’t tell Rama about, he refused to have her hopes down. Rama apologized and then complaint that husband and wife should not hide things form each other. She took the book form his hand. Bhim Rao understood what Rama was curious about. He replied that he was answering the letter he received, then he has to take Sanskrit classes afterwards. Rama said to herself that Daliya amma was wrong about Bhim Rao, he was not simple, because she thought that Bhim Rao was writing a letter to her beloved. Bhim Rao left.

Hitesh informed Joshi about a letter, he didn’t know what it was about. Joshi was furious at him for not having full information. He asked about the money he took to buy kerosene oil. He didn’t see any fire; did he spend the money somewhere else. Hitesh was waiting for the right moment to ignite the fire. Joshi warned him and threatened to light Hitesh up in fire.

Bhim Rao was walking, he noticed the streetlamp Joshi broke. He asked a man how he could arrange streetlamps in a locality where there were none. He asked him to write an application for it. Bhim Rao wrote the application, handed it to the man. He asked Bhim Rao for his address. Bhim Rao told him. He asked if Bhim Rao was from the lower caste. Bhim Rao replied that all casts were equal. The man tore up the application, taunted Bhim Rao for being overconfident. Bhim Rao ought to arrange streetlamps in his locality, said that it was their right as a citizen, and no one can deprive them from it. The man challenged Bhim Rao. Bhim Rao was determined.


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 1st September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ramji says that he is leaving. Joshi asks him to do overtime, he refuses to have a lecture. Ramji shows him that everything has been done. Joshi tears the pages. He wants Bhim Rao to come and apologize from him and rub his nose for it as well. Ramji says that he as a father would refuse to let her son bow in front of anyone else.


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