Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 31st December 2019 Written Episode Update


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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 31st December 2019 Episode Start With

A great guy is different from a respected citizen as he is ready to be the servant of his country.

Vaid ji wears a glove before checking her pulse. Ram ji notices Bheema gazing at the glove in confusion. He looks away. Vaid ji throws the glove away after checking Bhimbai. Bheema asks him about his mother. Vaid ji rudely replies that she isn’t dead. I will give medicine. Ram ji requests him to hurry up. Vaid ji threatens to leave but Ram ji folds his hand. Vaid ji keeps the medicine in the glove and throws it towards Ram ji. They take Bhimbai back home.

Villagers decide to take treat from Vaid ji. He must have gotten good money. Vaid ji says you wont be able to digest tea from this money. Mangesh says I found out today that money also belongs to a community. They joke over it. Vaid ji gives in.

Manjula makes the medicine. Meera gives a dose to her SIL. Everyone watches her in concern. Ram ji wipes his tears as he steps aside. Puranjan sits next to his friend. Ram ji says I cannot see Bhimbai in this condition but I cannot fall weak in front of the kids. Puranjan assures him that she will be fine. Have faith. The kids are taking care of her.

Mangesh asks Vaid ji if Bhimbai will survive. Vaid ji says her medication is in my hands. Prayers are someone else’s forte. One old man says prayers work for those who deserve it. It isn’t like how your medicine works. They all laugh.

Bheema tells his Baba and Bua that his mother is gaining conscious. Everyone rushes to her side. Ram ji thanks Puranjan for his timely help. Puranjan says I am your friend. I will be with you all the time. Don’t thank me. It is enough that the family is safe and together. Take care of Bhabhi. He leaves.

Ram ji massages his wife’s head. She assures him she is fine now but he does not give up. She says what the kids will think. Ram ji says even they will do the same when they will grow up. The kids smile. Meera asks the kids to come to her. I will tell you a story.

Ram ji sits next to his wife. He honestly tells her the story of how he was thinking of procuring money for her treatment and of jeweller’s condition. She is relieved to hear that he dint accept jeweller’s condition. Bheema’s education is more important than my life. You did the right thing. If you ever have to make such a choice again then don’t be in a fix. I will live forever if Bheema studies and becomes a big man. This disease and the problems in our community will anyways kill me one day. He gets emotional. Don’t talk about dying. She rests her head on his shoulder. Bheema Rao’s parents will never die. They will be forever remembered because of their son!

Next morning, Bheema is asked to recite the lesson. Bheema shares that his mother wasn’t well yesterday. I dint get time. Guru ji tells him to stop studying if he will come up with such reasons. Not many people from your community are able to do anything always. Bheema requests him to give him some time. I will memorize and tell. Guru ji refuses. You are behind time. You cannot sit in my class today. Bheema requests him but Guru ji stays put. Satendra feels bad for Bheema. Bheema sadly picks up his books. Anand also stands up. Upon Guru ji’s askance, he shares that even he does not remember it. Guru ji tells him to sit down. I dint ask you. Only Bheema will go outside. Bheema leaves the classroom. He is in tears. Guru ji thinks he knew he wont go home. I wont take you back inside the class but you must know that there cannot be any relation between your mother’s condition and studies. You are a gem. I must be harsh with you. You must study even if the situation is worse.

Ram ji is with Puranjan. Puranjan says knowing you and your ethics, I doubt you will be able to sustain in any job. Ram ji says I wont lie or hide the truth but I can do anything. Puranjan tells him not to stoop to his level. You have been a Subedar. I will find something else for you. Ram ji reasons that work is work. We will eat normal food but Bheema needs to study.

Anand cries seeing his brother thus. Bheema is memorizing his lesson. He starts feeling dizzy and passes out on the floor. Guru ji calls his name in shock. Anand rushes to his side. Guru ji is unable to be help Bheema. He asks Balchand to give him a pot of water but he politely refuses. Guru ji gets some water in his palms and pours it over Bheema. Bala is also helping his brother. Guru ji finally holds Bheema’s hand. Other Guru ji notices it in shock. Guru ji (the good one) asks Bheema if he is fine. Bheema nods. Guru ji tells him to memorize his lesson in the classroom. The other Guru tells him to have bath as he has touched Bheema. We saw it. You want to touch the desk and register without bathing? He asks Principal if he is right. Principal seconds him. Do what we have been doing till today. Guru ji leaves.

Bala and Anand ask Bheema if he is fine. Other kids call Bheema a drama. You do something every other day. Anand retorts to them. A heated argument is about to ensue but Bala tells him to sit down. Don’t do anything. He heads to his class. The kids keep poking Anand and Bheema. Satendra shouts at them to be quiet. I will complain to Guru ji against you all. They tell him that even he will have to sit amongst Bheema and Anand then. you will have to drink water from the bamboo stick then. Satendra looks down sadly.


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 1st January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Puranjan and Ram ji get their daily wage. Anand and Bala steal baer from a place. The owner chases them and decides to take money from their father. He asks Ram ji to give him his due (which turns out to be the entire amount he has earned).


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