Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 4th June 2021 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 4th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 4th June 2021 Sandesh was of the view that Bhim Rao involvement in an issue with Maharaj will affect their business. The upper caste are the ones who wear shoes and if Bhim Rao will always be at fits with them, it can cause them some heavy customers. Bhim Rao replied that they must do their job with pure intentions, why be afraid of Maharaj? Anand approved and supported Bhim Rao. Sandesh questioned if Bhim Rao was actually didn’t fear Maharaj. Bhim Rao answered that he is not afraid of a fake challenger.

Bala came to Rani, he apologized. He said he said all of that came from his heart. Rani was about to leave. Bala stopped her questioning if he has been forgiven. Rani angrily said that Bala should have been careful, she is married to someone. If she were aware of his intention, she would have never asked him to teach her anything. Rani warned Bala to stay away from him.

Maharaj was asked not to worry, Sethji will make Mangesh understand. Maharaj replied that he was not worried, he needs to realize that God has chosen his land, but he is stupid. Sethji came saying that Mangesh has refused to give that land. Pandit wanted to handle this situation. Maharaj asked Pandit not to, God will find a way for it.

Mangesh came to Bhim Rao’ house, Meera inquired. Mangesh wanted to talk to Bhim Rao, he wants his advice. Meera called Bhim Rao, he came running out. Bhim questioned. Mangesh said that Guruji advised him to consult Bhim Rao in this matter, he asked him to come to Bagh with him. Meera refused to send Bhim Rao anywhere, if he wants to talk, he must do it here. Bhim Rao said that since he came here asking for help it is mandatory for Bhim Rao to help him, he sent Mangesh to wait for him. Tulsa and Manjula stopped and questioned Bhim Rao for helping the man who troubled their mother the most. Bhim Rao pondered on what they said, since Mangesh refused to help their mother in need. Bhim Rao said that he has to keep same behavior for everyone, he left. Meera said that he is someone special, he will not rest seeing someone in pain.

Mangesh was waiting for Bhim Rao, he was clueless on how deal the situation. Bhim Rao arrived, Mangesh asked if someone saw him coming. Bhim Rao inquired the urgency. Mangesh informed him that after he left Maharaj sent Sethji to pressurize and make him hand over for his land to God or else he will be pursued otherwise and punished by God himself.

Maharaj sent his worker to sow something special in Mangesh land, he will dig it out tomorrow. it will prove that God has chosen his land. He advised his worker to plant it at midnight when no one is around. The man left. Maharaj said that Mangesh was unaware of what’s happening to him.

Mangesh was anxious to have an answer from Bhim Rao. Bhim Rao asked for some time to think.

Rani was massaging Sandesh legs; she fell asleep halfway through. Sandesh woke up calling her slothful. She defended herself that she didn’t realize. He hounded her for not caring enough, she must realize that he was on duty all day. She resumed massaging but Sandesh stooped her in anger.

Bala stooped gazing at Rani’ hut. Rani came out. He wondered what she as doing outside, though remembering the warning of not reaching her again Bala came asking if something was bothering her. Rani hovered him, she went inside.

Next Morning, gathered by few villager on Mangesh’s land Maharaj dug the pot out. He said that it was symbol of God’ plan to build his temple on this land. Everyone hailed Maharaj. Mangesh barged in. The villagers stopped him for claiming it his land, it belongs to God now. Pandit informed him that God came in Maharaj’s dream last night, this pot it a symbol of truth that God wants his land. Mangesh replied that last night God also came in his dream, there is another proof of it. He dug in, took out another pot. Maharaj and everyone else were confused. Mangesh said that he saw in his dream that Sethji and Pandit’s land having a pot in it like this, it means that his land also belongs to God as well. Bhim Rao asked for an answer from.

Bhim Rao advised Mangesh to stay vigilant tonight, Maharaj promised an indication from God. If he does something on your land tonight Mangesh should do the same to Pandit and Seth ji’s land.

Bhim Rao questioned Maharaj that if this pot makes is God’s indication of owning the land than Sethji and Pandit’s land should also be God’s property. Sethji asked Bhim Rao to stay silent. Maharaj agreed with Bhim Rao. Sethji asked Pandit to do something or else they lose their land. Pandit said that Mangesh was lying since God can only come in Maharaj’s dream and not in anybody else. Maharaj thought to himself that he cannot take everyone’s land at once, Bhim Rao has decoded his technique and all this mess was his creation. Maharaj needs to contemplate another technique.

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