Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 5th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 5th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 5th July 2021 Bhim Rao and Ramji came to talk to villager, the villagers asked them to leave as they did not want to talk to the culprit’s family (Bala). Ramji requested them to listen to their plea, Bhim Rao accused alcohol being the wrongdoer of the entire incident. He said that no one would have died if they weren’t addicted to alcohol. Th villagers refused to listen to Bhim Rao’s lecture. Meanwhile few females came sobbing on loss on their loved ones.

Bhim Rao said that the past cannot be changed but they can control what future holds for them, so that no one losses their husband again. A villager warned Ramji to leave, Ramji said told females that men won’t understand this concept, but the amount a drinker wastes to consumes is equivalent to a family’s ration, with that one can educate their children. Their drunken condition effect their behavior, females were the ones who suffer. The women agreed. Bhim Rao sympathized with their situation, he proposed to stop brewing alcohol. Pandit called Bhim Rao asking him not to care for the villagers, Maharaj was performing the duty.

He distributed the Bhaboot amongst the villagers as it would please the villagers. He offered it to the females, they were hesitant to comply. The women tend to agree with Bhim Rao. Pandit argued if they believed Bhim Rao more that Maharaj. The women refused to take Maharaj’s Bhaboot, the females were in support of Bhim Rao’s stance to stop the brewing of alcohol. One by one all the females joined in. a villager accused women of losing their mind, their support for Bhim Rao will affect their Dharam. The women questioned the connection of alcohol with religion. The villagers argued that being in a lower caste’s company would affect their Dharam.

A women replied, questioning where the men have been whenever they received taunts about them being drunk, they wanted to solve this issue by being beside Bhim Rao. Pandith said that the women defying their husband would make them a sinner. Ramji argued. Anand asked Pandith to use the Bhaboot in case problem occurred after the ban of alcohol. A villager, infuriated by the argument went to hit Bhim Rao, Ramji stopped the man by grabbing his weapon without a flinch. He asked the villager not to make such mistake, he pushed them behind. A villager said that they wives first, even if it demands brutality. Bhim Rao asked them to not to make such mistake, the were only thinking good for their family.

Mangesh handed some ration to Tulsa and Manjula, asking them to send Ramji outside. Tulsa informed him that they heard Ramji and Bhim Rao talking about the poisonous alcohol. Mangesh understood. Jijabai inquired. He said that Bhim Rao has wise intentions to help others follow the right path, it was very courageous of him. Jijabai thought of it as a new trouble.

The women refused to obey their husband’s demands. They would support Bhim Rao under all circumstances.

Jijabai gave Bala his medicines. Jijabai sat beside him, she asked him to marry someone. His wife would understand him better than anyone else, it would help him come over Rani. Bala asked how could he marry someone else while he loves Rani? Jijabai shared a secret with him, she was sure if she should tell him that. She told him that she was married before, they were happy together, but he died. She was shattered but her marriage to Ramji eased her pain. Bala must overcome his love for Rani.

Bhim Rao followed by the women was stopped by the men of the village. He said that the women owed to obey their husband while marrying them. On that behalf he asked the women to return back. Bhim Rao understood the value of these owes, according to his mother women also owed to protect their husband. Complying to that they fast for healthy and long life of their husbands, they must do the same right now. They must put an end to the cause of death. The women were in favor of Bhim Rao. Pandith said the situation would bring upon Gods punishment.

The thief brought Maharaj gold; he was praised. Pandith informed Maharaj about the entire situation, the women refused to take Bhaboot and have went to destroy the alcohol company. Mahesh came in. Maharaj inquired about the wound. Mahesh said that invested in the alcohol company. Pandith and Maharaj were unaware of the information. Mahesh guaranteed its authenticity. Meanwhile, Sethji came asking Maharaj to stop Bhim Rao.

The women protested their way to alcohol company.

Anand said to Ramji that it was the first time Bhim Rao was being followed by the upper caste like a leader. Ramji said that Bhim Rao was too young to be called a leader, he has a lot to learn that would determine his future.
Bhim Rao along the women marched to the alcohol company, asking them to stop brewing alcohol.

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