Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 5th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 5th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 5th May 2021 episode everyone doubted their protest since Bhim left after lecturing them. Maharaj came in asking them to be patient, their efforts will not go to waste. He predicted that the results might come slowly but will have a steady change.

Bhim, Anand and Ramji came out of the house to leave for work. They asked Meera to take care of herself.

Th villager wanted Bhim to accept their demand. Maharaj warned him for the adverse side effects of Bhim’s stubbornness. Bhim defied all the problems, he will handle them himself. He was leaving for work. Maharaj came in front of him, he was determined of the protest and assured Bhim of its regularity until the demands are accepted. Maharaj asked Ramji to make wise decisions, problem sitting on his door must be handled with care.

Ramji and the children were on their way to work, Sethji and their worker came and told Bhim and Anand that they have been fired from work. Both the Sethji have sorted their issue, Bhima and Ramji were asked to find some other work for themselves as they will not be strolling the cart around anymore. Bhim understood what made them fire hi. Ramji was happy for Sethji and his work. Bhima and Anand asked their owner not to consider them useless.

Maharaj asked Sethji to vocalize the sentimental emotions to pressurize Meera in understanding the fragility of the situation.
Bala empathized with Meera for her difficult situation but asked her to imply with the norms as well, the rituals will reassure the absence of a husband she never had. Meera pondered on what Bala said.

The villagers hooted from outside, calling Meera names. They asked her to comply for the sake of peace. Meera was about to stand up, Manjula stopped her. Bala assured his love and affection of Meera but insisted that she must submit herself to the traditions. Tulsa didn’t let Meera go.

Anand was worried about their work. Ramji asked them to go home. Bhim refused, he wanted to help his father in finding work. They saw Gopal and the Guardian going somewhere, they were curious to know their intention. Anand wanted to follow them, Bhim asked him not to stalk someone as it was unnecessary regarding the situation they were currently facing. They all left in search of work.
The nuisance increased as the villagers gathered, Bala pleaded Meera to conform. Tulsa refuted, Meera cannot be forced to do something against her will.

Gopal lectured the villager to make Ramji realize his mistake, he said that for the first time the upper cast is supporting them . Ramji needs to understand that Meera has to perform the final rituals of his dead husband. The villager abided, they were annoyed with Ramji and Bhim’s stubborn behavior. The all left. Maharaj standing in the corner was glad for his success against the lower cast.

Ramji was worried about the villagers and their protest. The upper and lower cast have united against them. Anand was concerned for the daily earning. Meanwhile a villager shouted from outside, he said to Anand that the villager is not their enemy, they must succumb to the demands to sort the matter.

Ramji came out, he was not concerned with the dilemma of this protest. Gopal asserted him to understand the situation, he assured that the protest and hunger strike will continue till their demands were not acknowledged, Gopal declared Ramji responsible for the lives of these protestors. Bala pleaded his father to value his community member who have stood by them. Ramji silenced him; he did not want to rebuke Bala again. Ramji left as he was not concerned with the villagers and their protest.

The next morning, Bhim woke up and pondered if everyone was still outside protesting.

The villagers were half asleep. Gopal saw Maharaj standing in the corner, he went to him Maharaj gave him a drug to mix in one of the villager’s food. Gopal questioned as the villagers were on a hunger strike. Maharaj asked him to mix it in their prasad. Gopal agreed.

Gopal distributed prasad amongst the villagers, he offered Puranjan some prasad, but he refused as he did not want to get into trouble. Gopal distributed it to the rest of the villagers. Bhim came out. One of the villagers consumed the drug and it instantly reacted. The villager fainted.

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