Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 6th September 2022 episode Bhim Rao feeds Rama. Rama stopped him, she was full. He requested her to eat more, Rama insisted not to. Bhim Rao made her swear on his life and complete her food.

Jijabai looked at them. Bhabi agreed that Bhim Rao has a good luck. Jijabai was mad as he always gets his way out. Bhabi said that he needs a good push back to sit down. Bhim Rao and Rama flying high would hurt them one day. Jijabai and Bhabi left in anger.

Bhim Rao fed her. He was about to wash the dishes. Rama asked for water, she asked him to feed her. Bhim Rao did so.

Joshi summoned the teacher, questioned why teachers were wiling to teach Bhim Rao. The teacher refused to answer. Joshi was determined to know. The teacher asked Joshi to leave. Joshi’s friends asked him to tell. He refused to tell again. Joshi ordered him to tell otherwise he would suffer.

The teacher remined that he was Joshi’s teacher. Joshi held his arm. His friends asked Joshi to let the teacher go. Joshi pushed the teacher behind. Bhim Rao saved hi, from falling. He asked Joshi not to misbehave with his teachers. Joshi and his friends left. Bhim Rao turned to his teachers asking if he was okay. The teacher recalled the times he mistreated Bhim Rao.

He apologized to Bhim Rao for helping his enemy. Bhim Rao asked him not to apologies; he was his teacher, and he respects him equally. The teacher wanted to be forgiven. Bhim Rao asked him to promise to teach all the students. The teacher grabbed Bhim Rao’s hand, he promised.

Joshi came home, he was mad at Bhim Rao. A man came asking for Bhim Rao. He told that Bala has arranged all the labors, but they need a signed document of those labors. He asked Joshi to have the agreement signed. Joshi looked at the list, he laughed.

Bala told Lakshmi that they were running short on time. Their papers will be prepared by tomorrow. they need to bring Anand home. Lakshmi was willing to leave immediately. Bala acquainted her, so that they could convince Anand. Daliya saw Lakshmi leaving with Bala.

Jijabai asked Bhabi to help her get rid of Bhim Rao and Rama. Rama informed that she was leaving with Lakshmi to find work. Bhabi questioned why she was finding work. Rama asked her not to start in the morning. Bhabi said that Bhim Rao has no value in front of Rama. He does whatever Rama asks.

She must ask Bhim Rao to make a law that would help her live easily. Jijabai agreed with Bhabi. She must convince Bhim Rao to act according to her will. Bhabi taunted Rama, said that she knew how to control her husband. Jijabai should learn something from Rama. Jijabai asked Rama to teach her. She wanted Ramji to listen to her as well. Rama freed herself from Jijabai, she went out.

Ramji stopped her. He wiped her tears, asked why she was crying. Ramji agreed with Jijabai. He reminded her what she said to Bhim Rao about the glass of milk. Sometimes force can turn coal into a diamond. A wife understands her husband more than anything. Just like Ramji, Rama must try to make Bhim Rao a different person.

Rama must force Bhim Rao, like Bhabi and Jijabai said, force him to write law and constitution. It might be possible that he actually becomes the person he is being mocked for. Meera asked Rama about Lakshmi, she as nowhere to be found. Rama said that she wasn’t inside. Daliya ama told that she was Lakshmi leaving with Bala. Rama went to check.

Hitesh saw Ramji worried. He knew that Lakshmi, Bala, and Anand were leaving for another country as labors.

Some students came praising Bhim Rao. They were grateful to him for convincing the teacher to teach them. Otherwise, they had lost all their hope. Bhim Rao paved a way for them. They considered him their leader. Bhim Rao was thankful, he asked everyone to be a better person for a better future. It wasn’t possible without a teacher. He asked everyone to prepare for their admission.

Hitesh distributed the form asking everyone to sign the agreement. Everyone wanted to keep it a secret. One agreement flew away because of the wind an landed into Bhim Rao’s hands.

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