Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 7th January 2020 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 7th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 7th January 2020 Episode Start With Education is a sharp weapon. Till the time literate people aren’t humble, they are considered curel than animals.

Bheema runs around in circles. Anand claps for him. you are doing good. Rest for a while. You will be first in studies as well as race. Bheema sits down. He notices Bala lost in thoughts. What are you thinking? I will surely win tomorrow. Bala denies. I cannot study. I don’t enjoy it. Bheema asks him what he will do. Bala says I will do something else. He notices a group of singers / musicians passing by and smiles broadly. Anand tells Bheema to resume practise. Bheema starts running barefoot. Anand encourages his brother.

Ram ji and Puranjan are lifting sacks. Mangesh notices Ram ji there. He goes after him and alerts Munshi for hiring people like Ram ji. Will we eat the grains lifted by such people? Munshi is confused. Mangesh asks Ram ji to remove the cloth from his face. Ram ji complies. Mangesh makes Munshi question Ram ji on his caste. Ram ji keeps mum. Munshi asks Govind about Ram ji’s caste. Govind calls him poor. Mangesh argues that his son argued with Narayan in school. Munshi recognizes Ram ji. How dare you touch the sacks? Where is your friend? Puranjan steps forward. Munshi scolds them and Govind. Govind says you don’t mind it when these people cut grains in the fields but you feel awkward if they will touch the sacks. Munshi says grains come in a shell. They are untouched in the fields. This is direct touch. Govind says your words are equally covered in shells. Munshi asks Ram ji and Puranjan to leave. Puran Chand announces that no one will work if these two are ousted. Munshi asks him why he is supporting them. Puran Chand says labourers have only one caste. Munshi tells everyone to go home. I will lock this place. Ram ji tells him against it. It felt good to hear that poverty has a caste in itself. Please forgive Govind. He isn’t at fault here. He was just helping us. Don’t throw him out of job. We wont come here ever again. Mangesh smirks. Govind apologizes to Ram ji. Ram ji tells him not to get into trouble for their sake. Let us go. Puran Chand shares that he has enrolled his son in school. It is his first day today. Ram ji supports his decision. Sell yourself for your kid’s education if you have to! It can help us get out of this condition. He leaves with Puranjan.

Bheema is still running in circles. Ram ji tells him to tell his feet to be very swift. Think of yourself as a bullet. It hits the target the moment its shot! Bheema agrees. I will win straight away. Bhimbai tells him to eat first to gain some energy. She coughs badly. Tulsa and Manjula bring her medicine. Ram ji asks Bala and Anand why they dint take part in the race. You two are in the same school. Bala replies that they wont be allowed to take part in the competition in the first place. Plus, we aren’t keen on running. Ram ji says I wont force you if you aren’t interested but run parallel to them if they aren’t letting you run with them. Run faster than them! The day it happens, they would try to touch you! He next asks Bheema how he will start the race. Bheema kneels down and gets into ready position.

Bhimbai takes her medicines. Tulsa and Manjula sit next to her upon her askance. Bhimbai says I don’t think I would live for too long. This disease isn’t going away. Tulsa requests her not to say so but Bhimbai says I am telling you the truth. Tell Bheema that his Aai will watch him from above if I die. He must win every battle and come first in everything. All of you are grown up but Bheema is very small. He would be heartbroken. I don’t want him to become weak because of me. Manjula rests her head in her lap. Please don’t say this. Bhimbai says daughters become friends of their mother when they grow up. This is why I am telling you this. Bheema would take time to grow. I may or may not be around till then but tell him that his Aai always knew that he will be a big man one day. Will you tell him this? Manjula and Tulsa cry hugging their mother.

Bheema finishes the round. Ram ji advises him to rest a little. I will massage your feet with hot oil. Bheema sits next to his father sweetly.

Next morning, all the kids are standing at the starting point. Ram ji comes there with his sons. Guru ji also comes there. He shows Bheema the row from where he will run. Bheema happily goes to stand in the line. Ram ji thanks him. Coach tells Guru ji that Bheema cannot take part in this race but Guru ji says government wont like it if they will hear it. We have not left any place for them in the society anyway. How does it matter? Coach argues but Guru ji tells him to let Bheema run. He wont feel bad if he will run and lose. He will like it and so will you! Coach walks away miffed.

Guru ji asks Principal if he did the right thing. Principal says I don’t know. Will he win? Guru ji says he is eager and enthusiastic. There is fire inside him. he can do anything. Narayan is sitting behind Principal and isn’t happy to hear any of it. Principal says we will see.

Ram ji, Bala and Anand look on proudly as Bheema heads to his row. Other kids aren’t happy to see him though. How can he run with us? We should do something about him. One of the kids notice a thorny branch. He throws it in Bheema’s path. Bheema steps on it and screams in pain. Ram ji gets concerned. What happened? Coach tells the kids to stand in the queue. Bheema keeps wincing in pain. Ram ji tells him to stand up. Coach calls out to the kids. Bheema recalls his father’s words. Ram ji encourages him to get up. You have to win! Everyone looks on curiously. The race begins. Ram ji, Bala and Anand shout in unison. Get up, Bheema!

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