Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 8th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 8th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 8th October 2021 episode Ramji went to sell his blood. He wanted doctor to sell more blood, he needed 15 annas. Doctor refused to as he had to take Ramji’s health in consideration. Bhim Rao came in, Ramji hid his face.

Jijabai didn’t want the sourness between Bhim Roa and Ramji to end.

Bhim Rao leaned towards the doctor, Ramji covered his face with a cloth. Doctor took Bhim Rao aside. Bhim Rao asked him or a job, he never worked in a hospital before. Joshi asked the doctor to question Bhim Rao about his caste.

Doctors were considered Gods; they have nothing to do with Bhim Rao’s caste. The doctor asked Bhim Rao to leave. Bhim Rao was in need to a job, Joshi has been troubling him a lot. It was for this reason that Ramji wanted Bhim Rao to study only. The doctor refused to help Bhim Rao. Bhim Rao said that efforts of all his family would go to waste.

Doctor advised him to be a motivation speaker. Joshi laughed. Bhim Rao pleaded, doctor sent him away. Joshi mocked Bhim Rao, he left. Doctor removed Ramji’s cloth; Joshi saw him.
Puranjan saw Bhim Rao coming out of the hospital, he hid in a corner.

Joshi went to Ramji. He removed the cover and laughed at him. Puranjan came in. Joshi taunted them for not caring about the fishpond. A man came to take his piece of cloth. Joshi asked the man about to know about Ramji’s caste. The man understood and questioned. Joshi advised him to take the money Ramji would get for selling his blood. Joshi gave Ramji and Puranjan the day off.

Everyone in the neighborhood were concerned why Bhim Rao and Ramji didn’t return, the ridiculed and mocked them. Bhim Ro came, he was questioned about Ramji. Bhim Rao got worried, wanted to search him. Jijabai stopped Bhim Rao. Ramji came, he was wearing that piece of cloth. Meera inquired.

Ramji said to that he felt cold, so he bought a shawl for himself. Jijabai said that he could have sent someone home, they were already short of money. Puranjan asked Jijabai to speak carefully. Ramji stopped him; everyone had the right to live their way. Anand took Ramji inside. Bhim Rao went his house.

He laid down and, recalled all the places from where he was thrown out. Rama came and inquired. Bhim Rao was tired, wanted to sleep. Rama questioned, as he never went directly to sleep. Asked him not o worry, he was educated and would find a job soon. Bhim Rao denied. Rama wanted to serve him food. Bhim Rao went outside, asked Ram to leave him alone.

Meera said that there was not needed to start a panchayat, Ramji bought a shawl because he felt cold. Jijabai said to saving money to run the household while Ramji felt his job for Bhim Rao and started working in a fishpond. Jijabai was concerned about Ramji’s well – being, no one else earned in the house. Ramji took responsibility of everything, said that if anything ever happened to him. Anand and Manjula stopped him.

Puranjan asked Jijabai to learn the art of silence. Ramji must be left alone for a while. Meera asked everyone to leave, Manjula sat beside Ramji. She wanted Ramji not to lose faith. Ramji was her biggest strength and confidant. She wanted him to stay strong. Puranjan cried listening to Manjula from outside.

Bhim Rao sat alone in the dark. Daliya amma came to him. she informed him about Rama’s injury, said that she was shivering in pain. Bhim Rao didn’t giver her a chance to inform him. Daliya amma came to tell Bhim Rao that Rama to refused to buy medicines for herself instead she bought grocery and cooked dinner which he refused to eat.

Rama sat in a corner complaining. Bhim Roa came to him, asked her to show him her hand. Rama refused, asked him to leave. Bhim Rao apologized, Rama asked didn’t care. Bhim Rao served the meal. Said that he wont aske about the injury. Bhim Rao took her hand said that a lot changes with time. He never behaved like this before. Joshi has been troubling him since this morning, making his caste an issue.

Rama asked him not to worry, he would get a job. Bhim Rao fed her. Jijabai and Lakshmi peaked from behind the wall. Bhim Roa knew that woman and men face same difficulties. Rama giggled. Jijabai said that Rama and Bhim Rao were the reason why she and Lakshmi could never enjoy with their husbands. She wanted to get rid of them.

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