Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 8th September 2020 Bhima touches the ground as soon as he enters the school premises and greets the Principal with folded hands. The kids standing nearby find it strange. You could touch the ground but you couldn’t touch Guru ji’s feet. Bhima explains that his community stops him from touching him or he will become impure. Principal asks him what he means. Bhima says it is up to you. If you have more characteristics of a teacher then you wont be impure but if you believe in this social discrimination then you will feel impure. Principal is impressed. Bhima says Baba tells me that every fight is fought with our outlook. It reflects in our words. Villagers kidnapped my sister just to make sure I don’t reach school. What can be worse than this? Principal tells Guru ji he was right. I haven’t seen a student like this before. He tells Bhima to study in this school. I don’t want any complaints. Bhima assures him about it. I will sit in a distant corner away from other kids but don’t ask me to sit in the back as I am not able to see the board clearly from far. I will take water from Kaka by sitting on my knees so the droplets don’t fall on anyone else. I would need extra time to pay fees. He folds his hand. Please don’t throw me out of the school because of it. Principal tells him to go to his room.

Dhruv goes to a corner. Bala tells Bhima they will wait for him and goes to speak to Dhruv. Why are you crying? Dhruv shares that he is feeling guilty for how he had misbehaved with Bhima in the past and how he had even pushed him off a cliff one day. Bala says you have begun to understand us now. That’s what matters.

Dhansukhlal instigates other villagers to speak to their relatives in the village where Bhima is going now. Tell them what’s happening and advise them to speak to the school. They should not let Bhima study there. Niranjan tells them it’s not happening. Villagers glare at Niranjan, Puranjan and Ram ji. Dhansukhlal asks him if he is fit to speak amongst them. Niranjan throws the coins at the floor. Now I am. Don’t even think of creating hurdles in the path of Bhima or I will have to intervene. Mangesh asks him if he isn’t flying too high because of Ram ji’s support. Niranjan says he has kept me grounded. It is you who flies under Dhansukhlal’s tutelage. My words stand true. Mangesh glares at him. Ram ji asks Niranjan to come with them. They leave.

Madhvi and Kamna meet Bhima on his way home. Dhruv and Bhima talk cutely about the significance of rakhi. Guru ji advises Bhima to sit with his sisters. We will continue walking slowly. Bhima nods. Dhruv keeps looking back at the bag in Madhvi’s hand but Bala tells him to keep walking. Madhvi tells Bhima about Kamna’s vidaai. Didi will forget us once she goes to her new home. Kamna says one does not forget siblings even after death. Madhvi says I was joking. Kamna gives food to Bhima.

Dhruv complains against Bhima. I wont go to drop him. Meera asks him what happened. Dhruv says your nephew is greedy. Bhimbai asks him what happened. Bala shares that Bhima met his sisters on the way and they brought food for him. He sent us away. Bhimbai says I will cook it for you. Bhima dint do the right thing. Bhima asks her if this is what she thought too. I brought it for everyone. He shows the bag. Dhruv is calling me greedy for no reason. Everyone smiles. Ram ji says this applies everywhere. Max problems of life arise due to dissatisfaction. The society and country will change for good if that feeling goes away. Bhima disagrees. If everyone gets to be equal and gets the same resources then no one will be dissatisfied. I understand now that our actual fight is with how the society has been structured. Everyone has not been treated equally. This is the root cause of all our problems. Meera asks her brother to answer him now. Ram ji smiles. Bhima is right and what is said is more important. He heads inside.

Manjula asks Bhima about his new school. Dhruv tells her to ask everything right now. Bhima should say it all in details but no one should care about who is actually hungry. Everyone laughs. All the kids sit down to eat. Ram ji and Bhimbai look on. Ram ji says villagers were planning to go to the other village and approach the school where Bhima is studying now. They want him to be thrown out of that school too. She suggests him to halt Bhima’s studies for a while. We will get him admitted in some other school or leave this town once things settle down. He declines. Gold needs to be burnt in order to shine. Manjula asks Bhima if girls study in his new school too. Dhruv denies. Manjula gets sad. She gets up to bring water for them but Bhima shares that he saw many girls studying there. I could see the future. The day girls go to school, boys will be left behind. Manjula asks her if he is saying all this just to make her happy. He shakes his head. I am positive that one day girls would be better at school than boys. Manjula asks him when and walks away. Bhima tells Bala he hurt Manjula Didi by mistake. Her question was right though.

Dhruv and Bala are trying to look after their sore feet. Bhima comes there with hot water. Bala tells him they are fine. Dhruv says it might be Bhima’s feet. We will do it to you. Bhima tells him not to make excuses. I will do it for you. Dhruv sits down. Bhima says it was your duty to drop me to school then this is my duty. Ram ji and Bhimbai smile watching them from the door. Ram ji says no relation can grow if people don’t take care of each other. Our kids are good at this. Bhimbai nods. This is what gives me peace. They will live happily with each other even if I die. He asks her why she talks about her death all the time. She goes.

Bhima tells Bala and Dhruv he will go with Guru ji from tomorrow. You have tried one day. Dhruv insists that they will still go. Bhima agrees. He takes care of both of them. Bala does the same for his little brother.

Next morning, Bala and Dhruv drop Bhima and Guru ji to the school. Principal tells Bhima he spoke to other teachers about him. They are equally impressed by him. He is about to promise Bhima but Bhima stop him from making a promise. It hurts when someone fails to live up to that promise. He recalls the promise he had made to the other Principal. He promised to stand by my side always but he dint even come to meet me when I was thrown out of the school!


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Villagers decide to break down the school but Bhima intervenes. Don’t do this to school when your problem is with me. There is a way to get rid of me. Kill me. I will continue to wish to study till the time I am alive. Villagers decide to do that and hit him with a stick. Bala and Dhruv shout Bhima’s name in shock.


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